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Is Influenza a genetic or chronic disease?

I'm just wondering if this disease is genetic or chronic, because I am suppose to tell my teacher which it is. The only down side is that I can't find it on the internet, so I was hoping you guys could help. Thanks
Thanks for all the help guys!

Um, Influenza is neither genetic nor chronic. Influenza is a virus, one which you can catch and then, if you are lucky, fight off entirely. Most people who catch Influenza recover completely in a week or two. While the flu can worsen chronic (pre-existing) health problems, and does have a mortality rate (people with weakened immune systems are much more likely to die from catching Influenza, such as the elderly), it is not itself a chronic condition. As far as I can tell, aside from genetic factors that determine how well your body will fight off Influenza (or maybe how likely you are to catch it in the first place), Influenza doesn't have a genetic component.  (+ info)

Is epilepsy a transferable disease or it is genetic?

Are there any example of people who have completely cured this disease? My brother is suffering from this disease, is there a chance that me and my children will suffer the same one day.

Please help.

Epilepsy can be caused by many things. But it is not, in itself, contagious.

It can be caused by genetic conditions. More often, it is simply the result of a brain abnormality, whether as the result of injury, or the result of other illness, or birth defect.

There are some promising new treatments for epilepsy, and some people have remained seizure free after the treatment. But it's new, not for all types of epilepsy, and involves surgery.

As for you and your children, without knowing the cause of your brother's epilepsy, no one can answer that. But if the cause of your brother's epilepsy is known, then a health professional can answer that question for you.  (+ info)

What is the genetic disease of some Jews that makes them smarter?

Last year I read an article about a genetic abnormality among Jews. Some of them had one gene that caused them to be on average 15 points smarter in I.Q. than those without this genetic abnormality, which causes their brain cells to form more connections with each other. But if the person has two copies of this gene, they get one of several brain diseases and die by the time they are 30. I forgot where I read the article and cannot find it. I met someone who is dieing of this, and his children have it too, so I need to find the information if possible.

Contact the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles. If there is any info on someone claiming a racial/genetic difference setting Jews apart from other races, they may have heard of it.  (+ info)

Can genetic testing determine if this disease was inherited from mother or father?

My friend's child has Crohn's disease and I was wondering if it would be possible to find out if it was inherited from the mother or father.
So if the father carries it and has a child with another women, then there would be no chance of passing it on?

Crohn's disease is a recessive trait. Both of your friend's child's parents are carriers.  (+ info)

Is lung cancer a genetic or environmental disease?

According to my text book no disease can be both. They have determined the gene that contributes to lung cancer however smoking etc is obviously a cause of lung cancer.

Tell your teacher the text book is no good. Lung cancer can be hereditary, usually by two carriers of a mutant gene marrying, and the obvious environmental cause, cigarette smoke.  (+ info)

Is there a way to check if the father has any genetic disease?

Is there a test they can do? Would I know if I had any? No one in my family has any kind of diseases other than heart disease.

my doc had me and my husband blood tested and all as soon as we found out......you should see if ur doc might.  (+ info)

Power of the mind or genetic predisposition?

Which do you think has the most influence, a genetic predisposition towards anxiety and depression or an good amount of willpower to change ones self and the ambition and intelligence to do so?

A very interesting question, with no doubt room for a valid argument on either side, but I think when an individual suffers from depression, no matter how intelligent, motivated, ambitious or strongminded they are, the very nature of depression (or anxiety) as an illness has a tendency to undermine and erode these qualities. Symptoms of depression include a complete lack of motivation, severe feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, even direct thoughts of worthlessness. Mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety do not allow the sufferer to be rational when it comes to the things affected by their condition, I know this from experience, and that's probably half the reason I personally have struggled with coming to terms with it for so long.
That said, seeking help and doing your best to become motivated about getting better does wonders towards managing and coping with the illness.  (+ info)

where can i find or what are some genetic disease of the nervous system?

I have a medical term class and i need a topic for a report..and it has to be a inherited disease of the nervous system.

look into mitochondrial diseases, they are genetic and neuromuscular, go to umdf.org, pretty rare and more needsto be learned about them.  (+ info)

Is the genetic disorder aniridia a sex linked disease?

Is the genetic disorder aniridia a sex link disease, if so what sex is the carrier for the disease?

This is not a sex-linked disorder but, it is a rare, congenital absence or partial absence of the Iris. It is autosomal dominant trait or recessive hereditary pattern. It affects the eyes.
I hope that this is helpful.  (+ info)

How might genetic engineering be used in the battle against "germs" and disease?

I needed help on this question for my science class. Genetic engineering involves changing DNA molecules.

They will be able to manipulate genes, take 'em out, alter them. For instance, they have now found the gene that causes shyness! True! They really have! They would have found it earlier, but it was hiding behind another gene.  (+ info)

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