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How is a cyst different from a granuloma?

how is a cyst different from a granuloma?
ie. radicular cyst and periapical granuloma

Boy its been a long time since Oral Pathology

I know one when I see one most of the time.

A cyst, I think has epithelial tissue surrounding something, either a dead space or other mass. A granuloma lacks a well defined epithelial layer.

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How does Calcified Granuloma occur in our Lungs?

I had undergo an apico-lordotic view of chest x-ray and findings says that I had this. But 5 weeks ago I went first for a PA x-ray and says that my lungs is clear. How would it be possible that in this 5 weeks it will appear like that?

These are two different X-rays. The PA X-ray is just a regular X-ray that pictures in with beams passing from back-to-front. With an apico-lordotic view, however, is taken from a different angle.

This may explain, why your Doctor did not see the granuloma the first time. The apico-lordotic view is usually the best for discovering hidden lesions.

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what are the chances of a granuloma in the lung turning into cancer?

i have one that has been there for 9 ys...i found out about it after i had had it for 5 yrs...now i have another one...i had a chest x-ray 2 months ago and it wasn't there and i had another one today and it is there in my left lung...the first one is in the right....i am really scared and want to know the statics for these turning into lung cancer...they said it is a calcified granuloma..

The odds are close to zero. Granulomas are similar to a scar that is caused by an injury to the lung from an infection or some type of particle you breathed in. If a granuloma is calcified, then its almost impossible for it to become cancerous. Calcified granulomas are usually caused by a previous fungal infection in the lungs (histoplasmosis).  (+ info)

How long does it take to heal skin when it has been stitched after a granuloma has been removed?

It is healing but it is now about 8 weeks or so and it is still not healing but i have checked it and it is getting smaller though so i suppose it will take as long as it takes.

Thankyou for your answers.

Every person heals differently then another. A lot depends on your age and over all health. If it is getting smaller and the wound is not bleeding it is healing. Give your body time to work this out!!  (+ info)

How do you get rid of a recurring Pyogenic Granuloma that has caused Osteomylitis and amputation of a big toe?

Skin grafts have been attempted as has numerous excisions. Osteomylitis of the bones in the great toe resulted in amputation of the toe.
Wound flap failed and wound has taken 4 months to heal, now is beginning to over granulate again.
No history of diabetes or any other such.

Suggestions or advice appreciated

Have you tried a polyurethane foam dressing?

Harris and Rolstad report the findings of a small clinical trial of a polyurethane foam to treat over granulation:
“Although there is very little in the literature regarding hypergranulation tissue, the fact that there are numerous treatments by various wound clinicians demonstrates the recognition of its presence as a clinical problem. The paucity of published information prompted the authors to design a study to collect objective data on a treatment method they had found useful in their practices. This article explores the issue of hypergranulation and offers a nontraumatic method of management. A prospective non-controlled correlational study was undertaken with ten patients and twelve wounds using a polyurethane foam dressing to reduce hypergranulation tissue. The results demonstrated a significant decrease in height of 2 mm of granulation tissue from initial measurements to measurements taken two weeks later."  (+ info)

just had pyogenic granuloma cut off my face - how to prevent another one ?

Started off as a mosquito bite (though I'm in UK) - turned into a pyogenic granuloma - after three months with the thing bleeding and refusing to heal, just had it cut off - next time I get bitten, is there anything I can do to stop a bit turning into something weird?
Any advice much appreciated.

Pyogenic granuloma is a fleshy, moist or crusty, usually scarlet vascular nodule composed of proliferating capillaries in an edematous stroma.
Most pyogenic granulomas can be removed, but scarring may appear after treatment. Recurrences at the same site are not infrequent.  (+ info)

Has anyone used gentain violet to treat a Umbilical Cord Granuloma? how would i avoid the stained clothes?

I used this for thrush and worked like a charm, but i read it can be used for a Umbilical Cord Granuloma as well. It worked better than the medince from the doctor for both her and me, the thrush was gone in 48 hours.

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What is the Homoeopathic treatment to 'Pyogenic Granuloma' near the chin of an 18 year old girl?

Please give details, including the way to take the medicine.
Thank you so much...

Didn't you speak with the doctor about this when you got the prescription ? he's your best answers, talk to him.  (+ info)

Has anyone ever used silver nitrate sticks on a wound, pyogenic granuloma, or hypertrophic granulation tissue?

Did it successfully clear it up? How often did you use it and how did you apply it?

I have used Silver Cell on a surgical wound and it healed much quicker than regular dressing.  (+ info)

What does a calcified granuloma in the region of the right 1' rib mean?

i had a chest x-ray due to chronic fatigue and this was found. I also had blood test checking my thyroid and was told i had an elevated something in my blood that could be associated with the beginning of lupus!!!! I do not remember exactly what it was called(the elevation).

Just wondering, why ask the yahoos on here when it's your doctor that can give you the answers you need to know? There is no way at all someone on here is going to speculate about something that serious. Especially when you can find out with a phone call.
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