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My dentist tells me I have "Acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis" or ANUG for short. What should I do?

Previosly I was told it was periodontitis, now it's this weird sounding thing! Previously I was given an antibiotic called Flagyl (Metronidazole) on 3 differnet occasions, didn't do much good. I'm a smoker and my dentist tells me that this is the cause of it? Trying to quit now by taking pils called Champix (Chantix in USA), might work. I've read that I should take penicillin (according to wiki!) but was never offered that or told I should take it?

Should I take penicillin? Is it true as the dentist is saying that if I stop smoking it'll clear up, I have my suspicions whether that is correct?
Yeah, I've read that it's often people with HIV/AIDS (but not confined to them) that get that but I am not HIV, thank god!
Over the last few weeks I have been to 3 differnet dentists trying to get an opinion, 2 have said its periodontitis and the most recent one said it was ANUG. I would go with it being ANUG as the last dentist spent the most time examining it, xrays, little spy camera thing etc.
What has me puzzled as to whether it is actually ANUG is that my gums don't bleed much at all, no bad breath, no soreness when I eat...these are all listed as indications of ANUG but I have none of them?
Just to update, I got a second opinion and was told I don't have ANUG! Instead was told the problem was that I needed a filling, no answer given by the new dentist I saw as to what the gum problem was.....unbelievable!

if you have ANUG, penicillin is the drug of choice not metranidazol. Now a days ANUG is eradicated, take a second opinion. You might be suffering from fungal infection like candidacies.
your last dentist has diagnosed you,as ANAG & is treating you for periodontist.  (+ info)

Whats the difference between ulcerative gingivitis and gingivitis ?

You get ulcers with the first.  (+ info)

treatment of acute necrotising ulcerative gingivitis?

please tell me the latest drugs full treatment of drugs and other assosiated treatment like scaling, which mouth wash .....please tell in details

prescription mouth rinse and antibiotics. deep cleaning and perhaps some laser surgery. treatable in most cases but get things done asap.  (+ info)

necrotizing gingivitis?

when i did have dental insurance they told me i had that... i have no pain... the only thing is sometimes my gums bleed pretty badly and like my gums are a little white.. i have severe decay too.. but i cannot do anything... i brush everyday..verrrry softly. but its just not helping... what should i do.. dental costs sooo much i cant afford it.

Here's a suggestion for you. Go to: (800) 370 - 3447 and order the NEEM Oil and NEEM Bark they make. It is the best you can buy and it will stop the bleeding in one day. Take the two items and mix a little of each into a paste and apply it to the gums all around, on all your gums. This will heal the gums. It will even get rid of the "pockets" the dentists talk about, but that takes longer depending upon the severity of the problem. The worst I've seen are pockets rated at 5. It took about 2 months to clear those and make the gums healthy.

The biggest issue you have is infections in the teeth. If you have amalgam fillings, you have severe infection under each one of those. If you have root canals done by typical dentists using gutta percha to fill the canals, you have severe infections under those into your bones and it is called cavitations (NICO). Any amalgams must be removed and replaced with good bonding materials. Don't let them use that hypochlorite solution all the dentists use to sanitize the teeth before putting the repair in place, it only kills about 30% of the germs. Modern dentistry is causing huge problems for many people. The word "modern" is just a fancy word and don't be fooled by it.

You will need to have any decay fixed, but do NOT let them use silver fillings (amalgams) because the mercury that leaches out from them is causing all kinds of Alzheimer's disease everywhere.

The infections in the mouth can cause you to have many degenerative diseases if you ignore them. Each tooth is connected to various organs in the body and when you get infections there, the organs will become weak.

good luck to you  (+ info)

What is a necrotizing infection and what are the possible causes?

My friend's mom was just diagnosed with this. She was told that a certain insect must have bitten her which caused the necrotizing infection. What type of insect is this? She's had 2 surgeries and may possibly have her hand amputated. Does any one have any information about this???

Any infection can lead to nectrotized tissue. This term simply means that the tissue is dead and has become destructive to the body. It's possible that your friend's mother was bitten by a spider, possibly a brown recluse (depending on what area of the country you live in). Sorry for your friend and her mother, but amputation may be the only way to prevent further spread of the disease, which can lead to death.  (+ info)

What helps the symtoms of ulcerative colitis?

