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Has anyone heard of "hand arm vibration syndrome"?

Other wise nown as H.A.V.S or white finger,what are the symtoms,and can it be cured?

Vibration white finger (VWF) is a secondary form of Raynaud's disease, an industrial injury triggered by continuous use of vibrating hand-held machinery. Vibration white finger is the vascular component hand-arm vibration syndrome or HAVS.  (+ info)

hand arm syndrome vibration where to go for medical tried my doc no joy?

how did you get your diagnosis if your doctor is not interested?
are you just guessing that's what it is?
the only way to a specialist is through your doctor he/she is the only person that can refer you.
if your not happy change your g.p  (+ info)

hand arm syndrome vibration need private examination how much?


It sounds like youv'e had too much hand arm syndrome vibration to me. Give it up or you'll go blind!!!!!  (+ info)

Is it possible to have carpal tunnel syndrome from carrying my baby for months now? My arm and hand gets numb.

Especially when I breastfeed my baby in lying position, my entire arm becomes numb and painful. I'm also having difficulty moving my thumb. Occasionally my middle and ring finger gets numb (pin and needle sensation) even when Im not carrying her.
Am I having the carpal tunnel syndrome?
What can I do? Im the only caretaker of my baby. Aside from my husband but he works.

Go to your Doctor so you can find out for sure. I had the same problem but it was just a pinched nerve in my upper arm. It was hard to pick up and carry my son with out the worry that my arm would give out. But it didn't. You can try taking a nice hot bath. This way your relaxing not only your arm but your whole body which my help if your stressed.  (+ info)

I suffer bad with the shakes, so why don't i get white finger or anything to do with hand arm vibration?

Get your thyroid checked, when I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism that was one of my symptoms, I couldn't even write my name my hands shook so bad.
Good luck!  (+ info)

This is weird! But,can Carpal Tunnel Syndrome also cause pain all up&down the arm including my wrist&hand,--?

And also cause sharp/shooting pains in my upper chest area above my heart.I do know that I also have the Carpal Tunnel due to my wrist&hand pain and hand always going to sleep.I don't see the Neurologist again until the 28th.Seems like I'm getting worse &worse.The more I use my left hand/arm ect.The worse it gets.So,any advice very appreciated!Thanks

I Know it can cause pain all up and down your arm and also make your hand go to sleep however I do not know if the pain in your chest is due to carpal tunnel syndrome. My mom has carpal tunnel and she did experience all the rest of your symptoms.  (+ info)

Is it really possible to get your hand/arm stuck in a vending machine?

I was watching The Simpsons and Homer got his arm stuck in a vending machine which lead to me wondering if it's really possible to get your hand/arm stuck. I know this sounds silly but I'm curious about it.

Yes it happens on occassion, due to morons!  (+ info)

Why does my right hand/arm go cold and numb?

I am a 15 year old girl. My right hand felt really cold compared to my left then it started to go numb and now i have a prickly feeling that goes up my arm. This is only the second time this has happened and i can't seem to figure out what is triggering it. I was just typing then it went numb. Last time i was just laying down.

Sounds like carpel tunnel syndrome but your way young for that. Go see your doctor and see waht he says.  (+ info)

Is there such a thing as restless arm syndrome?

My left arm from the elbow down has been hurting since last night. The feeling is the same feeling you get when you have restless leg syndrome. Is there such a thing as restless arm syndrome? Or is the pain much worse?

yes! i get it in my legs and arms...it is the same creepy feeling i get in my legs..and i have to stretch my arms...i thought i was the only one!  (+ info)

What toxin would cause your hand & arm if touched to itch, tingle and ache and cause palpitations of heart?

I come in contact with something at one of my workplaces. I don't see anything visible or smell anything but I know something is there. These symptoms immediately occur after contact. Please help, it is a concern and no, I am not paranoid.

Heresect.  (+ info)

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