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What effect could the low blood pressure have on renal function?

Rennie was involved in a serious car accident which she developed internal bleeding, causing her blood pressure to Fall. What effect could low blood pressure have on her renal function?

I am giving a general explanation. The whole subject is enormous.
When the blood pressure is low there will be no sufficient filtration pressure to eliminate the waste products into the urine and therefore waste products like urea tend to increase in the blood.
Further the blood flow will be insufficient to carry sufficient nourishment to the kidney and its performance fails.

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What condition must have for donor who would like to donate a kidney to someone have Renal failure?

What condition need to be available for donor who would like to donate a kidney to someone who have Renal failure ? do they have to be in the same age? blood group? donor is 33 while patient is 4 years.

You will need to have blood type match on several levels. After an appropriate match is made and decided upon, the potential donor will have to go through two 24-hour urine specimen collections and then also go through a chest x-ray to verify that everything is good to go. Also, a short mental evaluation with a doctor to discuss the reasons for being a donor will be done. The Transplant coordinator should go over all of this information with you when you make the decision to be tested for a potential match. It has been four years so my details might be a little rusty.

The donor kidney will be placed directly above the bladder of the recipient and it is normally the size of a clenched fist. There should be plenty of room for an adult kidney even in the cavity of a four year old.

It is amazing the difference that you will notice in the recipient from the day before to the day after. BUT.....For the donor, it is a little rough. You must remember that the recipient has been feeling bad for so long, that it will be an immediate improvement!

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What is the fetal development of the renal system?

I have a project due next week and it's a topic about the fetal development of the renal system but i dont know anything about the renal system.

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How often does kidney function return if you suffered from acute renal failure?

Just wondering if any doctors out there happen to know...I suffered from kidney failure about 3 years ago from e coli and luckily my renal function returned (its not perfect but pretty good), but how often does kidney function NOT come back? (I take immunosuppresants for lupus nephritis and was wondering if it happened again I might not be so lucky...)

My wife's has returned to normal twice after extreme renal failure due to Lupus Nephritis. Currently her renal function is normal. She is still taking immuno supressants (Myfortic - time released Cellcept). I'm sure you were given Cytoxan in the hospital. This medication seems to help greatly in returning the kidney's to normal function. Your kidneys are damaged due to nephritis which means swelling. If caught in time and treated quickly the swelling can be decreased before any permanent damage occurs. This is why it is important to see your nephrologist regularly.  (+ info)

What is metabolic acidosis in chronic renal failure due to?

Hi, is the metabolic acidosis in chronic renal failure is due by pH level ?

It is due to increased production of H+ by the body or the inability of the body to form bicarbonate (HCO3-) in the kidney, thus, leading to acidemia. Blood pH is low (less than 7.35)

Arterial blood gas (ABG) sampling is essential for the diagnosis.

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What's the safest class of antihypertensive in near end stage chronic renal failure?

Person with hypertension (eg. BP of 170/110 persistently elevated) and close to end stage chronic renal disease (say eGFR of <15). Waiting for dialysis. Meanwhile, what class (or combination of classes) of antihypertensive is/are safest to use?


This would be better discussed with the person's physician. But suspect Beta Blocker would be safest.  (+ info)

Renal functions. Patient has extemely low blood pressure caused by congestive heart failure; what is the cause?

A patient has extremely low blood pressure caused by congestive heart failure; unable to provide a urine sample. Patient reports that they have not urinated for two days. Patient is extremely weak and feels terrible. Blood work show elevated levels of urea and imbalance of electroylytes. What is the cause focussing on Renal Functions?

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Has anyone had any experience in a cancer treatment called Torisel for Renal Cell Carcinoma?

My dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma. He started a treatment this week. The treatment is call Torisel. I wonder if anyone has any experience in this drug. If it worked for your loved one and if there was any side effects and how long did it take to have the side effects.

I believe this is one of the newer mTOR targeted therapy drugs. It is very new. You would probably get more response and better information by going to an online support group with other patients who are using this drug. Good luck.  (+ info)

22year old male recently diagnosed with impaired renal function and has one kideny? What help could he get?

He just started renal dialysis this week..Doctors also said that he has an enlargement in his kidney and its damaging the inner wall...Is he is a bad state? How could he stay healthy and is there a life expectancy in such a matter? Will he live normally and be able to function normally? Is getting married an obstacle? What advice could anyone offer me?

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How was chronic renal disease treated before dialysis over 50 years ago?

Before dialysis, made possible 48 years ago, how was chronic renal disease or failure treated? how long could a patient suffering stage 5, or end stage renal failure survive without dialysis?

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