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What is the incidence of autism with eczema, and benign migratory glossitis (geograpic tongue)?

Additionally, do national origins have a statistically adverse side effect with vaccinations or pesticides, as with certain complexions?

There was a recent survey in Wisconsin involving autism in Hispanics. Their rate of autism was much lower than that of non-Hispanics. This suggests a cultural determinant, rather than one of complexion, because the study included white, black and mestizo Hispanics all residing in the same geographic area.

However, eczema in infancy might be added to the list of traumatic allergic reactions which lead to autism--as in allergies to milk, gluten, and maybe even vaccines.  (+ info)

Benign Migratory Glossitis?

i have benign migratory glossitis. for the past few years i have gotten really embarrassed about it. Does someone know of any medication or products that i could use to get rid of this?

Hi, I have found a website that may help with info on condition just click on link below cheers ♥
http://au.search.yahoo.com/search?search=Benign+Migratory+Glossitis%3F+&ei=UTF-8&fr=ks-ans&ico-yahoo-search-value=http%3A%2F%2Frds.yahoo.com%2F_ylt%3DAvHD7Jj.42Y33KFlGhJ1vW7T5gt.%3B_ylv%3D0%2FSIG%3D11l26curd%2FEXP%3D1190291377%2F*-http%253A%2F%2Fau.search.yahoo.com%2Fsearch&ico-wikipedia-search-value=http%3A%2F%2Frds.yahoo.com%2F_ylt%3DAvCtutEMCFFloTNY32H9NlLT5gt.%3B_ylv%3D0%2FSIG%3D121kv41ot%2FEXP%3D1190291377%2F*-http%253A%2F%2Fen.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FSpecial%253aSearch&p=Benign+Migratory+Glossitis%3F+  (+ info)

My Mrs has Geographic Tongue or benign migratory glossitis. Anyone know how to get shot of it???

Migratory glossitis is a psoriasis-like or psoriasis-related condition of the tongue resulting in the production of snaky white lines on the tops and sides, often with small parallel grooves adjacent to them. As in psoriasis, these lines "roam" around the tongue, changing locations or appearances on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis. Many times these lines slowly radiate from a central area of smooth red mucosa, i.e. the normal tongue papillae or "bumps" disappear temporarily. The latter appearance often imparts an appearance similar to that of a globe of the Earth, with irregular white lines representing outlines of continents, hence, the common name for this disease: geographic tongue. Occasional patients have no white lines but have instead smooth red patches, sometimes with small grooves at their edges. Migratory glossitis is usually without symptoms, but some may complain of a burning or tingling sensation, often from secondary fungus or bacterial infection, possibly from a developing anemia (unrelated to the geographic tongue). No treatment is normally needed, but antifungal and antibacterial medications may be used for symptomatic cases; topical or systemic cortisone or prednisone may also be effective. There is no malignant potential.  (+ info)

Migratory glossitis/geographic tongue?

Does anyone have any suggestions for treating the pain of migratory glossitis or how to reduce the frequency of the symptoms?
Thanks for the reponses, but I have tried both. Lozenges actually cause more pain. Toothpaste can be unbearable too. Any other suggestions or resources?
Thanks. I do take a multivitamin everyday, and I follow a very stringent oral care regimen. I used to only have symptoms every couple of months, but now it is nearly constant. I've tried to track patterns, and the only thing I can figure is that it's stress-related.

I guess I'm just getting to the point where it is too painful, too frequent, and too embarrassing. I know it isn't any sort of infection and that it isn't contagious, but it's still embarrassing.

Does anyone know if there are any other vitamin/herbal supplements or alternative medicine treatments that have been effective? Information on the net has been spotty and contraditory, and my dentist (relative) doesn't really know a lot about it.

I don't know how to reduce the frequency, save working on decreasing the stress in your life.

As for easing the pain, this works for my patients with mucositis, which is quite painful. It might work for you too. It sounds odd, but it is quite soothing and doesn't taste nearly as bad as it sounds:

1 tablespoon of a 1:2 mixture of maalox and liquid benedryl.

The maalox (or other milk of magnesia type product) helps coat the tissues of the oral cavity and the benedryl is an antihistamine, and thus will help soothe the tissues.

