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What is the current status of GM1 in treatment of Parkinson's Disease?

there is an ongoing study that is currently recruiting people to join the study. below the first link is the study. the second in the most current information i found published in 2006  (+ info)

What does this do exactly??

There's this thing i've seen at a couple of stores while shopping for my maternity stores and i wanted to know what it does, its called the tummy sleeve or something... lol sorry if it sounds stupid but this is my first pregnancy


It does exactly what the other ladies says it does, holds up pre-preggo pants.
However all I do is wear a long maternity top to cover the zipper (so people cant see its undone) and take an elastic hair band and tie it through the loop and over the button.
Nobody would ever know haha  (+ info)

Think of these lads looks?



I mena do you think they are good looking or ugly

and yea they are decent guys, if a little simple

LoL they guy in background of the 3rd pic haha, looks real cool, he should be a drummer.  (+ info)

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