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What diseases affect the male and female reproductive system?

what are some diseases that actually affect the male and female reproductive system? i need 5.

sexually transmitted diseases
high blood pressure  (+ info)

What are some disorders or genetic diseases that only affects Female (not male) offspring. Only Female?

I need to know which genetic diseases ONLY affects female offspring and not male. Last time I asked this question, ppl listed anything which were mostly male disorders or both. I specifically need disorders/diseases affecting Female offspring only. Thanks :-)
Help!!! I understand that Turner Syndrome is one of these diseases. I need to know more. Please list other genetic disorders that affect only females.

Aicardi Syndrome.
It affects only girls (well, and some boys with an extra chromosone)  (+ info)

Is there such a thing as a female dog to have genital warts without ever having sex?

I have a 1 year old boxer that's been in heat only once, right after her first birthday. She has not mated. Just this past week I noticed what seems to be a wart on her genital area. Is that possible? Can it be something else? I'm clueless. This is the first time I've owned a female dog. Please help, I'm so worried!


<3 love yaaaaaa  (+ info)

How do female genital piercings affect men?

I have a friend that is a little curious about this, and being a woman I can only speak from the female standpoint.

So, what are female piercings like for men? Does it offer up a sensation? Is it even felt? Are they annoyances?
I have a friend that is a little curious about this, and being a woman I can only speak from the female standpoint.

So, what are female piercings like for men? Does it offer up a sensation? Is it even felt? Are they annoyances?

I'm talking more specifically about a vertical hood, and a christina.

Mostly for the woman's pleasure.
Though depending on the exact location, they can stimulate the glans of the penis when it rubs against it.

Now if a male is pierced-- THAT is another thing all together. Very nice for his partner. ;-)  (+ info)

Is occasional itching in the female genital area anything serious to worry about?

I get itching in my genital area next to the vaginal area and anal area. I have a normal pH and recovered from BV months ago. It's not in the vagina or anus. It's just the skin next to them. When I rub it hard, it bleeds. It feels irritated. I don't dry there after showering. Anything serious to worry about?

It's Not That Serious.
Put On Baby Powder.
It Works On Problems Like That.
Open Your Legs And Sprinkle It On After You Take A Shower. But Make Sure It Is Dry, And Try Not To Itch After That.  (+ info)

Is it possible for a female virgin to have regular moles down there, not genital warts?

do all bumps down in that area, mean its genital warts? Have a doc appointment but curious.

When I was little I had a wart down there. It was obviously a genital wart because it was in the genital area, but it was not sexually transmitted. It eventually went away on its own. I also have a birthmark down there too. I would think that a regular mole could show up there as well.  (+ info)

Does the female genital organ change in time ?

I know that if a female has lot's of sex her genital part start's getting very loose (the penetration is done more easyly).My questions is if a women that had lot's of (too much) sex in her life and has her genital organ to wide will it get back to being tight if she wouldn't have sex for a long period of time ? (one year or two) ?
I am a guy, I am just asking this for a friend of mine :) .

Kegel exercises. Really. For both men and women. If done religiously (and they can be done anywhere) they will keep a woman tight and firm through the whole of her life.  (+ info)

Are genital warts and genital herpes different diseases?

Also if genital warts have been left unknown and untreated for possibly a year, is this really bad, will they be harder to treat or have more likely caused something like cervical problems/cancer.

Ok, genital warts are the known as Human Paplona Virus and herpes are Herpes Simplex Virus (1 or 2 depending on the kind; genital is 2.)

Genital warts are small usually non-painful bumps that are hard, while herpes are sores that occur every now and then (and sometimes never) which start as bumps, open up into cuts, and then heal and disappear.

1 in 4 women and 1 in 5 men have genital warts (and I believe the statistics are almost identical for herpes) and the majority of those people do not even know they have them. In fact, most doctors do not even test for herpes because the virus is usually undetectible by tests unless a sore is present.

There are so many different kinds of warts. Usually, HPV (which is the name of the virus that causes warts) is NOT the same kind of HPV that causes cancer. However, you can have the HPV that causes warts AND the kind that causes cancer. Many people live healthy lives never even knowing they have any kind of HPV.

If you have the kind of HPV that causes cancer, you may not know it, and therefore not testing for it or treating it can put a person at higher risk of it becoming untreatable.

However, cervical cancer is not very deadly because it is very easy to catch and treat.

If this has anything to do with you, I recommend getting a pap smear. Planned Parenthood does these at low prices and you can find them in any state. The people are also very nice and will answer ansy questions you have without passing judgement.

When you go in for a pap smear, they will automatically test for abnormal cells that can be affected by genital warts or anything else. Also, if you visible warts, you can get medicine to put on them and if they are inside you, you can get treatment or info on how to treat them.

It's best to go to the doctor and don't be afraid! I was so scared when I first went, and I tested positive for both HPV and herpes and going has made me healthier and has given me all this information to live a healthy life.

You'll feel a million times better if you go!

Good luck and email me if you have more questions!  (+ info)

Can a male get a female pregnant with genital warts?

If a male has genetial warts is it possible for him to get a female pregant? I heard some information that a male could not, but was unable to confim it.

Yes, having warts has nothing to do with pregnancy. Get rid of the accursed things!  (+ info)

Can a female get hpv genital warts on the nipples?

does anyone know if you can get genital warts on your nipples?
it seems strange/silly but I'm curious to know if it can happen or if it has happened.

It is possible, just as we've seen warts on the tongue from oral sex. Be sure you identify with some pictures and then consult your physician.

http://picturesofgenitalwarts.org/genital-warts-pictures/  (+ info)

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