Does anyone know if there is a special diet that helps ulcerative colitis? I was thinking of eliminating meat to see if that would help even though people do that for Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis is a little different. Any suggestions would be great!

eliminating meat won't really help much.. the best things to cut out are fried foods, overly processed foods, popcorn, fake sugars, other veggies that will irritate your stomach too. The sugars to completely watch out for are any that end it -itol like sorbitol which is found in many gums. my nutritionist I had said to avoid these because they cause diarrhea which would definitely not help us with UC. I'd also watch dairy intake. I know that I became fairly lactose intolerant with my UC. Organic foods help tremendously as well since they aren't processed and they are more natural.  (+ info)

How can you get rid of gingivitis with braces on?

I'm 13 and have braces on. I also have mild gingivitis. How can I get rid of it?

Would a waterpik or electric toothbrush help? Is it common to have gingivitis with braces on?


my girl friend worked in dental offices and i do remember when since she always yells at the fact i don't take my time to properly brush my teeth. i talk to her about it recently..and here it is: it depends on ur technique and then the type of bristle of ur tooth brush. u an have non electric tooth brush but need to message ur gum at te same time with it...i dunno how to demonstrate it to u. without pressure on the gums, with electric tooth brush she always tells me that i have to position the bristle on the edge of my teeth/gum and allow at least 3 second per contact to allow brushing. since ten my gum r healthy in appearance and she checks em every week in mouth.

she has braces (for a year now) and i noticed her brushing she always changes the direction of bristles of her tooth brush to access more surface..but she takes more than 2 min with care of teeth every night! if u have problem with mechanical brush than buy electric and be gentle on ur gums since ortho treatment can cause gum recession...for the rest i'd have to ask her or call ur dentist and talk to the qualified person on the phone..i believe the ortho office is responsible to answer ur questions..what's the point of paying big bucks for ortho if u don't get full service!  (+ info)

When comparing Chron's disease and ulcerative colitis, which of the following is true?

1.The cause of Chron's disease is known, whereas the cause of ulcerative colitis isn't known.
2. Chron's disease can be found anywhere in the digestive tract, whereas ulcerative colitis is generally found in the colon and rectum.
3. Patients with both conditions benefit equally well from surgery.
4. Ulcerative colitis is remitting, whereas Chron's disease is constant.

I have Crohn's Disease so I'm going on what I have read about them both;

1. False. It's not known what kicks off Crohn's.
2. True. I have Crohn's in both intestine (large & Small) and in my esophagus.
3. Surgery for both can give you years symptom free but can keep coming back, it is not a cure. Trouble is you can run out of intestine to remove after so long.
4. Crohn's Disease can go into remission if treated.

I hope this helps you!! :o)  (+ info)

What foods can i eat with ulcerative colitis?

I have been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, i dont really want to go on Steroids as just 10 mg had nasty side effects for me! What foods are safe to eat with UC and promote healing?

If your ulcerative colitis is from gluten intolerance, then you need to avoid ALL gluten containing food. This is found in wheat, rye, barley, sometimes even oats. This includes food processed with wheat flour...like breaded chicken.

I myself kept having colitis back to back (my gyno told me what it was---the pain, bloating, ect), and I cut out gluten. I found out that I can buy GLUTEN FREE oats....and I STILL have a problem with THAT (it was gluten free granola, and just a tablespoon sprinkled on my yogurt put me in AGONY!!). So, I now know that Oats are a HUGE problem for me besides the fact of gluten. BTW, oats themselves usually do not have gluten to begin with---it is the finishing process (they dust the machines with wheat flour to help the oats cut and pass smoothly through the machines).

Some people have a lactose problem too....luckily, I do not.

If you search the internet, you may find some good (or some not so good) information on ulcerative colitis and or gluten free. Unfortunately, the normal "BRAT diet" (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast does not always work for this, as the TOAST is usually loaded with gluten if it is normal bread....and only makes the problem worse.)

Hope this info helps you out. Feel better, good luck!!  (+ info)

What is the youngest diagnosed case of Ulcerative Colitis?

Im worried my son has Ulcerative Colitis. I have another open question but no one has answered. My son is 5 1/2 mnths and Im concerned he has U.C. Does anyone know the youngest diagnosed case?

I know of a 4 year old with U/C that goes to the same doctor that treats me. It is a desease that has had a lot of research done on it but has few asnswers. A few things that I found out was: it is found in a lot of people that move from an agrarian to urban settings and is also believed to be stress related.( I don't know what kind of stress a 4 year old could have.) You may want to talk to your doctor about an asacol treatment and if it is appropriate  (+ info)

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