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How early can gingival recession occur from using Snus tobacco?

I just recently started using the new smokeless tobacco product Snus. I have heard that it can cause gingival recession. I am not a consistent user. I use about two packets a day about 3-4 days a week. Sometimes I do not even use all week. How early can gingival recession occur? Please let me know. I use tobacco as a stress-reliever, having a huge amount of stress in my life. Please be serious about the answers, I will report any inappropriate answers. Thank you very much.

Andrew, Yes snus can and does cause recession. The tobacco in the snus causes the capillaries to constrict, decreasing blood flow, which can and does cause the tissue to recede. As stated before, snus use is strongly related to mouth cancer. This is a very messy cancer that typically causes disfiguring destruction to the mouth. Please, find another way to relieve your stress. Small white patches where you use the snus are actually precancerous changes! Stopping NOW will greatly reduce your risks. Good Luck, Dr. Dan  (+ info)

I am suffering from generalized gingival recession and sensitivity. How long will my teeth last?

I want to know from experience what is the period like for tooth loss to happen if good care is given like flossing and two time brushing. I am 28 year old male and a smoker of 20 ciggs a day(i know quitting will reduce risk). Also sometimes I clench my teeth at night. I want to know exact reasons of recession - whther it is too much brushing, bruxism (clenching of teeth - nightguard needed and how to measure bruxism?), alchohal, plaque deposits or anything else? and if I reduce all risks how long will it take for tooth loss to happen? currently I have almsot 4-5 mm of recession on outer side of all teeth while no recession at all on inside of teeth except for lower front teeth (which are mis-aligned and thus gather more plaque). Dental x-rays show very minimal bone less. how you reduced risk? Whether gum grafting is successful as I am very concerned about this condition and fear immediate tooth loss if recession goes on at this rate(i have noticed recession only 6 months back).

As a dental hygienist of six years and now a dentist, I must tell you, no one can answer this question with out seeing you. Not only can you see recession but you must do a periodontal exam to evaluate the bone levels, if you have pockets, you have lost more bone than you know (add recession+pocket depth= total loss of supporting structure). I recommend, #1 see a dentist for a comprehensive exam and voice your concerns. #2 QUIT SMOKING (it increases your risk of periodontal disease). #3 Keep up with regual dental visits (often people with gum disease need to have cleanings and maintianance every 3-4 months). In most cases, someone as young as you are who practices good home care can reverse some of the loss or at least halt the disease in which case you could keep your teeth your entire life. Recession can be caused by many of the things you mentioned, aggressive/improper bruhsing, brusxism, plaque and calculus (tartar) depostits. Seriously, go see a dentist now, before it gets beyond help.  (+ info)

gum recession ( Free Gingival Graft) Any tips ?

Hi , i had my braces off now since Feburary and i have gum recession on my lower gum , i was at the gum specialist today and i have to have a gingival graft done in a few weeks . Can anyone tell me tips on how not to worry and is it painfull after ?

Don't worry! I've just had a bone graft, which is similar except for bone (well duh:) It is really easy.

It doesn't hurt at all. Your Perio will totally numb you up. The only scary thing is possibly the injection into your palate. That may smart a bit, but it really isn't bad.

If you are nervous, you may be able to get nitrous oxide to help you calm down. Ask your DDS about it. It will make you not even care what's going on in your mouth.

My most important random tip: ask your Perio or assistant to tell you and show you exactly what your mouth looks like and feels like before you leave the chair. BEcause when you get home and are healing, it can really mess up the healing process if you are messing with your site with your tongue, or pulling back your lip to look. So I have my Perio tell me and show me exactly what it looks like so I know but don't have to mess with the site! Just a tip that not many people think about, hope it helps :)

You will be fine after the procedure! You may be given a script for pain pills. Take one asap, as the most pain will be just after the procedure. But after that, I was fine with my bone graft, I didn't really need pills. If your donor site is bleeding a bit, moisten a tea bag and gently apply pressure with it. Be really gentil, cause the bag will bust open if you press too hard, and tea leaves will go everywhere!

You can ice for up to 12 hours after your surgery, which may help if you are in any pain. But otherwise, you should be great and will be happy with what turns out!

Good Luck!  (+ info)

Gingival recession question?

i recently noticed that i have a minor case of gingival recession most likely due to my aggressive brushing technique and frequent brushing. ive started using a softer toothbrush and a more gentle technique. if it was my brushing that cuased it and this new technique works, then how long will it take for my gums to heal?

yrou gums wont actually grow back - after a week they may stop receeding..
gum recession is something everyone goes theough with age anyways.. but if your brushing has calmed down then the recession will stop now but they wont grown back down sorry !  (+ info)

Is a (non-surface) cheek/dimple piercing a bad idea if you have a problem with gum recession?

