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Can gallbladder disease cause stomach cramping or spasms after eating?

I went to the doctor and explained my symptoms, and she suspected gallbladder disease or gallstones. My symptoms include upset stomach after eating, loss of appetite, slight sensation of heartburn, and a bloating feeling 24/7.

Do these symptoms sound familiar to anyone who has had gallbladder issues?

It can cause stomach cramping and spasms. Especially if there is sludge in it. You might not even have a stone and still have gall bladder disease. What foods seem to make this act up? If you have greasy foods or spicy foods that seem to make it worse or put an annoying pain in your back or shoulder than it's probably related to your gall bladder. You should really have an ultra sound on it so it can be ruled out. Your pancreas and other organs are there in the same area so you should visit your doctor to get looked at. There is even blood work that can be drawn such as a P-Amylase to see what organ is involved.  (+ info)

Can a diseased gallbladder cause severe weight gain?

I have noticed in the past year that I've rapidly and severely gained a LOT of weight. I had my thyroid check in-depth and everything was normal. My doctor discovered that my gallbladder was diseased and I had it removed this morning. The surgeon said my gallbladder had been diseased for a long time. I am wondering if this diseased gallbladder has been the cause of my strange weight gian. Is this a possibility? If so, does that mean I can lose the weight now that the problem is gone?

If you don't have thyroid problems, then it can be caused from the bad gall bladder. After I had mine taken out, I did lose weight. Did you ask your doctor about it? I would.  (+ info)

Is there a connection between high sugars and gallbladder disease?

Until two weeks ago my husband's diabetes had been under control the his sugars started creeping up. His dr changed his meds, and after a fatty meal( yes we know biggg mistake but people make them)he had a gallbladder attack. He is scheduled for an ultrasound tomorrow, but what i want to know is could the higher sugars have been caused by the dicey gallbladder?

Yes.. the only logical answer is that if the gallbladder was inflamed- meaning that it had got infected- the infection can give rise to elevated blood sugar levels.
Also diabetic are more prone to get gallbladder diseases, especially stones, besides having more chances of pancreatitis and heart attacks.  (+ info)

What are the chances of dying from gallbladder disease?

I've had gallbladder symptoms for about 2 months now, am I in danger also?

as long as it doesn't get infected then it should be ok. I went from the age of 12 until 18 with stones.  (+ info)

At what age does gallbladder disease happen?

I'm 21 and my upper right abdomen hurts badly, I thought it might be my gallbladder, but someone told me gallbladder disease happens to older people. I need to know if anyone has had the simular problem as I do?

Gall bladder disease does not depend on age. I have seen many patients younger than you are, even as young as EIGHT years, who have had gall bladder surgery.  (+ info)

Did any of you women have a gallbladder disease after giving birth?

I was just wondering because I recently had mine removed. But, I was also taking Ocella birth control and there have been numerous claims to cause problems including gallbladder disease. People are telling me to call the family lawyer to talk about a possible claim against them but I'm not sure what to do.
That's exactly why I haven't called. I know it would be difficult to proove that the birth control caused it nor do I know for sure what caused it.

I started having severe gallbladder pains 2 months after having my son. I did not have it removed, but i do have to watch what i eat. They do not know what is wrong, no stones, just swollen gallbladder. Your case is most likely also pregnancy related. Congrats on your baby!!!!!  (+ info)

Does acupuncture treat gallbladder diseases?

if you believe in it, acupuncture can cure anything!  (+ info)

If you have gallbladder disease, can that make you vomit?

Also, can a diseased gallbladder cause your fingertips to peel and be painful?

a gallbladder attack can cause horrible vomitting.  (+ info)

What other diseases would mimic gallbladder problems?

The symptoms i am having are:

(I have these symptoms if i eat like baked french fries, ice cream, peanut butter)

fullness in stomach
pain under right rib

Other symptoms:

I am more exhausted when walking. I ware out quicker & don't do that much.(sorta mimics the a under-active thyroid)

I sleep more then usual

I am still trying to figure out what i have. I was thinking i have either hepatitis, a thyroid problem or gall bladder problem!

I do have a under-active thyroid but im on medications for that. I figured maybe i just need a stonger medication. But im not so sure its that either. I take valtrex & ive heard that can cause hepatitis!So that's why i was thinking it was hepatitis. But i believe with hepatitis a person don't have pain under the right rib!

My doctor ran alot of blood tests on me on tues of this week which was april 14th. She also is sending me to get an ultra sound for my gallbladder. She thinks its the gall bladder. I think its something else. I dint understand why my stomach would act up from eating french fries & they were baked. No grease. Just katchup & thats it.

I used to have horrendous gall bladder problems (pain in my upper abdomen, exhaustion and the definite tell tale burping with a sulfur smell) until I realized I had a sensitivity to anything made with cottonseed oil. Once I removed cottonseed oil fried products the problem cleared up and has never returned.

Even baked french fries have additives in them and they don't have to be fried to bring on an attack...

How often do you have these "attacks"?

You could try to go on a special diet for about a month and see if it clears up for you. The diet I stay one (only with the occasional slip up due to lack of willpower :)) consists of baked whole foods (nothing processed) and lots and lots of vegetables, using real butter instead of margarine or butter substitutes, things like rice, whole grain breads and sweets made with sugar (aspartame is a carcinogen)....

Also, do you notice the flare ups when you eat a certain king of food...keep a nutritional journal and I bet you can track the little bugger that's giving you trouble, eliminate it from your diet and feel better!  (+ info)

I have been diagnosed with gallbladder disease?

I have been diagnosed with gallbladder disease. I've been having gallbladder attacks for almost a year now. I know surgery is one way to treat gallbladder disease but I want to know if there is another way to treat it that is less invasive but will help relieve the pain for good.

No you need laproscopic gall bladder removal  (+ info)

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