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What are ways you can make your head and neck hurt less when wearing a football helmet?

I was wearing my football helmet during practice today, and it seems like every day i go to practice, my head hurts or neck hurts because of the helmet. I usually take off my helmet for a little bit, which helps, but my coach always yells at me to put it back on. Is there anything i can do to make it so my head and neck hurt less?

Do exercises to build up your neck and shoulder muscles and before you put the helmet on make sure you have stretched properly including neck muscles. You are hurting because your head is not used to supporting the weight of a helmet on your head. A foot ball helmet can weigh as much as 6-8 pounds. if you are a younger or smaller player this could be as much as 3 to 5% of your body weight. This amount of weight will take some time for your body to adjust to.
Ask your coach, trainer, or doctor for some exercises to help you out.  (+ info)

What causes throbbing pain that originates in neck but shoots into head and eye?

I have a sharp pain in my neck that seems to "shoot" into my head. It's like a mixture between a sinus headache and neck pain, but only on the right side of my head.

I have been in pain for more than 2 weeks. I thought it would go away, but I don't even know what kind of doctor to go to.

It could be a tension headache, but the neck pain worries me.
I'll give you some warning signs to look for:
Pain behind the eye
Dilated pupils
Behavior changes
Inability to focus
What you could classify as the "worst headache of your life"
These are symptoms of a ruptured cerebral aneurysm, which is extremely life-threatening.
An aneurysm that has not ruptured can cause pain, slurred speech, confusion, certain stroke symptoms...
If this pain has been going on for two weeks, I would definitely go to the emergency room to get a CT scan.
Headaches can be benign, or they can be killers.
You have what is characterized as a secondary headache, meaning that it may be organic in origin.

Colin B.
(M.D, PhD)
Internal Medicine  (+ info)

How do you exercise the neck muscles that controls moving the head to look around?

I have a disability called cerebral palsy, and I often experience muscle spasms stemming from my neck. This results in a very uncomfortable involuntary head shaking. I was wondering if there are some exercises I could do to build up the neck muscles to lessen the spasms.

The muscle group that I am talking about is just below our hairline from the upper regions of our neck. The only workable excessive that I've found so far is by putting a weight on the top of my head, bending my torso forwards around 45 degrees and moving my head backwards and forwards.

I would really appreciate it if any body has any more suggestions for exercises.

Try taking a yoga class, this will improve the overall function of your muscles.

Also, my Chiropractor gave me a neck exercise when I pulled my muscles:
Shrug your shoulders and while they are up, tilt your head back. Hold for 5 seconds. Repeat 10 times, and do as often as you'd like.

The best thing I would recommend for your is physical therapy. I was having chronic headaches and neck pain and I went to my son's Feldenkrais PT (he has CP) and after 4 months, I no longer have neck pain or headaches. Feldenkrais is different than traditional PT and it works really well for people with CP.

Good luck.  (+ info)

What could pain in the back of my head and neck be?

I've been getting extremely bad headaches recently, and very frequent. But about a week ago I've been getting unbearable pain on the two notches of my lower head all the way down my neck to my shoulders. Im not sleeping in weird positions so i know its not that. Ive tried several medications, in high doses too, and nothing seems to work.

sounds like tension. Have you tried Excedrin tension headache pills? Also, if you could have someone massage that area really good and see it helps.  (+ info)

What would cause pain to shoot trough the carotid artery in the neck to the head?

This hasn't happened to me recently but a few months ago it did. I would get a very sharp but quick pain from what seems to be my left carotid artery leading from my neck to my head. Does anyone know what would cause this?

These are more common than people know. I've had them myself. Sometimes it can be cause by a pinched nerve in the neck. Nerve endings are all over the body, so if one is pinched it can travel somewhere else in your body. It's nothing to worry about, but if it keeps bothering you please see your doctor.  (+ info)

What happens if you do an acrobatic flip and land on your neck and the rest of your crushes your head?

Like what are the symtoms, if your neck is flat on the ground, and you pull up your body and your body crushes your head and neck?

the symptoms for this injury is not good your will probably be a quadriplegic(paralyzed from neck down). or you will be very sore or dead.  (+ info)

After shaving my head, I get this red irritation on the back of my neck. How do I get rid of this?

