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What does clonal abnormality 46, xy, del (2) (p21p23) in 12/21 metaphase spreads mean?

Patient had cytogenetic analysis on bone marrow with indication of a clonal abnormality. I'm trying to understand the hematopathology report indicating thrombocytopenia and minor megakaryocytic dysplasia. Thank you.

Ignore the first user. I will tell u exactly what it means. It means that there is a very high chance that the thrombocytopenia is due to a clonal bone marrow failure disease called myelodysplasia. The presence of dysplasia (even minor) in the megakaryocytes supports this. Depending upon the severity of thrombocytopenia and the number of blast cells in the bone marrow and the number of other cell lines (RBC, myeloid) affected, your doctor can tell you the prognosis and the treatment. Or u can post it on the internet and i will tell u for free :))  (+ info)

Zero sperm count, what to do?and i have check karyotype 46,xy?

go to doctor  (+ info)

What should a 46 year old plus size woman shop?

Now that I am 46 I am a little confused about what is acceptable for and older woman to wear. I wear a lot of baby dolls as I have the classic muffin top. I have some tops with Rhinestone butter flys on them. I do not want to dress like a frumpy old woman! Any ideas?

There are many lovely places to shop, especially online. Try places like Lane Bryant, Avenue, Silhouetts, Evans, Simply Be...and check out plus size fashion blogs for help! They are the best at helping you find things you would like.

Hi ladies! There are TONS of places for you to shop - you just need to stop listening to the dos and don'ts of the plus size fashion world!

Check out my blog:

Return to Sender: A FAT Girl's Letters to the World

for TONS of fa(t)shion resources! And join the network: http://www.ilovefatshion.com  (+ info)

Can hormonal changes cause anxiety for a 46 year old woman?

Can hormonal changes cause anxiety for a 46 year old woman?
Is there any over the counter medicine to take for it?

A big yes.
Hormones like estrogen and progesterone play a critical role in anxiety. Women are more than twice as likely as men to feel anxiety, especially during the hormonal ups and downs of PMS, perimenopause, and menopause. Anxiety is often the first sign of perimenopause. Many women experience rampant anxiety symptoms when they first wean off HRT.  (+ info)

Why would a woman 46 years of age stop her monthly cycle?

I am 46 years of age, and have never been late and no i am not with child. Please help as i have no insurance and need to know what is going on.

If this is the first time, my guess would be that you are experiencing pre-menopause. My mother-in-law went through this and had many experiences of heavy "break-through" bleeding until her periods finally stopped completely.  (+ info)

How can I do at least 46 sit ups (military style) in 2 weeks?

I need to be able to do at least 46 sit ups by 2 weeks from now. I can do a million crunches, but for some reason, I suck at sit ups. Any tips??

They hold your feet, in the military.

Have someone sit on your feet.. You can also roll a little bit, if you need to. Do as many as possible, no matter how funky they look. Cross your arms over your chest to do them, and lift your elbows for that extra oomph.. Also, if you hook your hands behind your head, it might cause a neck strain.. So only do that if you get really desperate.

Im shocked you only need to do 46..

anyways you have 2 whole minutes, so thats only 23 per minute. Just practice doing them, and get it over with.  (+ info)

Is losing 46 pounds in a little over 4 months a lot?

I want to lose about 46 pounds by the leap year day which is Feb. 29, 2008 because I'm borderline overweight. Can I accomplish this if I stick to my diet/exercise regimen?

Okay, my answer isn't nearly as detailed as the first person's, but I'll throw in my personal experience. I did Weight Watchers, and properly.. I lost just over 40 pounds in about 4 1/2 months. (the first month I lost A LOT, then it regulated after that). If you really hit the diet and exercise it should be possible, but don't push yourself too hard. Goals are great because they give you something to look forward to. Do your best, follow your program, and you will succeed no matter what.  (+ info)

Is it possible for a human pregnancy to go to 46 weeks?

I’ve recently found out that a woman I was in a relationship with some time ago has given birth, and the approximate date of birth given to me, at the time I found out, suggested the child could have been mine. This information led to some speculation amongst friends & me as to whether the child could be mine.

I have subsequently carried out further investigations and have obtained an accurate date of birth which implies that the pregnancy would have lasted 46 weeks if I was the father. In order close the door on this episode in my life I’m seeking answers as to whether firstly; it is humanly possible and secondly; if so, in what circumstances?

well, if a woman is more than 2 weeks over due then the docs recommend a ceaserian. you should investigate more things like.
1) how heavy the baby was
2) when she had her last periode before she found out that she was pregnant

you should get a DNA test done as soon as possible. Tell her that you think you could be the father and that u want to claim the right to see the baby.. lets see how she reacts or if she is telling you instantly that it isnt urs. and dont forget to get it in writing.

Women can be nasty! eventhough im a mother lol  (+ info)

Is it strange to be 46 inches at the age of 5?

I was 46 inches at the age of 5, I want to know: is that awkward?

  (+ info)

Is 46 heart beats per minute not at rest ok for a 16 year old male?

I also run track but everyone I tell seems to think that it's way to slow even my parents think I'll drop dead any second. But is it ok to have 46 beats per minute just standing around.

Actually athletes typically have slower heart rates since their hearts are stronger and work more efficiently than most. Your heart can beat less often and still circulate the same amount of blood because it is stronger, so 46 bpm seems pretty good. Congrats!  (+ info)

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