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What supplement cures ulcerative colitis the fastest?

I have ordered things like Digesticure and Aloe Elite and I know there are others. I'm just wondering which supposedly cures ulcerative colitis (or digestive diseases) in the shortest amount of time?
Try digestiqure.com if you're wondering about a cure for UC/Crohns. thats what I am hoping will heal me after I get my current flare under control.

I suggest reading the book patient heal thyself

top one


the authors healed himself of chrohn and went to dozens of doctors in many countries and spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to heal himself. His dad was even a naturopath...eventually he healed himself and the book tells how and you can see his before and after pictures here

My other suggestion is to do the full incurables save your life program by Dr Richard Schulz which had success. People with digestive ailments like crohn's and colitis omit the intestinal cleanse #1 and go straight to the intestinal cleanse #2 when doing the full incurables.

Email me and I will send you the links to the manual and 12 videos that detail so much. they are no longer in print and originally cost $435 dollars. Someone put them up for me to refer sick people too but I do not publicly post the link due to the interviewer of Schulze sending cease and desist letter to people getting them removed as he no longer makes money on it I guess so email me this. There is no easy cure for incurable illnesses..a simple supplement will not generally help most people but a comprehensive, lifestyle change will and then some

more on Schulze here

http://www.curezone.com/schulze/default.asp and the incurables program

http://www.curezone.com/schulze/handbook/TNIP.asp (especially #5)

his website is here


his products are sold here

https://web2.herbdoc.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=17&Itemid=38 scroll down to incurables program in the search by products at the left side of the page

You can learn how to make many of his formulas yourself to save money in his 700 page manual and his videos of the save your life program--email me for the links

contrary to what doctors and others say, there are no incurable illnesses..also be sure any herbs you take are in the form of tinctures (or teas is ok as well) and are organic or wildcrafted for best results as capsules are rarely absorbable and conventional herbs are several times less potent.  (+ info)

Has anyone had a successful pregnancy with Ulcerative Colitis?

I am 24, married and January was the first month of us trying to conceive and I am very upset that my period has started today-boo hoo. Has anyone had a successful pregnancy with Ulcerative Colitis? If yes, how long did it take you to get pregnant?

In general, women with ulcerative colitis or with Crohn's disease in remission can become pregnant as easily as other women. Women with active Crohn's disease may have more difficulty becoming pregnant. I've had UC since I was 12 and this was one of the questions I asked a doctor when I got about 18(Im 21 now and not wanting kids anytime soon) but he told me I would have no problem getting pregnant as long as I stayed healthy and in remission.
Go to this website it has a lot of information as well...

http://www.ccfa.org/about/news/pregnancy  (+ info)

Would serovera really help with ulcerative colitis? I've heard stories and it sounds too good to be true?

My son is 15 and was just recently diagnosed with ulcerative colitits. He pretty much has it under control but at the cost of tons of medication. Would serovera be worth a try as a permanent replacement? How effective can it be?

I've been looking into your question. I can not say for sure whether it would be suitable as a medication replacement. When it comes to alternative treatments it is pretty hit or miss. What works for one person may not work for another. But some have done very well with aloevera...though I don't think they're gone med free.

I saw a naturopathic doctor for a few years. She told me that I would always have to be on a medication but she could help improve UC related complications: fatigue, nutrition, joint pain, ect

How many medications is your son on? What medications is he on? If he was recently flaring then he may be on quite a few medications. At some point the doctor will wean him off most medications if his UC can handle it. He will be on a low dosage maintenance drug at some point.

I know the medications are expensive. Unfortunately, you have to ask yourself if money is more important than his health.

I frequent a Ulcerative Colitis forum. The people there are so understanding and full of ideas. You need an account to post but you can freely browse. Perhaps, you'll find some information there about serovera.


If you want to ask me anything else feel free to email me.  (+ info)

Is necrotizing faciitis spread through common contact?

I feel guilty but I hesitate to visit a family member whose husband died from necrotizing faciitis 7 days ago. Would she be carrying the bacteria still if she was in close contact with him before he died? Is my concern valid? I do not know anything about this disease, just that it was devistating.

Don't worry about it at all. You need to visit her, she is most likely in shock after losing her husband so suddenly, and she will appreciate that you are thinking of her.

Necrotising Fasciitis is usually caused by Group A Strep (S.pyogenes). Most of us carry some amount of this bacteria on our skin anyway. It can cause a wide range of medical problems, most of them minor and easily treatable, such as wound infections. It is very rare for it to go as far as NF, and you probably need to have some degree of immunosuppression for this to occur. NF usually starts in some sort of nick in the skin surface. It is very quickly progressive, and there is not a great risk of transmission to other family members. If she had NF, she would be dead by now, so she obviously doesn't have it.

