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A Gleoblastoma is a malignant brain tumor. Most people with this form of tumor don't have a good recovery rate. It is fast spreading.  (+ info)

Can anyone tell me what to expect when someone dies from a Glioblastoma Multiforme?

My mom was diagnosed about 4 months ago with an inoperable Glioblastoma in her frontal lobe. Is there anyone out there that has witnessed this? My sister and I are taking care of her but we are not sure how fast she will pass, and what to expect. She finished traditional radiation about 6 weeks ago. And is taking maintenence Temodar. She is walking around now, but not talking a lot. And she has a lot of swelling due to high doses of steriods.

I'm sorry to hear about your Mom. I can't answer your question, but just wanted you to know I'll keep all of you in my prayers.  (+ info)

Can Lexa pro be taken by a person with glioblastoma multiforme brain cancer?

A friend who has glioblastoma multiforme brain cancer was recently prescribed lexapro for depression & anxiety. Since taking for only 4 days it seems to have caused lack of appetite, aggression, short temper, further depression. Is this worth it, we are told that it could take 4-8 weeks to work and I have been reading about the side effects...anyone who is familiar with this?

Obviously your doctor thought it was worth it to prescribe it to you. Any other similar drug will take just as long to work and most the side effects will become less or go away as time passes.  (+ info)

What color is the ribbon for glioblastoma multiforme?

I know that they have ribbons for other cancers and diseases, but what is the color for this one. My grandma just died from it, and i would just like to know. Thank you.

Glioblastoma Multiforme doesn't have its own ribbon, since it is such a specific diagnosis. My 3 year old son Conrad has medulloblastoma (another type of brain cancer) and the ribbon for brain cancer is gray. We are sorry for your loss. Brain cancer is a scary disease.
-Mommy to Super Conrad, 3yo brain cancer smasher!  (+ info)

Anyone ever heard of someone or are you surviving a Glioblastoma Multiforme?

I am a true believer of miracles, and I was just curious as to whether or not there have been any survivors that anyone knows about or if you are one I would like to hear from you!!
God Bless!!

No significant advancements in the treatment of glioblastoma have occurred in the past 25 years. Although current therapies remain palliative, they have been shown to prolong quality survival. Mean survival is inversely correlated with age, which may reflect exclusion of older patients from clinical trials. Without therapy, patients with GBMs uniformly die within 3 months. Patients treated with optimal therapy, including surgical resection, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy, have a median survival of approximately 12 months, with fewer than 25% of patients surviving up to 2 years and fewer than 10% of patients surviving up to 5 years. Whether the prognosis of patients with secondary glioblastoma is better than or similar to those patients with primary glioblastoma remains controversial,....That's what the doctors say, but i've heard of many people being cured from many things as worse as this thanks to the help and to the faith in their religion, in god. I believe that if you are a true believer u will overcome anything. Goodluck and many god bless.  (+ info)

Is it possible to fully resect a Glioblastoma multiforme?

Is it possible to fully resect it so it won't come back again?


Glioblastome multiforme is an aggressive human brain tumor - if the tumor has been excised 98% or more, the higher is the survival rate.

After surgery, radiotherapy is done to prevent glioblastoma recurrence.  (+ info)

My father has a Glioblastoma brain tumour. Can anybody recommend any alternative treatments?

I was wondering if there are any herbal or homeopathic remedies anyone could suggest, or perhaps suggest some websites. Has anyone out there had any experience of this, or are there any Doctors out there who would like to unofficially suggest alternatives to radio/chemo, so that he has every possible chance of a longer prognosis?
Serious answers only please, as this is very upsetting for me. Thankyou.

essiac tea. do web research. it is amazing at all the testimonies you will find! for some reason i do not understand why most doctors will not have anything to do with alternitive medicine. also if the tea is helpful take a look at glyconeutrients.i know first hand what a monster cancer can be. i have lost many friends and family to it. wish i had known about these then. i have faith they work. good luck and God bless you and your family  (+ info)

Hi, I have recently been told my Dad has glioblastoma, can any one give me some answers o which way this goes?

My Dad has only recently had an operation for a tumor that was found. We were only just informed that the tumor is a Glioblastoma Multiforme. I am very new to this and have read a bit about this on the net.

Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) also known as grade 4 astrocytoma is the most common and aggressive type of primary brain tumor, accounting for 52 percent of all primary brain tumor cases and 20% of all intracranial tumors. Despite being the most prevalent form of primary brain tumor, GBM's occur at only 2-3 cases per 100,000 people in Europe and North America.

Treatment can involve chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery; all of which are acknowledged as palliative measures, meaning that they do not provide a cure. The 5 year survival rate of the disease has remained unchanged over the past 30 years, and stands at less than three percent. Even with complete surgical resection of the tumor, combined with the best available treatment, the survival rate for GBM remains very low.

I am so sorry to hear this and to have to give you this information. I hope your Dad responds to treatment and is one who goes into remission. Many prayers!  (+ info)

My father has a Glioblastoma brain tumour. Can anyone recommend any alternative treatments?

