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the chronic disease for "club foot", is it caused by dominant, recessive or sex-linked genetic inheritance?

Club foot is not a disease, disease is caused by a virus or bacteria. It is a congenital defect.  (+ info)

Concerning adoption, is cultural Heritage linked to genetic Heritage?

I think so.

We can't escape our genetic heritage, but as adoptees, we're robbed of our cultural heritage, IMO.  (+ info)

Which of the following is an X-linked genetic disorder?

A. color-blindness
B. Huntington’s disease
C. sickle cell anemia
D. Klinefelters syndrome
E. male pattern baldness

  (+ info)

which of the following is an X-linked genetic disorder?

a. color-blindness
b. Hutington's disease
c. sickle cell anemia
d. Klinefelters syndrome
e. male pattern baldness

  (+ info)

Infectious diseases such as diarrhea are closely linked to?

a. emotional stress
b. malnutrition
c. toxicity effects
d. overeating

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what genetic disorder is controlled by a sex-linked gene?

...color blindness...for one  (+ info)

in bipolar disorder they insist there is genetic links since often a person afflicted has at least one?

parent with a mood disorder, usually major depressive disorder.(who doesn't anymore) anyways, wouldn't it be just as logical to assume that the parent *taught* this disorder?
is there a way to know for sure the whether genetic factors are really at play or whether dealing with these kinds of trauma from afflicted parents has simply perverted the brains ability (through long times of trauma and upset brain chemistry) and not necessarily genetically passed down the disease?

It's a genetic link, the environmental component has minimal effect.

A quote from a study on bipolar: "The children of parents with manic depression are at increased risk for developing the disease themselves, even if they are adopted and raised by parents who do not have this condition. This clearly points to the involvement of genetic influences."  (+ info)

what diseases are linked with pain in the arm and the bones in the toe movie toward each other?

ohk my mom has pain in her left arm like its normal it goes away but if she does some heavy lifting it hurts again. and today like the toe next to her big toe was moveing and like sticking to the other toe and it did that like 5 times. is that has any connection to a desease. because i also get that she got in her toe is as if ur bone gets hard n u try to move that body part but u cant until like 5 second later it goes away n it only happens for a really short time. i get it sometimes when im sleeping in my leg
my mom has gone to the doctor a lot and they have not found anything they just give her pill for the muscle pain in her arm

The toe thing sounds like muscle spasms and could be related to some vitamin deficiencies esp. if you both have it. The other stuff I don't know. Hope you find some more help, good luck.  (+ info)

what diseases are linked to increased c-reactive protein levels?

my level is 16

C-reactive protein is not specific to any one disease; it is a marker for inflammation somewhere in the body. It can be caused by diseases as different as appendicitis and arteriosclerosis. So you'd need other, more specific information for that increased level to mean anything in particular.  (+ info)

Are there any genetic links between Hirschsprung's disease and other bowel disorders in siblings?

I'm aware that Hirschsprung's is (usually) diagnosed when a person is an infant, but am wondering if there are any links in say a sibling having Hirschsprung's and then their sibling developing another sort of disorder (such as IBS, Crohn's etc)?

Don't Worry ,
Till date no genetic link has been seen.  (+ info)

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