Just go and see her. If you are really worried about it, cover any wounds you have with a waterproof covering, and watch them afterwards for any signs of infection. If there is pus, pain, or any redness, go and see a doctor. You can get antibiotics which kill the NF bacteria, but you need to get them at the first sign of infection.  (+ info)

How can I treat gingivitis at home?

Well, I have slight gingivitis, so I would like to know some easy at-home remedies for gums. Today, I've tried a hydrogen peroxide mouthwash, brushing and flossing teeth more regularly, but are there any others? Is there a recommended toothpaste I can use for it as well?

I had a problem with gingivitis myself, and the best cure is to use Listerine twice every day. Keep brushing and flossing, of course, but Listerine is what really took care of the gingivitis.

This also works on early periodontis, but you still need to have your hygenists clean your teeth regularly.  (+ info)

What are the signs that gingivitis has become severe?

What are the signs that a case of gingivitis has gone from a moderate case to a severe case?
If I could find it on Google I wouldn't have asked. Also, I can't get to a dentist right now. It's not for me, so I'm not going to try and find one at 4AM in a state I don't live in.

There are several signs but you don't necessarily have to have all the signs:
1. Spontaneous bleeding or upon touch.
2. Loss of the knife edge appearance of the interdental papllae (the triangular gum tissue between the teeth) & the gums become more retracted.
3. Loss of the gum contour & festooning as it becomes mor swollen & flat.
4. Loss of stippling (Normally, the gums texture is like the orange peel appearance which is lost due to inflammation)
5. Bad taste & foul odour.
6. Sometimes the color of the gums become redder.
7. Due to severe inflammation, the teeth might feel a bit mobile.  (+ info)

How does having gingivitis cause heart disease and stroke?

So I know that getting gingivitis can cause heart disease and stroke but when people tell you that information they never tell you how or why which is really baffling. You'd think if someone is stating a fact they tell you the reason why. So how is this all connected? why do you get heart disease and/or stroke from gingivitis?

heard of foci of infection? These become source of infection. People who already have heart valve replaced needs to be more careful. The infection in the gums can travel to the heart & cause infective endocarditis.  (+ info)

What is the effect of bleaching your teeth while you have gingivitis?

What is the effect of bleaching your teeth (like with PlusWhite) while you have gingivitis?

it can worsen gingivitis because teeth whitening chemicals cause gum inflammation even if you have no gum problems in the first place.

before you go for any "beauty" enhancement procedure, i would highly suggest basic dental care such as oral prophylaxis. for what is the point of whitening your teeth if you neglect their supporting structures. i know of people who regularly use whitening solutions and yet neglect their decayed teeth which need restoration. i really cannot comprehend this.  (+ info)

How do dentists get rid of gingivitis?

I think i have mild gingivitis on my bottom teeth. The gum is disappearing from between my bottom teeth and its really starting to ache and the teeth are really sensitive. I'm 17

I floss, I use mouthwash, and I brush my teeth properly but it still seems to slowly be getting worse.

How do I stop the gums disappearing? Will the gums grow back?
How will my dentist cure this if I point it out to him?

It sounds like you have more than just a mild case of gingivitis. It seems advanced and will require so degree of treatment by the dentist or hygienist. It can range from a basis cleaning to a deep scaling. This will be combined with placing you on a good program of home care along with regular preventive visits twice a year. Good luck.  (+ info)

What are the options for someone with ulcerative colitis?

My ex boyfriend has ulcerative colitis and is in the hospital. He has severe bleeding and is in lots of pain. I am wondering what his options are and if they will remove his colon, and if so will he need a bag or is there something else they can do. He has had it for 4 years now, but hes bleeding has progressed so bad and they said his entire large intestine is damaged. Has anyone else suffered with this and what did you have done and what was your experience?

My boyfriend has this disease and has had it for a few years as well. He currently takes a lot of medicine everyday and for the most part it has done the job. Lately though, it has gotten really irritated and the doctor once told him that if it gets bad enough that they would have to remove the part of colon that is infected. Now, weather or not a bag is needed greatly depends on where the ulcerative colitis is at in the colon. Unluckily for my boyfriend, his is in a part where he would need a bag if it got to be that bad. My boyfriend seems to think his get irritated and worse during the winter months, but who knows. I wish you guys all the best of luck, and I hope everything goes ok. But, just remember, you're not alone.  (+ info)

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