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Anyone had an operation for Hallux rigidus? Was it a success and do you recommend it? Any advice?

I know all about it but I would like to hear form somebody who actually had the operation. Would you go through it again?

if you ask my patients, they'll probably tell you yes. it's a successful surgery for correcting bunions. make sure it's with a foot/ankle surgeon in an orthopaedic practice.  (+ info)

What is the recovery time after Hallux Rigidus/Bone Spur Surgery?

I'm a 33 yr old female who had the hallux rigidus surgery on 07/11/08 on my right foot. The surgeon said it would be about 3-4 day recovery and I would be back on my feet, even playing tennis!!!! It is going into WEEK 5 and still in a lot of discomfort and pain.

I am able to get my foot into a tennis shoe barely. My experiences are swelling and pain whenever I have my foot down for more than a few minutes. It is painful to put weight on my foot, mostly on the ball of my foot, my other toes and the inside of my foot. Doing simple things like the dishes, taking a shower and driving is just terrible. If I'm not doing any of the simple household things, I have my foot elevated. The worst is in the evening because it seems to swell more often. Sometimes, it also feels like my circulation has been cut off.

This was my first week back to work and was pretty challenging getting around. I'm hobbling around without crutches. I'm not sure if it is getting better or worse. I'm doing the exercises of bending my toe back hoping this will help.

Please let me know if anyone has had similar experiences. How much more time it is going to take to be able to walk without limping and feeling pain???? Is there anything I can do to speed up the recovery time? Please help!!!

You have something wrong there. I had my right foot done about a month ago and it is fine and dandy. I just had my left foot done on August 1 and other than it feeling like I have a big bruise on my heel I am fine. If you have swelling and all that other stuff going on you need to talk to your doctor that operated on you. Mine is great.   (+ info)

Hallux Rigidus sugery results?

Hi, i have a very large bone spur & the whole hallux rigidus thing going on in my big toe.

And i am very interested in having the surgery, but all i keep reading about is the horror stories about how it doesn't work & the recovery time is really long.

I would like to know if anyone has any experiences with this surgery, are you happy with it? how long was the recovery period for you? and would you do it again if you had to go back and make the decision?

thank you.
oh i am 19.

i legit have the medical problems of an 80 year old woman though.

I wish I knew your age for it will make a difference. First as you know hallux rigidus is a stiff great toe. The question that I would like to know is if there is any movement? If so then it is a limitus and more likely to be treated without surgery. In either case seeing a podiatrist will help. First get orthodics made the key to this is to raise the first metatarsal. This will allow more motion to occur at the joint and will help to relieve the pain. Get shoes that have a wide enough toe box and have your feet measured by someone that knows what they are doing not some kid or employee that just works at a shoe store. For pain relief soak the foot in either warm soaks or cold which ever gives you the most relief provided that there is no circulation problems. If you are old enough and would consider it then talk to a podiatrist about a joint replacement. That would end the pain and give you permanent relief and movement. Also stay out of high heel shoes.  (+ info)

Could I have hallux rigidus?

Here are the symptoms I read about

* Pain in the joint when you are active, especially as you push-off on the toes when you walk

* Swelling around the joint

* A bump, like a bunion or callus, that develops on the top of the foot

* Stiffness in the great toe and an inability to bend it up or down

I have only the first symptom, my right big toe hurts sometimes when I take a step, only at a certain angle. It bends and moves fine, no swelling or bumps. I am 25 and do not run or do anything else to cause undue stress to my feet.

I know the best thing is to see a podiatrist, but I can't afford to, so any answers would be appreciated

Sounds as if you have hurt you great toe or have arthritis setting in . You would have to produce all of the above symptoms to have hallux rigidous. Self diagnosis is a terrible thing and can lead to many phobias.  (+ info)

Now i have to undergo for an hallux valgus correction operation .?

Doctor wrote all tests. But ECG is not good it seems. When ECG is not good, can they do operation or they postpone for ecg treatment? How many days it take for ECG recovery? Please help.

It depends on how abnormal the ECG is. They may want to do a cardiac stress test to see if there are any blocked arteries that may affect the risk of your surgery.  (+ info)

Any exercise suggestions for someone who had bunion(hallux valgus) surgery?

Especially for the muscles in their legs, other than swimming.

And they can't walk much so stuff they can do at home while sitting or on the floor.
They are 25 years old.

Try doing a steady routine with ankel weights on.  (+ info)

best way to reduce the pain of halux rigidus?

i am 30 and it has started this year in one joint on my left foot. It has been checked out and the chiropodist said it was due to high arches. I dont like the thought of being in pain daily for the rest of my days and it also makes me walk funny, any advice??

get custom orthotics made for your shoes and be sure to wear a good shoe. Flip flops and sandals are usually a bad idea if you are trying to avoid the pain from hallux rigidus. The custom orthotics are a bit pricey but some insurance companies do reimburse for them. Check with your insurance company and contact your local foot doctor for a referral to an orthotics company.  (+ info)

What is this whitish spot on my hallux?

On both of my thumb toes, there's a little swollen spot on the sides facing the middle. It doesn't hurt at all, but it's been there for about 2 months maybe. Is this normal? Is it caused by too much running or something?

Here's a pic in case I'm not being clear:

it is a callus. They get confused a lot with Plantar warts, especially on the feet. Soak feet in warm water with epsions salt for 10 to 15 minutes then scrub with pumas stone or foot file. over several days it will go away.
Possible complications include worsening and this actually does become rather painful and can feel like a stone bruise. At the point where yours is though, very easily treated as above.  (+ info)

My hallux (big toe) is quite longer than my other toes?

I have no idea what you call this as the second toe being longer is more commonly known online, my second toe is 2 and half cm and my hallux is 4cm (I'm a size 5 UK), is this rare or just less commonly known and if you saw someones feet like this (my feet aren't ugly) would you think they were ugly or not notice?
Club foot or CTEV, is where you're born with your feet inwards (my nephew has this)

its normal. i have the opposite effect. my hallux is shorter than the rest of my toes. no one is going to care enough about your feet to let it determine whether want to be friends or your lover so dont let it get to you. =)  (+ info)

What is bunion and hallux valgus? What are the causes? What are the treatments?

Hallux valgus is a condition when the big toe of the foot called the hallux starts to deviate inward towards the direction of the little toe. As the big toe drifts over into valgus, a bump starts to develop on the inside of the big toe over the metatarsal bone. This bone prominence on the inner edge for the metatarsal is referred to as a bunion.

Bunions are generally hereditary but wearing footwear that is too tight or causing the toes to be squeezed together is undoubtedly the main contributing factor for the cause of bunions and hallux valgus.

The treatment of a bunion depends entirely on how uncomfortable it is. The initial goal of treatment options is to relieve pressure on the bunion and any symptoms that may be present and to halt or slow the progression of the joint deformity. There is no effective way of getting rid a bunion without surgery.

For more information visit www.orthopaedicclinic.com.sg  (+ info)

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