I have had two gingival grafts in the past year and have been warned about some 'problem areas'.

What is the likelihood of the piercing causing further recession?
I had a labret piercing three years ago and never had a problem.

I don't know about cheek piercings, but other piercings in or around the mouth can definitely cause gums to recede. My orthodontist highly recommended that I take my tongue piercing of two years out because he could see my gumline starting to fade.
I think it really depends on the location. I have two lip piercings and they don't rub my gums because they are up high, situated right below my lip line. I would ask a few piercers and see what they have to say.  (+ info)

Lip piercing with relation to gingival recession and gum problems; your experiances!?

So a couple of days ago I got my bottom lip pierced twice.
I've been wanting to have them done for four years, (since I was fourteen) and had some spare cash so I went for it. I'm confident in the piercing studio, as it was recommended by several people, was spotless, and people working there were lovely! I was done with a sterilised hyperdermic needle rather than a gun.
The piercings appear to be healing ok, although I admit it's early days yet!
I then read some papers on science direct in relation to the increased risk of gingival recession in people which laberet piercings. The evidence used was all in countries i'm not in (the main study was in Israli teenages, and another in texas) and the figures were presented in such a way that made it difficult to compare fairly.
I'd never heard of this before, and couldn't find any papers looking specifically at the link between lip piercing and gingival recession in the UK.

I was hoping the people of yahoo answers could share their experiances on the matter?

My lip piercing does not touch my gums.
Therefore, it won't do any gum damage. :]

If the piercing rests on your teeth, you're likely to get teeth erosions because your jewelry will rub against the enamel on your teeth.  (+ info)

I found out I have Gingival Recession(Gum Recession). I was wondering how much treatment cost?

I found out I have Gingival Recession only below one of my front bottom tooth. I have had it for a long time(dont remember when i first seen it) and i am very embarresed of it. It also is causing me to have bad breath 24/7 even though i brush my teeth. I am 19 yrs old dont have an income and soon to be shipped to BCT for the Army at the end of Aug. I am scared that once i get my dental exam for the Army they will kick me out because of it. I have medical insurance but I dont even know who would take care of this a dentist or a specialist? Once I know i can see if they take insurance but if not does anyone kno how much root planting or surgery cost for this?

You can easily check your minimal health care rates in internet, for example here - healthquotes.awardspace.info  (+ info)

Can anybody tell me how effective a gingival graft is?

I am considering a free gingival graft to add tissue to an exposed lower tooth. If you or someone you know has had this procedure done, how effective was it at covering up the exposed area? Also, how painful was the procedure and are you satisfied?

I and many others have come to believe that gum disease comes from bacteria and imbalances in the mouth. I have been able to heal gums and tootheaches and unfilled cavities. I took a water pik(they are generrally about $60) and an antibacterial solution of some sort. I like using Xylitol(you can find at most health food stores) as an antibacterial lately.

I started on a mild setting and found which areas were sensitive or bleeding. I used it about once to twice a week. Even after just two uses the teeth and gums become much less sensitive and I was able to turn up the power of the jet. It might not be the same for you, but for me it is always worth trying anything that activated the body into healing itself than to force, cut, burn, or poison which is usually very temporary.  (+ info)

My dentist said I should have a "gingival graft" due to the amount my gums have receded and the pain. $4,000?

Is this procedure really going to help or is gum recession just a natural occurance due to aging? $4000 seems VERY expensive. I was told I will need to be under a general anesthetic for this surgical procedure. How risky is procudure? This next question may or may display my lack of knowledge on this subject: Is this procedure for real? Or just a way to generate revenue for my dentist?

I have receding gums as well. My denstist never said I needed to have gum grafting. There are many other treatments out there that are usually considered before the gum grafting. For instance, there is special sealants that the dentist can put on. Also, there are special toothpastes for sensitive teeth. You need to use them for up to a month before you notice an improvement.

Yes, gum grafting is a real procedure, but usually only considered as a last resort. Go to another dentist and ask them about special sealants that can be applied.

My sensitive teeth only bother me in the winter. So I try to keep the temperature up in the house.

I would try all your other options before you shell out 4 grand to a dentist. I would be finding myself a second opinion.

Good Luck.  (+ info)

How the Recession has affected the adoption of Animals?

I have a speech to do on how the recession has affected the adoption of animals and the shelters. If anyone has any trustworthy sites or statistics it would be much appreciated. Anything will help. Thank you!

How about you go to the pets section and ask this question? This is section is on humans.....  (+ info)

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