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Looking for help feeling better with hypothyroidism or Hashimotos.?

I have tried so many things and still I'm tired all the time. I've tried thyroid support pills, coconut oil, and switching to natural thyroid. Although the natural thyroid helped a little it still seems that I'm very sleepy most of the day.

I had the same problem. My hypothyroidism got me to the point that I felt like an ice cube. There was nothing I could really do except drink a warm cup of coffee once a day and play sports regularly. Get into a orginization or something that will excite you. That was all I could do to make the day go fast and energetic. Even now after 10 years, i still feel so tired all the time when i dont have something exciting to do. And would, if i could, sleep all day.  (+ info)

When someone is treated for Hashimotos does the depression still linger?

Although depression can happen with hypothyroidism (and Hashimotos), it can also be unrelated to the thyroid disorder. Stabilization of TSH levels can take up to 6 weeks, thus your Synthroid levels are not rechecked or adjusted until then.

If your TSH has stabilized and your physician feels you are on the correct maintenance dose, you may be experiencing a non-related depression. In any case, it is a good idea to speak to your physician about your feelings and let him/her decide if medication is appropriate.  (+ info)

Who has Hashimotos Thyroiditis and/or Polycystic Ovaries?

I found out this week that I have both but I haven't been to my follow up visit to discuss treatments. What should I expect? Has either of these conditions effected your life alot or are they no big deal with proper treatment. I know what the websites say but I would like to hear from actual people.
And if you could tell me how old you are I would appreciate it. I am 24 so finding out I all of a sudden have 2 conditions that make you feel rotten is not fun, lol.

I am 19 and have polycystic ovaries. So far I haven't had any problems, but I'm trying to have a baby with my husband right now...and we're not having the greatest of luck, but my doctor said that we might have some problems. Birth control pills are a good thing to invest in to keep symptoms at bay, other than that: watch what you eat and workout, and get regular check ups.  (+ info)

does any body know if "Hashimotos Thyroiditism" causes infertility?

I am taking levothyroxine recently but as soon as i started it i got pregnant but ended up a miscarriage. I have been TTC salmost for 3 years and nothing is wrong with me, so i am guessing it is maybe the hashimotos thyroiditis causing this difficult.

I have low thyroid too, I'm not sure if it's Hashimotos or not but I have tested high for antithyroid antibodies so I think probably it is Hashimotos..

I've been asking this question like crazy on all the boards I frequent.. the answer is yes it can affect fertility but yes you can still get pregnant..

my cycles were 41-45 days long with a tsh of 5.45... my synthroid was upped now my cycles are 28 days long, thats a start!!

Next week i go to see a reproductive endocrinologist to see about getting my antibodies down and what I can do to get pregnant..

we're in the same boat fighting the same battle but I've done way too much research and I know we can still get pregnant and carry to term. just might take a little more work then some other ladies...

when you do get pregnant keep an eye on your tsh, if it gets over 2 you could miscarry.. i wish somebody would have told me that last year, i might have a baby right now if I would have known..

good luck and God Bless you!  (+ info)

i have all of the symptoms of anemia... but could hashimotos be the cause instead?

i had bloodwork done a year ago, and i didnt have it then, but could it have formed in that time frame? i have hashimotos, and i was hoping that was the cause of the symptoms, but it seems as if thats not true.
for the record, im 15 years old

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Is Hashimotos an endocrine or auto-immune disorder? I thought it was only the latter! Cushings and Disability?

If Hashimoto's is also an endocrine disorder why? Is chronic fatigue an endocrine disorder as well? Also, does Cushing's Syndrome, ever get bad enough that someone is considered disabled, or is it a manageable disease similar to hypothyroidism?

Yes, hashimoto is an endocrine disorder and also an autoimmune disorder. Autoimmune because it is your own antibodies that attack your thyroid gland resulting to inflammation of your thyroid gland. I think, chronic fatigue as NOT an endocrine disorder, it is only an effect of the disorder, like in instance, when you have hyperthyroidism, which increases the metabolic rate of your body. You tend to tire easily. On the other hand, cushing's prognosis depends on the underlying cause; however, it is poor in cases such as carcinoma where the tumor is the primary source of increased production of hormones. In addition, management to restore hormonal balance and reverse cushing's syndrome may necessitate radiation or drug therapy. Hope i answered your questions..;)  (+ info)

Does a gluten-free diet help someone with Hashimotos thyroiditus?

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what are all the symptoms of Hashimotos disease?

I have hypothyroid disease

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can anyone tell me about the disorder Hashimotos, concerning?

your thyroid?

Hashimoto's is an autoimmune thyroid disorder, which means that your body is making itself sick. Your immune system is fighting your body. OK -- what that means is that your body overproduces Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, which causes the thyroid to underproduce thyroid hormone, which sometimes leads to metabolism slowing down, fatigue, weight gain, depression. Hashimoto's indictes the presence of the Hashimoto antibody in the body, which causes all this nonsense to occur.

So the end result is a hypoactive thyroid. Doctors want you to be level on the thyroid hormone (not too much, not too little) so the "cure" is a daily pill of thyroid replacement hormone, such as Levothyroxine, Synthroid, Levoxyl, etc. It does not hurt, has no side effects, and is on Walmart's $4 list (so you know it is very inexpensive).  (+ info)

Why isnt there any treatment for HASHIMOTOS THYROIDITIS?

??????????????????????????????? i was told i ahve this 4 years ago and evenutally it will BURN off my thyroid gland and now i have symptoms of hypothyroid yet my tsh is normal WHAT DO I DO>????

First of all your disease is an autoimmune disease in which your own body is attcking the thyroid. i have a book called Women and Autoimmune Disease which I suggest you get and it is by Robert G Lahita MD. He says he treats Hashimotos by giving the patient lifelong thyroid hormone replacemnt such as Synthroid. If I understand what i read correctly he believes Hahimotos to be the first sign of more autoimmune disorder like Lupus. You need to see a doctor who knows what is going on. If you are not being treated in this manner you must seek another Rheumatologist because as I have said other autoimmune disorders ride alongside the obvious ones in some instances!   (+ info)

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