I am directing this question mostly to people who actually shave their head or know someone who does. I have been shaving my head for a good seven months or so now, and I have not been able to find a solution to clear up this irritation I get on the back of my neck, right where the head and neck joins. It's kind of like a rash with bumps, sometimes even producing whiteheads. This skin ONLY gets irritated on the neck area; no where else on my head breaks out. I have done everything I have read to try and prevent this, but nothing seems to work. I have used over-the-counter razor bump treatments, I used Aloe Vera gel everyday, I have tried using face cleanser on it, I bought a whole line of Neutrogena for men razor creams and skin healers, but NOTHING works. I always use a fresh, sharp razor, I shave most often in the shower under warm water, and I use shaving gel for sensitive skin. My head would look perfect if not for that redness on the neck. Anyone who can help I'd appreciate it.
I'm not really too eager to try any more products unless someone can atest to the fact that they actually work in this situation. The guy recomending the Tend Skin product seems pretty confident, but I'm still not confident this product would work, as NO others have. Also, I DO shave my head against the grain, which may or may not be the primary cause of the irritation I am getting. Shaving with the grain just doesn't shave close enough and you can feel all the stubble when you rub your hand in the opposite direction of the grain. It's not smooth all over, it's half smooth, half stubbly. There's also too much shadow in my opinion. Appreciate the answers so far, but I still haven't heard from anyone with first-hand experience.

Tend Skin Liquid Aftershave

been using it on my neck area for about 3 years now... Tend Skin is the best product for shaving... period. It's really powerful stuff though, so make sure not to overdo it (it can be tempting).

Apply it using a cotton pad, and only coat the area ONCE with it (your skin WILL peel excessively if you overdo it). and make sure the area is DRY before applying it. Your neck will clear up within days, if not overnight.

Search Tend Skin Aftershave for more information and specific instructions for use. i buy mine from Bargain Side (linked below). they sell it cheap.

and also, always shave with the grain, and shave SLOWLY. that may just clear up the bumps on its own. best of luck

EDIT: A lot of people use Tend Skin to treat razor bumps. Those who don't use it are the ones who still have the bumps.

I think the problem is that you shave against the grain. Shaving with the grain should give you an extremely close shave... use the Mach 3 razor, if you don't already, and let ur shave gel soat in for at least 3 minutes before you shave... but if you really are insistent on going against the grain, you're gonna need Tend Skin aftershave even more, because shaving that way REALLY irritates the skin...

and you don't have folliculitis, its just razor bumps/ingrown hairs... also, you can comprimise and first shave with the grain, then shave it sideways to get even closer, that's the way i do it...  (+ info)

Can a pinched nerve in your neck cause shooting pains when you turn your head and cause tingling?

Sometimes when I turn my head I get shooting pains that go up into my head and cause a numbing and tingling feeling in my neck and head. Can a pinched nerve cause that and how can I stop this from happening, it really hurts.

Yes, a pinched nerve can present with those symptoms. I would see a good chiropractor because they handle this stuff every day.

Generally, most medical doctors will handle these symptoms with painkillers or cortisone injections, neither of which actually address what is causing the problem. A thorough chiropractic exam will determine what is happening and non invasive chiropractic therapies can really help, if not resolve this problem for you.

Good luck!  (+ info)

Why do I experience extremely sharp pain in my head, neck, and ears during flights?

After a short flight of about one hour I awoke suddenly with extremely sharp pain running from the base of my neck to my head and my ears....The pain was almost unbearable almost to the point were I alerted a flight attendant. Now about ten hours later my ears and head are still hurting.

Sounds like an ear infection. Or trapped wax.
go to the store and get some Debrox and rinse your ears out using with water using a baby syringe and warm water.

I have it happen alot.  (+ info)

What is the name of the condition in which the neck cannot support the head? Is it curable?

Neck so weak, it cannot support the head sufficiently. I Saw this condition in a baby of about two years old.

One possible cause is Myasthenia Gravis, a neurological condition where the chemical message to the muscle from the neuron (the nerve cell from the brain) is interrupted at the synapse (the tiny space at the junction between the two). This means that the muscle doesn't get a strong enough order to move, or in this case, to be tense enough to hold the head up. MG can happen at any age, but it is rarer in young children, so this is just a long shot possible explanation.  (+ info)

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