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How long does it take for sore gums to heal once you eliminate gingivitis?

I had a mild case of gingivitis (but no dentist in my area has an open appointment) so I started vigorously brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash. It has caused a lot of bleeding and pain, but I saw an improvement in my gums and their color. However, now my gums hurt like hell! It has been four days and I am popping ibuprofen every four hours to suppress the pain. How long does that pain usually last for? I have not been able to eat anything solid for a week now.

You are right bleeding gums are a sign of gum disease. even though they bleed when you brush them this is the only thing that will make them better but i would advise on not brushing your teeth vigorously as this can cause the gums to be damaged and receed. continue flossing and use a mouthwash specific to gum disease like corsodyl
do you smoke? as this is a significant factor in gum disease
you need to find yourself a dentist asap as in severe acute conditions of dental disease you may require antibiotics
good luck x  (+ info)

What is the difference between "colitis" and "ulcerative colitis"?

I have been trying to find information on colitis and all that seems to come up is information on ulcerative colitis. What is the difference between these two? Are they the same? Also, if you know of any websites or resources that have to do with colitis please post them! Thanks.

Colitis means swelling (inflammation) of the colon viz., large intestine. It is a general term.
CMV gastroenteritis/colitis is inflammation of the stomach or intestine due to infection with cytomegalovirus (CMV).
Pseudomembranous colitis is infection of the large intestine (colon) with an overgrowth of Clostridium difficile bacteria.
Ulcerative colitis is a chronic inflammatory and ulcerative disease arising in the colonic mucosa, characterized most often by bloody diarrhea. Extraintestinal symptoms, particularly arthritis, may occur. Long-term risk of colon cancer is high. Diagnosis is by colonoscopy. Treatment is with 5-aminosalicylic acid, corticosteroids, immunomodulators, anticytokines, antibiotics, and occasionally surgery.  (+ info)

What type of food should a Ulcerative Colitis patient eat?

What type of food should a Ulcerative Colitis patient eat?

some of the foods that i have notice that can cause a flair up ,
are tomatoes or anythihng that is tomatoe base, spicy foods.
sometimes dairy products. what i have been doing for a while is trying diffrent things and i write down what it was
and i also put down if it cause me to have any kind of reactions to it and then when i go to the Dr. i can let him know what i had an the effect of it.  (+ info)

How long to rid of Gingivitis?

I went a couple months without brushing my teeth because I had lost my toothbrush. I know, ew.

Anyway, I now have gingivitis in my top and bottom gums. I've been brushing twice a day for the past 3 days, and every time I brush just a little bit my gums bleed like crazy. I floss once a day in addition, and use mouthwash twice a day.

How long will it take for this painful dental disease to GTFO?

Have you seen a dentist? It may take a while, depending on how severe your condition is. Try rinsing with warm salt water several times a day too. Good luck!  (+ info)

What food should be avoided for ulcerative colitis?

I have been suffering from ulcerative colitis for the last 2 1/2 years. Can anybody suggest what medicines I should take and what food I should avoid? Because of blood leakage my haemoglobin level goes down. What food would give more iron and hence to absorb the iron what food to take?

It varys from person to person, but I am sure you know your trigger foods. Things like spicy or strong flavours, sometimes milk, acidic drinks like orange juice and also fizzy pop. Caffine is also not a great idea. Iron rich foods include anything green and leafy like spinich or liver.  (+ info)

I have both ulcerative colitis and Irritable bowel syndrome?

Has anyone else got the two together? I sometimes cant go to the toilet for days. Now Ive just recently started taking medication for the Ulcerative colitis but it seems to only make things worse. The other night I had constant stomach ache but didn't go to the toilet. Now when I eat I simply feel sick. I have been to the toilet but just a bit each time. What should I do. The doc said I should just caryr on on the meds and everything should get better but this is painful :-(

you might need more fiber in your diet. i have irritable bowel syndrome where i will have pain in my groin. i know a good fiber that might help, miralax is a fiber you should use, i also have diverticulitis which is very pain full.  (+ info)

When comparing Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, which of the following is TRUE?

A. the cause of Crohn's disease is known, whereas the cause of ulcerative coitis isnt known.
B. Ulcreative colitis is remitting, whereas Crohns disease is constant.
C.Patints with both conditions benefit equally well from surgery.
D. Crohns disease can be found anywhere in the digestive tract whereas ulcraive colitis is generally found in the colon and rectum.

D.  (+ info)

Is a lack of energy normal in ulcerative colitis?

I start of my day with energy, by 1pm i have very little energy and cant keep my eyes open, i also can not do too much in a day or in a week or i become ill and sleep for days.

I do not have anemia and my bloods come back ok, but i have been diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis?

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in February, and yes I have noticed that I feel weaker/more tired. It may have because I had a lot of loss of blood-anemia. Check with your doctor. You should share with them anything you have encountered. It can help research and it could be affective towards your health.  (+ info)

First trimester is very critical stage, should I stop taking my medication for Ulcerative Colitis?

I have ulcerative colitis and I take a medication called Apriso-I know that the first 12 weeks of pregnancy is very important stage-if you were me would you stop taking the medication atleast for the first 12 weeks?

I don't believe that has any take on pregnancy. Also, it is usually recomended that you do not stop or start medication with out talking to your doctor....so that is where you should start.  (+ info)

Is it a problem to have one smoke after being diagnosed with gingivitis?

I only smoke once or twice a year on holidays and the 4th of July is one of them. However, I was at the dentist yesterday and they said that I have some gingivitis. They gave me a chlorohexadine mouthwash and told me to come back in two weeks. I was wondering if anyone could give me a professional opinion on whether having one smoke (cigar or cigarette) tomorrow would be a problem. Thanks!

It will be fine to have a smoke every now and then,,,,smoking icreases your risk for gum diseases but having one occasionally won't hurt. Just make sure you brush well the next day and rinse with your mouthwash the next day.  (+ info)

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