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Does anybody here have any hand deformities?

I have a deformed hand and I only have 4 fingers (it kind of looks like a crab or whatever), but 2 of my fingers r nubs, and then my pinky is twisted sideways and can't be straighten and then I have a thumb, so the finger I'm missing is my index finger. I can do most of the things everybody else can do including writting with my hand.
The reason I ask this question is because I am in a Child Developments class at my school and we are researching about birth defects and I asked to research hand deformities (including researching about my deformed hand), so I would like to know if there's anyone on here that has a hand deformity, and if they could tell me about it and how it's like to have that deformity.

Downs Syndrom most often has crooked pinky fingers.. cant straighten out.. just always bent..

also look up thalidimide babies.. common drug in the late 40 to help with pregnancies.. caused deformities.  (+ info)

Does wearing a herps appliance cause facial deformities?

My 11 year old daughter is sheduled to have an oral appliance placed prior to having braces. According to the orthodontist, she has a "small mouth" and an overbite requiring them to expand her mouth. I am worried that this appiance will cause her jaw to grow out too much and cause her appearance to change. On the other hand, the alternative is to remove some permanent teeth in order to make room. Would appreciate any comments.

There are two factors to consider here. Will the effect of the appliance change her face shape, and does this have to matter? On the other hand, will a small mouth with fewer teeth give her a better life as an adult?

I think that the changes in the face will happen slowly, and modification of the appliance and the braces, if watched carefully, (and I can't imagine that this will NOT happen), can avoid any unsightly alterations to the shape of her head, and perhaps give her mouth a stronger framework.
She is young, and the skeleton is still flexible enough to adapt to the changes. I think it's up to you to help her adapt to the discomfort and the reactions of her peers.
From a purely medical viewpoint, I think that although the changes may be uncomfortable in the short term, and I understand that "short" means something entirely different to an eleven year old than it does to an adult, she will have a stronger and more adaptable mouth and head because of it. "Ugly Betty" syndrome might just be a plus if you still have that character on TV and movies where you are.

I am speaking from experience here, as our 30 year old had the same experience at the same age, with no adverse results whatever.

Whichever way you choose, you'll have some serious nurturing to do in the next few years, and you have my admiration for taking this on.  (+ info)

Masturbation frequently results in penis deformities?

I read an article that made the above statement, and

"Usually in the vast majority of the cases, the bend curves opposite of the mans dominant hand side, leading one to think about the physics involved in the act of masturbation."

I noticed that my bf has a bent p*. I am just curious if it is really true. You guys, does your penis bend to the left if you are right-handed, or the other way around? (I am assuming you mast* as they say all guys do...) Thanks for sharing!

I can't imagine that anyone yanks it hard enough, often enough to make a difference.  (+ info)

What are possible treatments for osteoarthritis of hand joints?

Iv'e had surgery for my knees, but haven't been able to stop or slow down deformity and pain in my finger joints. I would appreciate others with osteoarthritis replying with suggestions

I'm so sorry. I have the same thing. The only thing you can do is try to keep your hands active as much as possible. I can't play tennis, can't play my cello, but I can still play on my computer! Some of the joints (like the thumb) can be replaced but from the research I have done, they seem pretty Medieval compared to what they can do for your knees and hips. Eat anti inflammatory foods like cherries (fresh or juice) and the spice turmeric. Stretch your wrists and fingers 1-2 times a day.  (+ info)

What are some common baby deformities and their causes?

I'm aware that many babies nowadays are being born without thumbs, especially if an older sibling was killed in a freak accident.

What are some other baby deformities that you've encountered?

-Occult Consultant

Gril Babby not fittin on riet. Legs danglin inna coles.  (+ info)

Can Relapse of braces cause jaw deformities during puberty?

Can Relapse of braces cause jaw deformities for a kid( during puberty) that has worn them half way thru but then took them off himself and refuses to wear them again?

what yer goin on about sister?  (+ info)

whats the difference between a hand blender and a hand mixer?

can i still use the hand blender when making cookies?

because the recipe says to cream the butter with the hand mixer but i only have a hand blender. is it okay if i use the hand blender instead?

a hand mixer has two beaters that will whip more air into the butter and sugar while you are creaming it together

a hand blender is a wand with one changable attachment often used for pureeing soups etc. sometimes called a stab blender.

you will not get quite the same results if you use the blender. I would use a wooden spoon in preference. you need to get the butter changing colour to a very pale yellow, almost white and if you are creaming the butter and sugar together, the sugar needs to be pretty much dissolved.

hope this helps  (+ info)

What makes Alcohol and Hand sanitizer a good cleaning product?

our class did a lab and it turned out that alcohol and hand sanitizer were the best cleaning products for hands. Bleach was the worst cleaning product. Why did this happen? What is in alcohol and/or hand sanitzer that makes them a better cleaning product for hands that is not in bleach?

Not sure where this was done, but I took a Microbiology class with Prof. McCutcheon at Massasoit Community College & hand sanitizer actually just brings whatever germs/bacteria,etc. to the surface & it stays there til you actually wash them off. It's more dangerous. It's better to use soap & warm water; it's the friction that helps get rid of things. It's the chemical make-up of alcohol that makes it so good. I highly recommend you speak with a Chemistry teacher or professor for that. I also recommend Dr. Marganian at Bridgewater State College, who is a great Chemistry professor.  (+ info)

How do I break my habit of curling my hand round my pen when I write?

"It can be difficult for left-handed children to learn to write if the teacher does not take the student's left-handedness into account. When properly done, left-handed writing is a mirror image to that of the right-hander, making the teaching process confusing for the teacher (if right-handed) of a left-handed student. The result is that many left-handed people learn to write with their hand curled around the pen so that it can meet the paper at the same angle as the right hander, rather than simply tilt the paper the opposite way. Once this habit is formed, it is difficult to break. This curling of the hand results in the heel of the palm being placed behind the writing, forcing the writer to lift it off the paper and making the grip even more awkward. When the left hand is held correctly, it is below the writing, as is typical for right-handers."
I have thhis problem and I'm 15 years old, how can I break this habit?

I'm left-handed and I do exactly the same thing. I honestly don't think it's a big deal, unless you're handwriting is terrible. Get your friends - if you sit next/near them, in most classes, to tell you. If all else fails, try writing out lines with your mom or dad or guardian to tell you if you're curling your hand. Some people are just born that way, though.

I've heard you can get special "grips" (I used to have them). I guess they work for some people (although I wound up putting them in the trash in frustration). Try looking into them.  (+ info)

What are good hand creams, I would like to soften my hands and make them look younger?

I need to know about any hand treatments as well as creams. Creams are all I would think to use.
may some other people would have other suggestions and knowledge about cosmetic treatments for
for the hands.

"Neutrogena"!!! It`s the best hand cream..I use it for many years and I`m satisfied a lot:)  (+ info)

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