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Does anyone know anything about acute post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis ?

I have done research on line but here is the deal I have had alot of physical issues including the pain and I showed 38 of 45 symptoms for fibro. I am being treated for fibro while getting tested for eveything else. Nothing comes up. Last year I was hospitalized 3 times for kidney infections and cannot drink a soda without having one flair up so I get a call from the dr and she says stop taking the fibro meds cause the last blood test showed positive for strep but she puts me on anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics and so I have had these problems for 9 years and I questioned this and she said its just possible that it has went undetected but she never gave me an exact answer but she said to follow up in about a week and we will talk more about whats going on. I got the above diagnosis from researching what drugs that you would be given antibiotics and the anti-inflammatory meds for that are related to strep infection. I know what it says on webmd and other related sites I researched it throughly. I am wondering does anyone have this and if you know about it is it possible that I have this and for 9 years and if I have then what comes next! Thanks

Do you recall ever having strep throat or skin infection? Glomerulonephritis can occur essentially after any kind of infection. One of the primary functions of the kidneys is to rid the body's waste, which includes infection. A close relative of mine was recently diagnosed with the same after suffering 3 years and one surgery. A new physician (Urologist) and OTC pills stopped the pain after one visit! She has spent a small fortune in the past on prescribed, ineffective drugs. Its been three weeks and she remains pain-free. In three more weeks, she will go for a followup.  (+ info)

Does anyone know of any support groups or detailed info on Membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis?

My doctor just diagnosed me with this a few days ago after about nine months of having a nephritic syndrome (I was pregnant and he wanted to wait to do a biopsy). By the scarring on my kidney's in the ultrasound he thinks I've had problems for over 3 years now and Im just wondering what this disease is exactly... if I can ever beat it? or will I have a good chance of it going benign for the rest of my life? All I can find is a description and median survival rates..

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How can I take the meds I need when I don't feel sick?

I am 25 years old. Last year I was diagnosed with a long complicated term for a type of kidney disease (membraneous glomerulonephritis). The doctors have put me on 6 different pills, 11 pills a day. At first I took them religiously but then I'd accidently miss a day here and there, now I'm on no schedule at all.

When I was taking the pills I sometimes felt worse than when I wasn't taking them. There is no pain associated with this disease, mainly just fatigue. The major treatment pill I take or supposed to take costs several thousand a year. My doctors have managed to get them for me for free until I can get coverage for myself. If these pills don't work I am then to take a kind of chemo pill.

I find the seriousness of the situation hard to take in when I don't feel like there is anything wrong but all the tests I had done show otherwise.

Am I really just in denial?

you condition is not to be taken lightly and your medication are for long term purposes and not just to make you feel better for the moment .you can discuss with your nephrologist different regimens and your concerns .kidney failure is not a good thing to end up with .take your chance because you still do have a choice to live a normal life  (+ info)

Why do you need to administer antacids when the patient has a NGT (Nasogastric Tube)?

My patient hs systemic Lupus Erythemtosus with acute renal failure and glomerulonephritis. One of her medication is sodium bicarbonate and calcium carbonate which are anatcids.. why is this given to her? She has a NGT by the way...

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Hypertension and kidney disease?

Im 14 and have hypertension.(have had it for a while) and I would like to know which type of kidney disease or disorder arise from damage of hypertension. Ive been having bubbles in my urine and mom and dad have seen them(and i checked that there wasnt any detergent or any substance that would provoke bubbles from forming.). They think it might be glomerulonephritis. I havent had a urinaylisis yet but i will soon. What do you think? Can glomerulonephritis be life-threatening?

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Athletes with chronic kidney disease?

How much of a hindrance would a chronic kidney disease causing glomerulonephritis be to an athletes conditioning. Assuming its a relatively young athlete and still has 90% kidney function...and what part of conditioning would it affect if any

It really depends on the type of glomerulonephritis that you have - there are many different types. Having 90% kidney function suggests that the kidney function on its own would have no effect.

I would suggest keep training normally, and worry about its effects on training and performance if it becomes an issue.  (+ info)

Previous serum creatinine was 2.88 and BUN 47. Current results 2.62 and BUN 53.?

My question is how does one value go down while the other goes up and which test is the more important.I have Glomerulonephritis.

You need to take into consideration that all tests even if done within hours of each other may have slightly different results. Those results seem pretty darn close to each other as creatinine and blood urea nitrogen go.   (+ info)

Which could be the right one?

In addition to urinary tract inflection, which of the following is a risk factor in the vdevelopment of pyelonephritis?
A. Urinary retention and reflux
B. Nephrotic syndrome
C. Respiratory disease
D. Glomerulonephritis
I.m cofused with option A and option D
Would you mind helping me with tihs?

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Does hypertension and/or kidney stone(3.3mm) cause proteinuria?

Two weeks ago, I was diagnosed to have 3.3mm stone/lithiasis in my lower left kidney calyces. Also my blood pressure varies from 120/90 to 140/90. I'm 23 y/o male. Protein in the urine varies from trace to 3+. I'm afraid that this leads to glomerulonephritis or end-stage renal failure other than just hypertension or kidney stone. In my case, is it treatable/curable? Please enlighten me. Thank you!!!

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Medical question?

I looked through my medical records and saw that I had Post streptococcal glomerulonephritis when i was younger. Then, it said that I have a laying IGA nepgropathy in my body. What does that mean?

means when u are younger, u have strep infection. Strep infection can lead to post streptococcal sequelae,i.e. rheumatic fever glomerulonephritis

IgA nephropathy means u have the antibody IgA formed againts the strep deposited on the kidney. Deposition of antibody on ur kidney lead to type III hypersensitivity dat can lead to damage on ur kidney, i.e. nephropathy(nephro=kidney,pathy=sickness)

But since u are ok now u have nothing to worry about!  (+ info)

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