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Will smoking cause your respiratory tract cells to become stratified squamous or stratified columnar cells?

smoking causes normal respiratory epithelium, which is pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium, to become stratified squamous. this is called metaplasia.  (+ info)

Taking Antibiotics for Acne May Increase Risk of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection, even if u are off it?

dose it double the risk even once your off it after a long time?

Try an all natural route of therapy for acne. Herbs work wonders with little to no side effects.  (+ info)

why do i get chronic upper respiratory tract infections?

for th second winter I have developed a chronic upper resp tract infection
,while spending the winter in sunny spain.
Prior to this I worked as a nurse and rarely got colds of any sort.
I take daily Omega 3, garlic,and eat a good diet of fresh fruit and veg. where am I going wrong.

do you work with chemicals, do you live in a built up city/pollution or do you smoke/ or do you socialise in smoky atmospheres/all points to consider.  (+ info)

smoking damages the linning of the respiratory tract and cell which is replace by the squamous?

what happen to the resriratory tract

I t destroys the alveoli which move the oxygen into the blood. Cells change after too much damage to cancer cells.  (+ info)

What functions of the respiratory tract are lost with use of a ventilator and trache tube?

The upper respiratory tract also functions to warm and humidify the air you breath so this is one function that is lost. To counter this the air/oxygen mix should be warmed and humidified. If not the lining of the respiratory tract would become dried and damaged as a result.

The upper respiratory tract also serves to filter particles from the air so filters must be attached to the ventilator.  (+ info)

what prevents food and liquids from entering the respiratory tract?

what prevents food and liquids from entering the repiratory tract

Epiglotis, a cartilaginous flap that lies above the voice box. when you start to swallow, the epiglotis covers the entrance to the voice box, the initial part of the respiratory tract.

You can see the epiglotis in the young babies when their mouth is wide open, because their voice box is higher. The higher placed voice box allows them to breast (or bottle) feed and breath at the same time. Milk flows around, left and right, the voice box into the esophagus, instead of over the top of it if it was placed lower. As the baby grows the voice box descends, making it no longer possible to breath and eat at the same time.  (+ info)

is the upper respiratory tract located outside the thorax?

to btomaselli, if you dont know the answer don't reply.& now you can't

  (+ info)

Which disease is considered a disease of the digestive system but is aquired through the respiratory tract?

a. Bacillus cereus gastroenteritis
b. dental caries
c. Hepatitis A
d. mumps
e. Yersinia gastroenteritis

Mumps would probably be the one you're looking for. It is spread via respiratory droplets and can cause pneumonia as well as inflammation of the parotid salivary glands (parotitis), which is a part of the digestive system.  (+ info)

Upper respiratory tract infection and chest pain when coughing!!?

I am 25 weeks pregnant and have a upper respiratory tract infection. I cannot sleep at night due to runny and congested nose, watery eyes, bad cough and when i cough my chest really hurts, could this be something worse and will it harm my baby, my doc says it wil take 2-3 days to get over it's been 5 days already and seems to be getting worse.

Sounds like you have a nasty lingering cold to me. The chest pain will be from the coughing. It won't do your baby any harm it is just a horrible nuisance for you. The doctor won't be able to do anthing for you except advising rest and plenty to drink.

What I would recommend is using a steam bath or steam inhaler to help clear your nose. Fill a bowl with boiling water, stick a towel over your head and the bowl and inhale the steam. If you have some eucalyptus oil, put a few drops in the boiling water and it will work even better.  (+ info)

Why has Christina Aguilera contracted a viral upper respiratory tract infection?

Just wondering what's caused Christina's illness? Is it from singing too much or oversinging etc?

You don't get an infection from singing too much. You could strain your vocal cords, but no infection. You get infections from letting your immune system get run down, possibly from too busy of a schedule, not eating properly, not getting proper nutrition and being exposed to someone else with an upper respitory infection.  (+ info)

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