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What happens ten years after a gastric bypass? Are you still thin or you get fat again?

I'm thinking about receiving a gastric bypass but, before, I would like to know about people who got the surgery longtime ago.

I think it will depend on your lifestyle habbits after the surgery. All too often people who receive this surgery put the weight back on because they go back to their old habbits. (bad diets and no exercise) For example, my mother n laws sister had the operation and lost a ton of weight. Within about 5-7 years, she ended up putting it back on.

I work with a girl who had the surgery about 3 yrs ago, and she doesn't work out and still eats whatever she wants and now she is complaining b/c she is putting weight on. (over 10lbs in the past month)

People need to stop seeing this surgery as a shortcut to being thin and realize if they want to keep their slimmer figure, they have to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Your stomach can and will stretch out over time to accomodate large amounts of food, so if you choose to still eat bad and not work out, then yes, you will absolutely gain the weight back over time.  (+ info)

what side effects of chemo for gastric lymphoma for 78 yrs old can be expected?

my mom is diagnosed with gastric lymphoma second stage.doc is planning to start with chemo? will she be able to tolerate the side effects ?

The chemotherapy will be given of different drugs based on the stage and grade of gastric lymphoma. Since the patient is very much aged the doctors will be giving only mild chemotherapy medicines and will not risk by giving strong medicine. Second stage of this disease for this age is difficult to treat also. So the Oncologist will decide upon the drug to be used.

Any how the side effects will be the same as the chemotherapy given for any other cancer. The usual side effects are-

* nausea and vomiting
* loss of appetite
* hair loss
* anemia and fatigue
* infection
* easy bleeding or bruising
* sores in the mouth and throat
* neuropathy and other damage to the nervous system
* kidney damage

Nausea and vomiting are common, but can usually be controlled by taking antinausea drugs, drinking enough fluids, and avoiding spicy foods. Loss of appetite may be due to nausea or the stress of undergoing cancer treatment.

However you have no other alternative than giving the treatment as suggested by your oncologist as CANCER IS STILL AN ENIGMA.-  (+ info)

Is gastric bypass a good idea for an 18yr old who is more then 200lbs over weight?

I am 18 years old and am over weight. I don't know what to do, diets don't work for me. Is the gastric bypass a good idea for me?

This is something you really need to discuss with a specialist. They really try to make it sound like this is the perfect solution to weight loss, but there are many problems associated with it and it will drastically change your lifestyle. Also, what they do not tell you in advertising, is that if you do not change your eating habits, you can gain all the weight back you will originally lose with the surgery.

Nobody here can answer this question for you. Go talk to a physician about it, but think carefully before you do. You say diets don't work, but have you really bucked down hard and really really tried? Probably not. Have you tried and exercise program along with them, probably not. And if you have you have not stuck to either of them for the long haul. This is what you have to do to loose weight. It is an everyday struggle that you will have for the rest of your life.

I know how hard it is, I also am overweight and have been for most of my adult life. I have lost weight, only to gain it back, to loose it, then to gain back.. and you know why? Because I am not dedicated enough to really truly loose the weight, start the daily exercise (even if it is only getting off my lazy butt and walking every day) and keep with it forever.  (+ info)

What can my friend eat after her gastric bypass?

My friend had a gastric bypass a month ago for weight loss. She can barely eat any food at all that does not come back up or make or nauseous. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you handle it?

Well, I work in a hospital and have been around many people who have had this surgery. Plus, I have asked nurses about what it's all about.

When people have gastric bypass surgery, they are basically shrinking their stomach. So they cant eat as much as they used to since their stomach isnt the same size. He stomache and body has to get used to the surgery that took place. Her stomache is healing. If it goes on any longer, she should go back to a doctor and ask what is going on. Everyone could be different. Hope she gets to eat soon!! You are a veryy caring friend. they are lucky to have you. =D  (+ info)

What medications are used to treat rapid gastric emptying?

