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I had a benign granular cell tumor removed during an endscopy...?

...is it necessary to have ANOTHER endoscopy 15 mos later to make sure granular cell tumor did not return or is it safe to assume a GCT doesnt grow back/was benign, etc...

I dont know if it is necessary, but i would have another endscopy to be sure.  (+ info)

What is a granular cell tumor?

I dont no  (+ info)

Why will chemo therapy cause a tumor cell to enter apoptosis by damaging DNA, but the original damage did not?

If the job of P53 is to initiate apoptosis in light of DNA damage, hence tumor cell, why does it not initiate until chemotherapy creates the DNA damage?

Good question...
A common cause of many cancers is the loss of function of tumor suppressor genes, such as p53. Amongst other jobs, p53 can initiate apoptosis as one way to control cells.

The problem "when the cancer first starts" is not so much DNA damage as it is DNA alteration- alterations (such as deletions, addition, translocations, epigenetic changes, etc) that affect how genes are expressed. The body has well-recognized repair systems for damaged DNA, but they look generally for other changes in DNA. These kinds of "damage" are ones that interfere with DNA replication usually. The afore-mentioned alterations usually don't interfere with replication- they are happily replicated. They then get passed along and are not recognized as "damage". Ultimately, many of these alterations cause loss of control of cell growth and division (at least the ones that lead to malignancy). Many chemotherapies take advantage of this uncontrolled cell growth and induce damage of some sort or another in DNA, which can trigger apoptosis.

So, initially the changes that can "sneak" through and cause cancer are not either 1) of the type which would be recognized by a repair mechanism, or 2) are flat-out missed.

Does that make sense?  (+ info)

what are the chances of getting a brain tumor from a cell phone?

I know you can get a tumor from ur cell phone but how likely is it do u have to be on hours every day and how many people have died from tumors from there phone this year?

they say it can happen But I don't believe it and neither should you  (+ info)

Can the cause of a giant cell tumor be post traumatic?

I recently had surgery on my right thumb for ligament repair from a slip and fall, there after I developed what doctors call- a giant cell tumor on that same right thumb finger. Could the growth of the tumor be post-traumatic?
thanks for answering my question. Is there any way I can prove that it is post traumatic?

You have to wonder. Any trauma is followed by healing, which involves rapid cell division and involves the chance of mutations arising from the cell division, which could lead to cell disregulation and a tumor. Good luck on getting through this!  (+ info)

Will talking on the phone for an hour or more a night on a cell phone give you a brain tumor?

I am wondering one thing and this is kind of awkward, my teacher told me that i can get a brain tumor of using my cell phone too much, I talk over an hour a night on my cellphone daily. Will this give me a brain tumor? or will anything happen to me?

Um. No. If that was the case half the teenage population in developed countries would have a brain tumor by now, including me.

There's a small risk of a slightly increased chance of getting a brain tumor if you use a phone repeatedly for over a decade, almost always on the same side of the head (right ear, for example). I would use a bluetooth headset, earbuds or just speaker phone for really long conversation, for the comfort more than anything else.  (+ info)

What are the different symptoms between a non cancerous Giant cell tumor, and a Cancerous regular tumor?

Like as in pain. And Whats the difference on an x-ray and MRI do they come up different, or would you need to do a biopsy first.Or can you tell right away that one is a tumor and one is a giant tumor b.c they are two different types. Thanks to anyone who answers

We may need "Denisedds" for this one.
I'm a cancer specialist doctor, and I don't know what type of malignancy you are asking about.
A "cancerous regular tumor" - of what part of the body?
A "giant cell tumor" that is not malignant.
I can't make sense out of this.
Perhaps you could be more specific ? ? ?

OK, I see from your other question that you are concerned about a bone tumor.
A giant cell tumor of bone does make good sense.
We will all have to wait for the biopsy results.  (+ info)

Hi My brother is suffering from Squamous Cell Carcinoma 4 month doctor remove 2cm tumor and did radiotion ?

Hi My brother is suffering from Squamous Cell Carcinoma 4 month before doctor remove 2cm tumor and did radiation Again he found small tumor between arms is it curable?plz help what we will do now?

get your brother to go to his oncologist and ask him/her that question as you are more likely to get a reliable answer that way. sorry to be harsh but that is the best way to find out in this situation as the oncologist will be able to explain to you both further and more extensively.  (+ info)

What is the type of T cell with CD8 receptor that can kill virus infected and tumor cells?

A. T suppressor cell
B. Natural killer cell
C. Cytotoxic T cell
D. T helper cell
E. None of these

  (+ info)

How does uncontrolled cell multiplication (tumor) harm/kill an organism?

Also, why do benign tumors not harm orgnaisms?

malignant cancers are cells that keep on dividing and replicating meaning the bigger they get the more they push the other healthy cells out of the way. its sort of like taking over the healthy cells space. if you push enough of the healthy cells and organs out of their normal position they soon start to loose function and die. like being squeezed and squashed to death. benign tumors grow and then stop as long as they stop and dont invade healthy cells then no damage is done. occassionally benign tumors grow to such size that they start to affect the functions of normal cells that they come in contact with. Even though they've stopped growing they sometimes still have to be sugically removed so they can no longer push off on the healthy organs and cells  (+ info)

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