I was wondering if there are any herbal or homeopathic remedies anyone could suggest, or perhaps suggest some websites. Has anyone out there had any experience of this, or are there any Doctors out there who would like to unofficially suggest alternatives to radio/chemo, so that he has every possible chance of a longer prognosis?
Serious answers only please, as this is very upsetting for me. Thankyou.

Glioblastoma Multiforme

Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most aggressive form of the primary brain tumors known collectively as gliomas. These tumors arise from the supporting, glial cells of the brain during childhood and in adults. These growths do not spread throughout the body like other forms of cancer, but cause symptoms by invading the brain.


Gliomas are graded by their microscopic appearance. As a rule their behavior can be predicted from this histology: grade I (pilocytic astrocytomas) and grade II (benign astrocytomas) tumors grow slowly over many years while grade IV (GBM) grows rapidly, invading and altering brain function. Untreated, GMB’s are rapidly lethal.

Monotomous appearance of normal brain white matter under the microscope
Gbm contains atypical cells, dividing cells, necrosis and clumps of cells around blood vessels

The area of the brain first involved by the tumor influences the first symptoms of GMB. Progressive weakness, speech or visual loss occurs when "eloquent" brain regions are involved. More "silent" areas of the brain allow the tumors to become large before symptoms arise. In this case increased pressure in the head produces headache and rarely, visual loss from swelling of the optic nerves. The tumors also can irritate the brain, causing epileptic seizures. Rarely, spontaneous hemorrhage into the tumor yields a stroke syndrome, with the sudden development of a neurological deficit.

GBM’s usually arise de novo or may develop from lower grade gliomas after many years. Distinct genetic alterations in primary and secondary GBM’s have been identified. As a rule they do not run in families.

Once symptoms occur, the diagnosis of GBM is usually straight-forward. The tumor can be imaged by contrast-enhanced MRI scan. Progressive growth of the lesion on serial MR scans differentiates tumor from stroke. A PET scan showing increased uptake of glucose can also help separate a diagnosis of tumor from stroke. An open or needle biopsy provides tissue for microscopic diagnosis.

GBM Treatment

The treatment of GBM has evolved over the past 50 years. Controversy over the value of various treatment modalities arises because many factors significantly influence the survival of patients harboring grade IV gliomas. In 1993 Curran and co-workers developed six prognostic classes of grade III and grade IV gliomas based on a review of Radiation Therapy Oncology Group treatment protocols.
Significant predictors of survival included:
Grade III (anaplastic astrocytoma) v. grade IV (GBM) diagnosis
· Patient’s age greater or less than 50 years
· Abnormal mental status
· Gross-total excision v. subtotal-excision
· Karnofsky Performance Scale > 70 (patient capable of independent living)

In summary, those who respond best to treatment are individuals under 40 yr.s age, with little or no symptoms of tumor, who have under gone gross-total removal of tumor and have a normal mental status. Median survival in this group was 18 months.

Modern, effective treatment for GBM includes the following:

· Surgery to remove the maximum volume of tumor
· Radiation therapy
· Chemotherapy

Other treatment modalities, which show promise in selected patients, are:

Radiosurgical boost to residual or recurrent tumor
· Local chemotherapy for recurrent tumor (Gliadel wavers)
· Gene therapy with herpes simplex thymidine kinase gene
The diagnosis of GBM requires tissue obtained by surgical methods. Surgery varies from stereotactic needle biopsy of deep tumors to open surgical excision of surface tumors using computer image guidance (frameless stereotaxis). Additional imaging methods at our disposal in San Diego are PET scanning and MR spectroscopy.

Much evidence now exists to support the notion that the safe removal of a maximum volume of tumor improves function and prolongs survival in our patients.Within a few days of surgery a MR scan is obtained to document any residual tumor. If significant, enhancing tumor is identified in post operative MR scans a boost of Gamma Knife radiosurgery is sometimes given before or after fractionated radiotherapy .

At recurrence of the tumor there are several options which are individualized to the patient. A second resection of recurrent tumor may prolong survival in selected patients. At second operation, Gliadel wafers containing a chemotherapeutic agent (BCNU) can be applied to the tumor cavity. A second boost of Gamma Knife radiosurgery can also be administered.

Finally patients may elect to undergo chemotherapy after consultation with local oncologists. Chemotherapy is the most controversial of treatments as many studies have failed to show prolonged median survival in treated patients, although the proportion of long term survivors may be somewhat greater.  (+ info)

What's worse, a Glioblastoma Multiforme or a Brain Stem Glioma?

Is a Glioblastoma Multiforme in adults worse than a Brain Stem Glioma in children?

Answer your own question.

It doesn't matter. A brain tumor that is a Glioblastoma or a Brain Stem Glioma is bad. Doesn't matter if you are a child or an adult.

Want more facts? Check out www.abta.org The American Brain Tumor Association has all the information you need to answer this and many more questions.  (+ info)

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