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my son swallowed a penny, how do i know it went into his stomach and not through his respiratory tract?

my 2 yr old started to choke on a penny but by the time he was brought to me he was crying, no longer chocking. now i worry if it actually went into his stomach.

If he's turning blue (cyanotic), that's a good sign it went down the wrong pipe. Either way, when they're that age, you need to get medical help, not YA! help...a penny is a pretty big thing for a toddler to pass, and it could cause obstruction of the bowels. If it's in his lungs, that is very serious.  (+ info)

is there anything i can do at home to relieve respiratory tract infection?

'm on antibiotics and not feeling any better.my voice is completely gone n the coughing is really painful

my hubby has just had this and he was told to use menthol Chrystal's in hot water put a towel over your head and breathe in the vapours.it took him about 10 days to feel normal again.good luck hope you feel better soon.  (+ info)

What is the best Antibiotic for an upper respiratory tract infection?

A physician will prescribe the best antibiotic suited for you and your needs.  (+ info)

which of the following are considered diseases of the lower respiratory tract?

here are the options...
diphtheria and pneumonia
influenza and diphtheria
tuberculosis and pneumonia
common cold and tuberculosis

i keep thinking its pneumonia and diphtheria but then i get confused and the common cold is bothering me....its driving me nuts! please let me know if im right with pneumonia and diphtheria if im not right then can you tell me what it is and explain to me why or how? thanks!

The answer is tuberculosis and pneumonia. An upper respiratory tract infection effects the nose, throat. larynx, and trachea, while a lower infection effects the lungs, bronchi, bronchioles, and aveoli. Diphtheria, influenza, and the common cold are all upper respiratory infections, so the answer is TB and pneumonia. Check out these websites if your interested in learning more:

  (+ info)

Some people with a deficit of IgA exhibit recurrent respiratory tract infections. Explain this observation.?

I know that IgA is also called secretory IgA, it is found in mucus and other secretions, and it plays major role in preventing pathogens from getting into the body. But I still cannot understand how is it related to recurrent respiratory infections.... HELP please!

Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae are important bacteria in recurrent respiratory infections. The immunological response against them is based on the synthesis of specific immunoglobulins, the generation of complement factors, and phagocytosis.

The role and relative frequency of the above-mentioned in increased susceptibility to respiratory infections is poorly understood. Neither is it known whether the combined presence of several (partial) immune defects contributes to increased susceptibility to infection.   (+ info)

The influenza virus infects cells lining the respiratory tract of humans.?

Is it likely to infect cells lining the respiratory tract of most other mammals?

Yes it does!! Influenza virus infects epithelial cells lining the respiratory mucosa. Some virus are species - specific....this is the reason why some animal viruses cannot infect humans and vice versa. Mammals may be infected if the species are closely related i.e. primates.  (+ info)

Too much mucus in my respiratory tract?

I've been having a problem for months now where it seems that my pharynx, larynx and sinuses are constantly clogged with mucus. I routinely cough up stuff and swallow more stuff and it's difficult for me to talk or play an instrument without thoroughly clearing my throat.

This started after I had a cold two autumns ago, and the overproduction of mucus never went away. Is there something that could be causing this?

Drink a lot of water and take rest.

If your drink a glass of water every one hour through out the day for 3 days. Your symptoms will significantly improve and mucus production will reduce and most likely stop.  (+ info)

IS the swine flu an upper respiratory tract infection?

If not, what is it?

I live on Michigan Technological University's campus, in the tippy top of the upper peninsula of michigan. I have no medical experience, but we were recorded as having one of the highest frequencies of swine flu in the United States, with a serious plurality of cases.

The symptoms of swine flu are different for different people. Basically, the most simple way to imagine it is to just think of an absolutely regular flu. After that, imagine the flu's first couple days. Instead of a fever, some nausea, and being a little uncomfortable, it is very common (in cases of swine flu) to begin basically compulsive vomiting. The regular symptoms of flu are just SERIOUSLY magnified. Often, but not in all cases, victims of the swine flu obtain diarrhea, which is another easy qualifier to determine if you've got the sickness. The diarrhea can be nonexistent to violent, sudden, and uncontrollable. This is going to keep you within about five feet of a toilet for the duration of the sickness. Your headache, ravaging body aches, full-body chills, dangerously high fever, and other assorted symptoms will keep you longing for bed and for some serious medication.

You'll also get so tired you'll probably sleep for about 90% of the time you're not on the toilet, and probably 50% of the time you ARE on it. You may also get a cough (though it seems like it's usually pretty mild), a sore throat (which feels dry, itchy, and like you always need a drink, nothing like strep throat), and more tiredness. On the comment about serious medication, though; for anybody reading this, I urge you NOT to take ANY medication for this illness, unless prescribed and administered via intravenous injection ("IV"). Taking Ibuprofen, aspirin, or other pain killers, then vomiting, makes it very hard to know when the pills can be taken again and reduces their effectiveness to nearly zero. Pepto Bismol is a joke. It's like trying to put a patch on a breach in the hoover dam. It's just not going to work. Going to a hospital will help to relieve the stress of needing a bathroom and a bed at the same time, since they're built in to eachother if you're lucky enough to get a bed, but dont expect it. Most swine flu cases are not hospitalized. If you get swine flu, you're going to be in for one serious illness.  (+ info)

What is respiratory tract infection, caz I think I might have it?

I mean I've had this throath for almost 3 motnths now and I feel very weak and tired all the time despite the fact that I get 8 to 9 hours of sleep. also sometimes I wake up in the morning and I still feel tired and weak and very light-headed

You don't know what it is but you think you might have it? Do you have any symptoms you could tell us about?

Respiratory tract infection is a broad term which covers a number of illnesses from tonsillitis to pneumonia.  (+ info)

are there any masks that can protect my respiratory tract from pollution?

I'm especially interested in versions that can be used while exercising.
What the mother muck!???

  (+ info)

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