I usually suggest storing the liquids (either the mixture or the individual bottles) in the frig because having the mixture cold is also soothing.  (+ info)

Does taking a vitamin pill every day get rid of Glossitis?

Doctor told my girlfriend to take a multiple vitamin pill every day to get rid of reoccirring glossitis. Doe this sound like a Cure? any doctors out there?

It might help as nutritional deficiencies must be treated.


The goal of treatment is to reduce inflammation. Treatment usually does not require hospitalization unless tongue swelling is severe. Good oral hygiene is necessary, including thorough tooth brushing at least twice a day, and flossing at least daily. Corticosteroids such as prednisone may be given to reduce the inflammation of glossitis. For mild cases, topical applications (such as a prednisone mouth rinse that is not swallowed) may be recommended to avoid the side effects of swallowed or injected corticosteroids. Antibiotics, antifungal medications, or other antimicrobials may be prescribed if the cause of glossitis is an infection. Anemia and nutritional deficiencies must be treated, often by dietary changes or other supplements. Avoid irritants (such as hot or spicy foods, alcohol, and tobacco) to minimize the discomfort.  (+ info)

What is the difference between a benign tumor and a malignant tumor?

A) Benign tumors arise by transformation; malignant tumors don't.
B) Benign tumors do not metastasize; malignant tumors do.
C) Benign tumors metastasize; malignant tumors don't.
E) Benign tumors do not arise by transformation; malignant tumors do.

I'm pretty sure it's B benign tumours are not cancerous where as malignant are and have the ability to "spread" (metastasize)  (+ info)

What is my cancer risk after having a benign tumor removed along with the ovary it was on?

I had abdominal surgery to remove a benign tumor from one of my ovaries. My doctor said the ovary had to be removed and one of my tubes had to be removed because they were abnormal. I was wondering, with a strong family history of female cancers and having this happen to me what my risk is for getting a female cancer?

With any surgery no matter how small or intense, there is always a risk. Don't let anyone fool you/ As ar as re,moving a benign tumor. which simply put ,means you don't have cancer. So my question to the doctor is, why is he going to such extremes for something that's not cancer. You need to see another Dr ASAP. It sounds like you're someones experience, I think he did something wrong. Please, go see another docotor about this, someone he doesn't know. this is just too fishy. Let us know how this comes out. and please,don't go back to that doctor, and I use the term loosely God bless  (+ info)

I have a benign enlarged prostate. Is there a laser treatment that would shrink an enlarged prostate?

This question is basically for Physicians and Surgeons or anyone who has gone through this ailment. I have a benign enlarged prostate. Is there a laser treatment that would shrink the enlarged prostate, without open surgery?

nope.  (+ info)

What kind of problems can occur from a benign bone tumor in the knee?

I know benign means non cancerous, but can the tumor do any harm? Can they damage the bone, or spread?

Hi, i can imagine that they could do a small bit of harm, but only because they're growing and compressing nerves. See, if nerves are compressed, depending on the amount of pressure it could cause tingling, pain, numbness or even paralysis. Seeming this is a non-cancerous tumor, all the problems would pass as soon as it was removed. So example, if you had a benign tumor in your knee and it made that leg paralyzed, not long after it was removed, the paralysis should go away and you would have your normal leg back and have most or all feeling back. In rare cases you might never get feeling back because the tumor might have done bad damage, but i'm sure in most cases it's removed before that kind of thing happens.
Hope i answerd your queuestion :)  (+ info)

If you have already had a benign tumor on your thyroid, what are the chances of getting thyroid cancer?

I heard the risk of cancer is higher if you've already had benign tumors. Is there a certain percentage of people who start out with benign tumors and eventually get malignant ones?

Thyroid cancer is rare to begin with. Benign means that it's not cancerous. So for benign to end up resulting in thyroid cancer is really rare. That being said, most thyroid cancers are "easily" treatable/curable. It's the "best" cancer to get if you have to get cancer. Or at least that's what they tell all of us who go through it.

I was diagnosed 6 years ago. I had a lump on my thyroid, I started to have symptoms of hypothyroidism and then the cancer was dianosed within 1-2 months of finding the lump in the first place.

I doubt that you'll get thyroid cancer, but it is almost always treatable.  (+ info)

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