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if you have a genetic predisposition for a condition or disease is it inevitable that you will have thatdiseas?

can choices you make in life affect the onset of the disease?

That would depend on the disease, totally.
I am predisposed (on both sides), to be obese and yet I have always been thin, but I work at it.
I am 62 y/o and I wear a size 4.
I do Atkins.  (+ info)

Genetic predisposition?

My sister related her granddaughter had an amniocentesis before birth and it indicated she did not have a genetic predisposition for addiction.

Can this predisposition be determined by this type of genetic test or any genetic test?

The belief that addiction is genetic (instead of environment - it's hard to determine if both your parents were alcoholic, was it your genes or your environment that makes you more likely to be an alcoholic) has not yet even been proven - yet alone determining which chromosome would actually contain any particular marker for such a thing.

On top of that, an amniocentesis is a risky procedure - about 1 in 200 causing labour. So they reserve the test for detrimental and extremely serious conditions like trisomy 18 or Downs. No one would risk going into early labour (and losing the child) just to determine if someone is predisposed for addiction even if such a test existed.  (+ info)

Can a person that eats alot sweets get diabetes if they are not obese and have no genetic predisposition toit?

Well basically i want to find out whether a person can diabetes if they eat too much sweets or drink too much coke
providing that they are not obese,dont have any genetic predisposition and the person is not affects with an auto immune disease and rubella and other diseases that affect the pancrease.

No not because of eating too much sweets. It has nothing to do w/that. Your body should be able to handle it, if you dont have any problemswith your pancreas. Sooner or later, a lot of adults (especially older adults) will have Type 2 diabetes, and that can be a normal aging change that happens. Even if you're not predisposed to it, and even if you;re not obese, even though those things are definetely risk factors, it doesn't mean that a skinny person w/no disposition or genetic history will not get diabetes, sometimes itjust happens, and your pancreas decides to go on vacation. But consumption of sugar in large quantities, will nto cause you to have diabetes. Its not a risk factor. Neither has there been any research that points in that direction. ENJOY YOUR SWEETS while you can!!  (+ info)

What genetic disease kills you at 13-16, but is only diagnosed when you are dying because there is no symptoms?

I have might have to write the first chapter of a novel for an english project, and I was thinking of a plot, and 1 of the main characters is to die. He is going to die at a young age (13-16), and i don't want him to die of cancer, so i need a genetic disease that can only be diagnosed once he is close to dying because he has no visual symptoms, and he had no disabilities as such.

Cystic Fibrosis can present somewhat like that. The kids tend to have a lot of colds and a bit of a rough stomach, but if it's not suspected, people can just think they're just the sick kid. Unfortunately, as the disease progresses, the lung has more and more damage/infection, and most people die in their teens/twenties.  (+ info)

what is a genetic disease or disorder that i could do a project on for science class?

i have to do a project on a genetic disease for my science class and i need help picking a good one. i need an interesting one, but i cant seem to find it! can anybody help?

Cystic Fibrosis is the most common and many people share it. Try that one. Downs Syndrome is another. But these are very common.

Try Canavan Disease.  (+ info)

What genetic disease should I write a report on?

I have to pick a genetic disease and tell about it.. and also tell whether I would want to be tested to see if I have it or not.

pick a disease your intrested in or one that is close to your heart eg a family member or friend with it. chose something with lots of readily available research such as:
cystic fibrous/ sickle cell anemia/Huntington's disease/colour blindness/hemophilia/ cancer/ Dementia
Good luck
Rainbow  (+ info)

Can lifestyle and the environment effect the severity and development of a genetic disease?

I have a genetic disease for which there is no cure. I am trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle to slow down the disease but sometimes wonder if it's all worth it. Does having a genetic disease mean your life is already mapped out for you?
The disease is Retinitis Pigmentosa.

It depends on the disease. I have celiac which is a genetic based autoimmune disease. As long as I eat healthy and gluten free, I have the same risk factors for cancers, etc. as everyone else.
What disease are you talking about here? There are so many diseases out there, it is impossible to give you advice without that information!  (+ info)

What is the genetic cause associated with ALS disease?

What is the genetic cause associated with ALS disease?
A. Gene coding for over secretion of the neurotransmitter called acetylcholine.
B. A mistake in the DNA that prevents muscle cells from taking up calcium.
C. A mutation that causes a faulty protein to be made that adheres to mitochondria.
D. A deletion error that prevents muscle fiber from being made properly.

as far as i know... None of the above.  (+ info)

If you found out your husband could pass on a genetic disease?

From a genetics doctor & your man had a 50% 50% chance of passing on a genetics disease to your child would you
A. Have his baby anyway.
B. Adopt a child.
C. Have another mans baby & pretend its his and act like you were lucky that your child didn't get the genetic disease.
I have 2 kids w/ a genetic syndrome myself & am wondering if other women would risk having a child w/ a genetics syndrome or disease.

if you knew i would adopt or do some surrogacy,ovum,sperm donation process for a healthy child.  (+ info)

Is there a genetic predisposition we have in having your own child and do you agree about adoption?

I was discussing with my friend the other day about adoption. I told him I want to adopt maybe two kids and take care of them. He kinda got funny and said I should have my own child before I adopt. I got angry with him and told him biological or not a child is a child and I will love that child equally. When we brought this to his father he also said the same thing. I should have my own before adopting. I got really angry at this point because I found their remakes selfish. I don't see how having my own child will help me raise an adopted one. My questions are is there a genetic predisposition we have in having your own child? Can you give some sources if you can. (I want to adopt because I believe there alot of children out there who needs family and rather have my own child, I can adopt one.)

Thank to those who will answer.

i honestly believe there is a predispositon to reproducing. we have all heard of that biological clock ticking away. mother nature works her ways i guess and having children is just the cycle of life. but as to whether or not adoption falls in to the catatgory of completing that "circle" is entirely up to the parents involved. i honestly cannot imagine adopting right now, though i have two children of my own. it is because of people like you that so many children out there get the good home they need and deserve. now if your way to "reproduce" is adoption, go for it! and i thank you in the name of all those nameless and faceless children out there who otherwise woudn't stand a chance! i honestly can't tell you where to go about it but i would get in touch with the local child welfare center and get informed there. starting off as a foster parent could be a way to go before you settle down with a child of "your own". and even if you didn't name the kid yourself.. you raised that child and that makes you mama regardless! the best of luck to you and gods blessings!  (+ info)

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