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How long does hand foot and mouth disease last?

I am 14. I think I might have hand foot and mouth disease. I have small blisters on my hands, a few small ones on my feet, and my mouth is full of sores. How long does this last? Am I safe to go to school? Is there anyway to subside the pain? Help. ):
I have let my parents know. I am supposed to be leaving for an East Coast trip for school in 2 days. Should I go?

You are not safe to go to school and this usually has about a 7-10 day duration. Other's can catch this from you. You need to be taking some tylenol or ibuprofen (motrin/advil) regularly until you are well.  (+ info)

Is it possible to contract hand foot & mouth disease from dog faeces?

I suffered from Hand Foot and Mouth disease 2 years ago and I’ve just started getting the blisters on my hand and some small ulcers in my mouth. I’m living with an unhousetrained dog who’s owner leaves me to clean up her poo.

Could this be where I’m getting the infection from?

Thanks, i thought that was the case but I just thought I'd check just in case.


HFMD is caused by an enterovirus called coxsackievirus A16. Oral ingestion is the primary source of infection. It can be carried in oral and nasal secretions, saliva, blister drainage and infected stool BUT it's a HUMAN syndrome. It can also be transmitted by lack of handwashing and then transferring the virus to the mouth. HFMD is not transmitted between humans and animals.  (+ info)

Can a child get both hand foot and mouth disease and strep throat at the same time?

My 4 year old's school has hand foot and mouth disease going around and I am still getting over strep. She just developed a little rash on her checks and she starting to get a sore throat. I was just wandering if it's possible to get both at the same time and how bad could it be. I am just a single dad who probably worries too much any help is appreciated.

If she has started to develop a rash (particularly on the cheeks) & complains of a sore throat then she likely has hand foot and mouth. It can cause a terrible sore throat. There are usually small lesions in the mouth & on the palate also. The lesions on the palms & soles may or may not be present.

Is it POSSIBLE for her to have both at the same time? Yep. But I wouldn't let the doc just throw an antibiotic at you. Ask for a strep screen. If its negative then just wait out the hand foot & mouth & use plenty of Motrin & Tylenol.  (+ info)

Is it common to be able to get hand foot and mouth disease twice within a couple months?

My 13 month old had hand foot and mouth disease about 2 months ago. I had read some information stating that children normally don't get hand foot mouth disease again once they've had it. I was very surprised to realize yesterday and then confirmed by our pediatrician that she has it again. Is this common to experience this multiple times in such a short period? This is not fun!!!

this may help.

Factors That Increase the Chance for Infection or Disease
Everyone who has not already been infected with an enterovirus that causes HFMD is at risk of infection, but not everyone who is infected with an enterovirus becomes ill with HFMD.
HFMD occurs mainly in children under 10 years old but can also occur in adults. Children are more likely to be at risk for infection and illness because they are less likely than adults to have antibodies to protect them. Such antibodies develop in the body during a person’s first exposure to the enteroviruses that cause HFMD.

Note here:
Infection results in immunity to (protection against) the specific virus that caused HFMD. A second case of HFMD may occur following infection with a different member of the enterovirus group.  (+ info)

How long does it take for signs of hand foot and mouth disease to show and what are they?

My daughter goes to daycare and another kid had hand foot and mouth disease! It's been about 1 week and she has no signs, she does have 1 small blister on her hand,but I'm not sure what that is (it could be an ant bite or something minor) does anyone know what the signs are and how long it takes for them to show??

We are going through this right now with our 2 kids. My son was exposed last week, 1st week of school, and started showing red spots in his mouth on Saturday. He was fevering and achy before that for a few days. My daughter just started with the red spots today, Monday. Check your daughter's mouth for small red spots. I think each kid gets it to a different degree. My son just has a few small bumps on his hands. If it's been more than a week and no signs of it you might be ok!  (+ info)

when can my child with hand foot and mouth disease go back to daycare?

My daughter had the breakout of a rash on her face about a week ago and this morning she woke up with blisters on her hands and feet and in her mouth, obviously hand foot and mouth disease. However, she has no fever and there is no doctors today as it is a holiday, does anyone know when she can return to daycare?

probably when they all go away.. the blisters and rashes.. dont send her to school until she has seen a doctor though.. she could develop a fever, u want to keep an eye on her until you know for sure-from a doctor- that she is ok  (+ info)

Can my husband and I be a carrier of the hand foot and mouth disease?

My sons three year old cousin just found out that he has the hand foot and mouth disease. We were around him three days ago and not sure if out 2 year old or our 2 1/2 month old has it at all. I was just wondering it any of us could be a carrier of the disease without knowing if any of us have it.

lol thts the funniest thing i have heard here foot and mouth disease affects cattles i think , yes both of ur cattles , and if am wrong just see this as my Ignorance :)  (+ info)

Can you my Son have hand mouth and foot disease again?

My son had a bad case of hand mouth and foot disease three months ago. Recently my daughter had a fever and mouth sores which my son now has also. The sore are no where else, just the tongue and gums. My doctor thinks it could be caused by the herpes virus, but my friends son had the exact same symptoms and was diagonosed with hand mouth and foot disease. So my question is whether or not my Son could have gotten it again, since he does not have lesions along the outside of mouth that look like herpes.

I will seek a second opinion. Knowing your son's friend has hand/mouth/foot disease and he had it once before, my bet will be he contacted it again or perhaps never thoroughly got rid of it.   (+ info)

can you just have hand foot and mouth disease in the mouth?

I was just diagnosed with hand foot and mouth disease. But i have had symptoms that I noticed 5 days ago; which were the spots in my mouth. But its supposed to be on my hands and feet aswell. I dont have the fever either. So what I am asking is; do you really think that its hand foot and mouth disease if i only have it in my mouth?

yes you can.

most people I know get it from their kids, and yes, you can have it only in the mouth.
or only on hands/feet/
its random.
not fun.
feel better  (+ info)

Does anyone have any information on hand foot and mouth disease?

My 13 month old baby got hand foot and mouth, and it is finally clearing up. Now my 3 year old son is showing signs of it as well. I was wondering if they will just keep passing this back and forth to each other or if it would be over with after just 1 round a peice.

Its commen, my sisters grandkids had it,no I don`t think they will keep passing it back and forth, my granddaughter had something like it, and her big brother didn`t get it, but it too a while for hers to go away, she had it about 2 weks I think.  (+ info)

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