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Gout - Can I take Co-dydramol pain killers at the same time as I am taking prednisone?

I am taking a short course (40mg tabs - 1 a dayfor 7 days)) of predisone to treat a flare up of gout in my foot. The inflamation is my foot is subsiding butI am I am still in great pain. Therefore, can I also take Co-Dydramol painkillers while taking prednisone?

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what are the side affects of indomyacin for treatment of gout?

I have a friend that has gout and is worried about the medication side effects, does anyone know the negitive effects?

I'm assuming you're talking about indomethacin, brand name (Indocin), a common treatment for gout. Think of indomethacin as a beefed up version of ibuprofen or Motrin. It is in the same class of medications.

That said, it's side effects mimc ibuprofen, but seem to be a little stronger. The most common side effect is upset stomach or heartburn - if this happens you can counteract this with an antacid like maalox or Tums. Sometimes, people say it can cause a little dizziness. So for the first few times, stay away from driving until you can assess it's effect on you.

You also shouldn't take indomethacin if you have kidney problems.

It's usually a very well tolerated medication, and you won't have to take it too long to get over the gout flare. If indomethacin doesn't do the trick, there are alternative treatments. Good luck to your friend.  (+ info)

My grandma is 84 diabetic and has the most painful gout.. What can we do?

My granny is 84 and she is diabetic and has gout, she has gotten cherry juice concentrate and takes 2 tablespoons everyday and just started yesterday, but it still bothers her bad.... and remedies or cures? please help

if she is willing help her keep her sugar low.

Also , it may help her to use heat.  (+ info)

How long can gout go untreated?

My Dad had gout for 3 days and for 2 days it was pretty much gone. Then he drank one beer and that night it came back again and 3 days later, it is very painful. He just took an Ibuprofen last night but no gout medicine.

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Are there any home remedies for gout?

My dad has gout really bad in his feet. He can't hardly walk anymore because of it. I would really like to try to help him find something to help cure it, other than taking medication the doctor subscribed him. Does anybody know of any 'home remedies' that would help him?

None-medicine things to try: drink tons of water, 1 oz for every 2 lbs of body weight daily. Eat lots of sour dairy: sour cream, cottage cheese, plain yogurt in smoothies mixes with orange juice, pineapple, frozen berries. Avoid beer, coffee, organ meats, high fructose corn syrup.

Eat lots of fruits and veggies, veggies being potatoes, corn, carrots, cabbage, avoid the dark green veggies.

For more check out www.best-gout-remedies.com.

Good luck to you and your dad!  (+ info)

How long does a Gout attack last?

My mom was sleeping yesterday, after waking up she complained about some pain in her foot lasted for about 10 minutes. And nothing since, I have been reading that a Gout attack can last 3-10 days. So Does this sound to u like Gout? I mean a 10 minute all of a sudden pain in the foot?

Depends which part of the foot, gout usually occurs in the big toe, so if its in this area then it probably is gout. But she should see a dr anyway just to rule out anything else they will do a blood test to check if its gout. Gout doesnt just pass after 10 days my husband suffers from it and he is on medication for it it usually lasts 3 or 4 days even with medication.  (+ info)

Anyone know a good at home treatment for gout?

I keep get attacks of gout lately. I know about cherries and baking soda, I was just curios if anyone knows of any good other ones, that I can use.

I take naproxin sodium at the first sign of pain. If it gets any worse (usually) I head for an indomethecin prescription. I haven't found anything as effective.  (+ info)

Is there anything you can do to prevent gout?

What is the best medicine you can take, and can your diet affect gout?

gout is called the rich mans disease. it comes from eating too much red meat. It can be easily controlled. Cut back on red meat, and have your doctor prescribe "allopurinol". you take one tablet a day and it stops the formation of the crystals that cause the pain. If you are prone to gout, you will probably develop kidney stones as well. Allopurinol helps prevent that as well. Take it from me, you don't want to pass a kidney stone!!  (+ info)

what foods should I avoid if I have gout?

I hear your suppose to avoid certai foods if you have gout, is this true or not?

Diet- low in purines, and fats.Avoid sweet bread, kidney,liver, meat extracts, peas, beans and lentils.Weight reduction in obese patients. Avoid alcohol Control Blood Pressure.  (+ info)

Is there an easy diet to follow to avoid Gout flare ups?

My Mom is a diabetic and she is suffering from Gout quite frequently. I have searched the internet looking for a easy diet she can follow. Of course she is quite stubborn and hardheaded and she knows what she is eating sets it off but I'm tired of catching the grunt-end of her pain.

i don't know of any diet as such-but uric acid crystals are deposited in the joints and cause pain.She should avoid alcohol and rich dark meats  (+ info)

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