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What should you and should you not eat or do if you have gallstones?

I think I have gallstones and have a long weekend before I can get to a Doctor to find out. I'm scared of getting another attack if that's even what it is. What should and shouldn't I eat or do? Thank You for your answers They're are much needed and appreciated!

Keep away from fatty foods. Eat small meals more often rather than bigger meals infrequently.

Stick to chicken or fish and pasta/rice, some veg, or soups over the weekend, so your stomach doesn't have too much to cope with.

Relax too, getting uptight doesn't help.  (+ info)

Can gallstones return even if you have had you gallbladder removed?

I have had my gallbladder removed several years ago. But recently i have had the same pain as when i had the gallstones. I have asked different doctors this question, some say no, some say it is possible. What do you think. Can gallstones form even if you do not have a gallbladder anymore.

gallstones are deposits that form in your gallbladder so if there is no gallbladder there cant ge gallstones....when they removed your gallbladder did they check your bile tube for gallstones....when i had my gallbladder removed they found stones in my bile tube where the gallstones tried to pass to my liver...you might want to ask your doctor  (+ info)

Can gallstones return even if you had surgery?

I had surgery done last year around July. I had gallstones that were causing me servere pain in my back and rib area. I had the surgery done but didn't remove my gallbladder just the stones. About a week ago I started feeling the same symptons I had before when I had gallstones. My question is can gallstones develop that quickly? Also should I seek a doctor into having another surgery done to remove my gallbladder? And is this surgery safe?

my sister had gallstones at 21. she had her galbladder out completely. so if u still have urs then yes,they van and probably will come back. i would have ur galbladder removed otherwise it will be a consisten problem and make ur life a misery. go see ur GP and arrange to see a consultant. if soo go to a&e and milk it so they bump up ur surgery. otherwise u will just be suffering. hope i help sweety. feel better soon xxx  (+ info)

has anybody else had gallstones during pregnancy?

I had a 3rd ultrasound recently and found that I have several gallstones. I am 29 weeks pregnant and am wondering if anybody else has gone through this? I am planning to have the laprascopic surgery after my baby is born and want to know how the recovery is. Do you or anybody you know have advice for me?

I had a lot of problems with gallstones during my second pregnancy. I was in so much pain, I had to take my maternity leave a month early. My doctors wouldn't do surgery on me because I was pregnant (started when I was 28 weeks). They also told me that it may go away after I have the baby. And guess what, it did! About a week after I had the baby, the pain was gone and all my labs were back to normal! They did say that there is a possibility that I may need to have my gallbladder removed in the future. However, that was over two years ago! I wish you luck and hope all goes well! Congrats on your little bundle!  (+ info)

Why can't gallstones be removed from the gallbladder instead of removing the organ?

Why can't Doctors just cut open the gallbladder and remove gallstones,, then sew it up? In my opinion, if it's there, it is there for a purpose!
But I don't want to take my gallbladder out. It has been with me all my life. I am rather fond of it!
Can't you flush them out?

Actually that's a good question. It is simply because the pathology that caused stones once will cause it again and again. Besides there is no problem removing the gall bladder as it is a store for bile. When u remove the gall bladder there is still bile present. Compared to the kidney stones, gall bladder stones can reform again due to chronic inflammations and presence of adhesions in the gall bladder  (+ info)

Could gallstones have caused back ache and numbness in legs?

I had my gall bladder removed a month ago and I feel SO well!
Could the gallstones have caused the backache and leg numbness which I suffered for years previously? I am a woman aged 72.

leg numbness, no, never heard of that after 18 years in medicine.

Leg numbness with back pain is usually nerve related. Most often due to a slipped disc. If that is better now, I wouldn't worry about it. Just avoid injuring your back. No bending at the waist, crouch to pick up something, No heavy lifting.

Gallstones can cause back pain, usually between the shoulder blades, or on the right side of the back at the bottom of the ribs, rarely low back pain.  (+ info)

what are the symptoms of gallstones?

i am 18 years old and the doctors have identified gallstones. i have a severe pain in the upper abdomen which rises up and happens in the back also. i mostly get this pain after going to the toilet and feel a little constipation. i even feel acidity after the pain is releaved.
i wanted to ask wheather
a) the symptoms of gall stones and ulcer are same?
b)is gall stones have any relation with acidity and constipation along with black stools?
c)and is there any other way of removing gall stones without undergoing surgery, some naturopathy sort of thing.