I see all sorts of info on delayed gaastric emptying, but can't really find anything on the rapid gastric emptying.

This is more often called "dumping syndrome." Here are the drugs:
Acarbose (Precose). This medication delays the digestion of carbohydrates. Doctors prescribe it most often for the management of type 2 diabetes, and it has also been found to be effective in people with late-onset dumping syndrome. Side effects may include sweating, headaches, pallor, sudden hunger and weakness.
Octreotide (Sandostatin). This anti-diarrheal drug can slow down the emptying of food into the intestine. You take this drug by injecting it under your skin (subcutaneously). Be sure to talk with your doctor about the proper way to self-administer the drug, including optimal choices for injection sites. Long-acting formulations of this medication are available. Because octreotide carries the risk of side effects (diarrhea, bulky stools, gallstones, flatulence, bloating) in some people, doctors recommend it only for people who haven't responded to other treatments.
This link also provides non-drug treatments, such as eating smaller, low carb meals and not drinking fluids with your meal.  (+ info)

Will Cardio vascular exercise help out with my weight lifting gains?

I am light and am trying to gain weight. So I have not ran in awhile. However I think that I will see strength gains in the weight room by running. What do you think? Will better cardio vascular conditioning make me stronger in the weight room? Can I still gain weight if I run?

I just spend 10 minutes answering this question you asked a few minutes ago..please go read that answer, and be patient, people will get to your question..  (+ info)

What vitamins can someone with gastric bypass take?

I was advised that Optisource vitamins are best after gastric bypass but they are very expensive and I don't like the taste. Has anyone else who has had gastric bypass take a different vitamin that works well?

I've onyl ever taken Flintstones Chewables and Tums for calcium. that's it. It is what my surgeon recommended when I had my surgery in Oct 2007. I've had zero complications and no blood work issues. I'm pretty much fit as a fiddle now and I'll never go back. I've lsot 155 pounds and only need to lose 10 more to reach my goal weight.  (+ info)

Did you have Gastric Bypass? How long did it take for your hair to grow back?

I was wondering is there anyone out there who's had Gastric Bypass, and did you lose 40-50% of your hair? I had a very thick beautiful mane of hair, and long too, and I've had to cut it to my shoulders because I lost about %50 of my hair. I know it does grow back, but how long did it take before you saw a difference in the thickness of your hair? I have to keep mine up in a barrett because there's no body to it, and it's just mainly strings. How do you style your thinning, or already thinned hair?

My sister had gastric bypass surgery. She lost a buttload of weight, but only because the surgeon made the stomach too small, and reverse paristollisis occured. (throwing up) Even water would come back out. She had to have her gall bladder removed because she lost allot of weight very fast. She never had hairloss. My cousin had this same surgery and didn't have any hair loss either... Sorry... My mom is loosing hair, but that is because she has allopecia. She is using Rogaine for men. My sister has since had the procedure reversed for obvious reasons....  (+ info)

What to get a person who just had gastric bypass surgery?

I am a waitress and have some customers who have almost become like family to me. The gentleman just had gastric surgery and I need some ideas of something to get him. I know I want to at least do a card, but I would like to do a little more. Keep in mind I am just a waitress and do not make a ton of income. Any help?

people with gastric bypass can just have liquid diet for sometime and then soft diet. you can give him something that he can drink...preferably clear liquids for now (jello, apple juice...) and put it on a tray like you are serving him in the restaurant  (+ info)

What is the liquid means called that you have to eat before you have gastric bypass surgery?

My mom had gastric bypass surgery a few years ago. Like 2 weeks before she had the surgery she had to go on a liquid diet. she got packets of soup, drinks, and desserts from the hospital. Does anyone know what these packets are called or where you can something similar to it.
Sorry I meant Meals not means

No, but I know a lot of people will do the same thing for cheaper prior to a gastric bypass by just consuming protein shakes.  (+ info)

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