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I have gallstones and will have to wait months for an operation . . .has anyone any good remedies for relieving the pain (apart from paying to have a private operation!)?
Also . . .has anyone passed a gallstone and is it possible to help this operation.
Also also . . .are there any alternative treatments which are successful for removing gallstones and has anyone any experience of these???

Grateful thanks

OUCH!! my brother passed a gallstone once, he said it was like a male equivalence of giving birth...ask your doctor for some pain killers for sure...good luck and remember, "pain is just an illusion..."  (+ info)


when it comes to gallstones what do they do to treat it?

I had to have the gallbladder removed with the stones. So did my daughter - her's was a couple of years ago and she was able to do it outpatient and have only two small holes cut in her abdomen. I had mine done years ago right before they started the new method - 5 inch scar and 5 days in the hospital. It's alot easier to get it done now! Best of luck to you!!  (+ info)


I am 14 years old, and my doctor suspects I have gallstones, mostly because i get upper quadrent pain for almost every meal, and my mom had them. So, tommorow i have to get 3 ultra sound scans done. But, now instead of the pain mostly being in my stomach, it now is in my back, after i eat. It really isnt that bad in my stomach now, but it kills in my under my right shoulder. Do you still think this might be gallstones, or something else?

i think i have gallstones too and my pain symptoms are similar to yours...im off to the doctor 2mrwz  (+ info)

How long does it take for gallstones to develop?

I had an ultrasound 5 months ago and it was negative for gallstones. I'm having pain now that is similar to gallstones. How likely is it that a gallstone has developed since I had the ultrasound?

It is possible they did not detect them the first time. Gallstones take years to develop.

Mine were misdiagnosed 4 times in the ER over the course of less than a year. The pain can be confused with Acid Reflux. If a Malox-Lindane cocktail always makes the problem go away consistently, you have reflux.  (+ info)

Is it possible for gallstones to obstruct your esophagus?

I know that in bad cases, it can obstruct your bile duct. Is it possible for the gallstones to spread as high up as your esophagus?

No. "Sludge" may get into your esophagus, but not gall stones. I provided a link, giving the best information I could find on the topic ------quite interesting, factual, and informative.

http://www.medicinenet.com/gallstones/page6.htm  (+ info)

I have gallstones that I am about to have removed. How likely is it that they are affecting my liver?

I have uncontrollable itching all over my body. I noticed it is a symptom of liver disease. I also have very dark urine and light colored stools which are also symptoms. Since I know I have gallstones I 'm wondering if my liver could also now be affected.

The constant itching is a telltale sign of bile salts building up in your body. It's pretty common in gallbladder disease if your stones are plugging the ducts that run from the liver through the gallbladder and into the intestines. Your urine is most likely dark because your body is being forced to elimate the bile it produces through your urine instead of through your intestine (stools), this is also why the stool is unusually light. When you get your gallbladder removed,along with any stones that are blocking your bile ducts, your liver will bounce back and your symptoms will most likely disappear in short order. I hope that when you say you are about to have it removed you mean very shortly, because this blockage can make you quite ill if left untreated. If your doctor is unaware of these new symptoms you should definately call him/her ASAP. They may want to get blood and test your liver enzymes,test for infection,test your pancreas enzymes(Gallstones can also cause blockages in the pancreas which can make you really sick also), and/or move the surgery up. FYI: Signs of increasing problems/emergency are high fever, yellowing of the skin or whites of your eyes,and nausea/vomiting.  (+ info)

what causes gallstones in unborn babies and what is the best treatment for it?

I'm 36 weeks pregnant and have been told that mu unborn baby has gallstones. Is it safe for me to remain pregnant? c section booked in for 39 weeks. I've got an ovarian cyst measuring 10cm.

Well, gallstones are relatively unusual in children and unborn babies,but have been noted in the following conditions:
1.neonatal cholestasis- caused by sepsis (infection), hypoxia (usually in mothers who smoke or have lung conditions like asthma),or poor maternal nutrition,or mothers with high cholesterol levels.
2.hereditary spherocytosis/sickle cell disease
These are both inherited blood disorders
3.Problems with enterohepatic (liver) circulation
Sometimes,even in the absence of these,some unborn children have gallstones.
lt is not life-threatening.Elective C-section at 39 weeks is okay.
Ultrasound can be used to break up the stones without surgrey after birth,thank God!
Wish you a safe delivery!  (+ info)

Can having gallstones cause a mildly enlarged liver?

I'm having my gallbladder removed in a couple of weeks because I've been having attacks as the result of gallstones. Can this cause a mildly enlarged liver? During an ultrasound it showed the gallstone and a mildly enlarged liver. My doctor ordered a liver function test and everything came back fine except for a weak positive of an antibody called anti-smooth muscle tissue. I'm now worried that it could be something worse like hepatitis C. Has anyone gone through something like this?

No, gallstones don't cause an enlarged liver. BTW, sometimes ultrasound will overestimate the size of the liver.

A "weakly" positive, anti-smooth muscle antibody can be seen in chronic active hepatitis, cirrhosis, and mononucleosis. However, if you have any of these conditions some of your other liver function tests should be abnormal.

All the best, John H.  (+ info)

natural remedy to rid of gallstones that work over time?

i dont want to flush them out, i am breastfeeding and do not need a shock to my system... since i have no gallbladder pain at the momment are there dietary changes that can slowly eradicate my gallstones. foods or herbs i can incorporate into my diet.

Lots of apple juice. The malic acid in the juice softens the stones. Add olive oil to your diet. Two tablespoons a day. If you can't take it straight, add to a salad at dinner. These two things together are the safest way since you are breastfeeding.  (+ info)

What to they do to chicks that get pregnant and has gallstones?

My friend thinks she is pregnant, She has gallstones and was supposed to get her gallbladder taken out soon, What do they do in this case I wonder???? They cant like take it out while she is prego can they?

Sure they can...

I'm a scrub nurse in surgery and we've operated on many pregnant women. I think she would have to be past 20 weeks though...

Have her ask her OB if she's really having problems  (+ info)

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