Cholelithiasis is the presence of one or more calculi (gallstones) in the gallbladder. In the US, 20% of people > 65 yr have gallstones, and most disorders of the extrahepatic biliary tract arise from gallstones. Gallstones may be asymptomatic or cause biliary colic but do not cause dyspepsia. Other common consequences of gallstones include cholecystitis; biliary tract obstruction (usually as a result of bile duct stones), sometimes with infection (cholangitis); and gallstone pancreatitis. Diagnosis is usually based on ultrasound. If cholelithiasis causes symptoms or complications, cholecystectomy becomes necessary.
A peptic ulcer is an erosion in a segment of the GI mucosa, typically in the stomach (gastric ulcer) or the first few centimeters of the duodenum (duodenal ulcer), that penetrates through the muscularis mucosae. Nearly all ulcers are caused by Helicobacter pylori infection or NSAID use. Symptoms typically include burning epigastric pain that is often relieved by food. Diagnosis is by endoscopy and testing for H. pylori. Treatment involves acid suppression, eradication of H. pylori (if present), and avoidance of NSAIDs.
Bloody stools often indicate an injury or disorder in the digestive tract. Your doctor may use the term "melena" to describe black, tarry, and foul-smelling stools or "hematochezia" to describe red- or maroon-colored stools.
You should reduce fat and oils in the diet.
Please see the web pages for more details on Gallstones, Peptic ulcer and Bloody and tarry stools.  (+ info)

What illnesses mimic passing gallstones?

I thought I was dealing with gallstones, with recurring pain starting in the upper right abdomen and ending up between my shoulder blades. Today with an ultrasound, they found no gallstones.

So what might cause this pain?

how old are you? if you are a senior you may suffer from necrotic (dead) tissue in your intestines. you could have a polyp, ulcer, hernia, or just some lingering gas. try a intestinal cleansing, add fiber to your diet like adding flax seed to a smoothie and let natures "broom" clean you out. if you still have problems i would have an m.r.i. done. as a last resort, and only if it is an emergency they may have to do a exploratory laparotomy (opening the abdominal walls and looking inside), i hope these options help.-blurey   (+ info)

Are all gallstones in the gallbladder need to be surgically removed?

Id been having pain in the upper part of my stomach that sometimes combined with back pain. As per Ultrasound, presence ot gallstones present in the gallbladder and was advised to removed it. Its been 6 years now that i havent complied with the doctors advice..does it have bad side effects?, can this not be removed?

Are you still experiencing pain or discomfort in the right upper abdomen? If you are not having symptoms and discomfort from the gallstones, they can be left alone, in most cases.

"Asymptomatic gallstones usually do not require treatment."


"Gallstones are treated only when they cause a great deal of discomfort. In those cases, removing gallbladder is recommended."


"Guidelines from the American College of Physicians state that when a person has no symptoms, the risks of both surgical and non-surgical treatment for gallstones outweigh the benefits. Experts suggest a wait-and-see approach for such patients, which they have termed expectant management."


We routinely find gallstones when doing OB ultrasounds (my radiologist requires us to image the gallbladder in these patients). Many women have no idea the stones were there. If she does not have symptoms or problems, the stones are left alone.  (+ info)

How do I know if i have Gallstones ?

I'm 6ft tall and im 160 pounds, tall and skinny. I been worried about Gallstones for a while now. I eat a lot of junk food & fast food. I havent gained weight but something under my Right rib cage been bothering me. I feel like poking feeling.

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning i get a poking feeling under my right cage. Its not a sever pain, just feels like somebody is poking me.

After I eat..I dont get no pains.

Typically gallstone accompanies pain after eating and particularly after eating a fatty meal (although some receive post eating pains regardless of fat content). If the blockage is in a strategic location such as the common bile duct, symptoms of jaundice (yellow of white part of eyes and skin) can occur. Also, some symptoms of acute pancreatitis may be present if the blockage occurs were the outlet of bile and pancreatic fluid exits into the duodenum of the small intestine. This is fever, continuous abdominal pain (can radiate to the back), clay colored or light colored stools (called steatorrhea). Gall stone's can leave one susceptible to acute cholangitis (biliary track inflammation) which also includes fever, jaundice, abdominal pain etc. and should be check out by a doctor. If you are concerned, it's best to be examined by a doctor as a physician's examination is the only way to know FOR SURE if you have a gall stone. Good luck!  (+ info)

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