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What are these small round lumps on the back of my head and one on the neck that are underneath the skin?

The one on my neck that is located near my spine and shoulder is causing my arm to become sore. The one on my head is near the scalp and isn't causing much pain besides some mild headaches. I had a rash on the back of my neck that I have no real cause for yet. I would just like to know someones opinion on what this might be.

Tumors.  (+ info)

Why do I feel my pulse in my head and neck after I exercise?

After I run or do exercise, I a really really hard pulse in my neck up to my head. It is very annoying! It's not just the normal pounding you sometimes feel in your fingers. It is insanely hard! What is this and how can i stop it?

Do you get headaches during this time? If so, the answer I am giving you WILL NOT apply and you need to visit a physician ASAP. If not, then its completely normal and this vascular response happens to all mamals.

As you exercise, your body is demanding more nutrients and oxygen and thus, your vascular system must deliver it. As you sustain a heavy workout, your breathing is faster (oxygenating the blood faster) and your heart rate is lets say a heart rate of 140 beats per minute. Your systolic and diastolic pressures are also elevated during this phase.

your arteries are like hoses but with elasticity (they are smooth muscles). As your heart is pumping faster and at a higher pressure, your arteries pulse with the ejection of the blood from the ventricle and into the aortic arch. Your carotid arteries originate at the aortic arch and extend into your neck will expand and then constrict as the heart pumps. Same thing goes for the arteries in your head, brain and everywhere else.

Turn on a garden hose (nozzle closed) on a hot summer day. As the pressure from the spigot enters the hot hose (need it hot so it will be elastic), you will see it jump and slightly expand. Release pressure from the nozzle and you will see the hose constrict. This is sort of like how your heart works in respect to pressure. Hope this helps!  (+ info)

Should I be concerned if I feel an electrical shock in my neck and head?

Two days ago, I fell on my head, and my body weight fell on it. My neck bent completely and cracked painfully. The next day and today, I've been having a feeling like an electrical zap in the left side of my neck when I turn my head to the right. Is this of any concern? Or will the problem go away on its own soon?


It sounds like it could be swelling that is pinching a nerve. Try putting ice on it and taking an anti-inflammatory to reduce the swelling. If it doesnt get better in a couple of days or gets worse, then you need to see a Dr.  (+ info)

How to get rid of a kink in my neck? My head is always at a tilt now and its been months?

I have had a kink in my neck for about 6 months on the left side. I think its from sleeping on my stomach with my head turned right for so long and from stress. Ive been threw alot of changes in my life so the stress is finally going down now and i have trouble sleeping in different ways? is there any tips or anything else i can do to fix this.

My recommendation is to go to a chiropractor.  (+ info)

How can I prevent from straining my neck when I lay my head on my boyfriend's chest?

Whenever I am laying right next to or cuddling with my boyfriend and I lay my head on his chest my neck starts to really hurt... We'll be laying on the grass or on the ground and he'll put his arm around me while we're laying there so naturally I want to put my head on his shoulder or chest, but my neck starts hurting and it just kinda ruins the moment...what can I do to prevent this?

  (+ info)

Shooting pain in my neck and head when I coughed?

I've been sick with the flu and have been coughing a lot. When I coughed I felt a strange sensation on the left side of my neck and shooting pain up to the left side of my head. Then it pulsated there. I have a slight headache and my neck feels a little tender. Overall it just doesn't feel right. Could it just be the symptoms of the flu? Should I be concerned and see a doctor? Any suggestions?

It sounds like you may have pulled a muscle, probably from coughing so much but you should see a doc just to be sure  (+ info)

What could make me feel like my head and neck are swelling?

I am 41 years old and I feel hot in my neck and head, it's almost like they are swelling up. If I lie down it subsides a bit but tends to make me very anxious and causes my heart to race. I don't have health insurance and I can't afford to go to the doctor's-Gotta love the U.S.

Infection in your sinuses, or maybe your ear(s), would be my best guess.  (+ info)

What is the ball shaped parts of the back of your head just above the neck?

If you follow the neck up toward the top of the head, you will reach those before you reach the middle of the head. Are these sinuses? Muscles? Bones? I don't know, but I have the flu, and I have some really wicked pain in them....help!!!
Thank you everyone! I didn't want to overreact and run to the ER...thanks!

It's called the occipital bone and what you seem to be suffering from is called occipital neuralgia, a distinct type of headache characterized by piercing, throbbing, or electric-shock like chronic pain. It is caused by trauma to the back of the head, a pinched nerve, compression of the nerve due to osteoarthritis, tumor, or other lesions in the neck, inflammation or infection, gout, diabetes, blood vessel inflammation or lengthy periods of keeping the head in a downward and forward position.

To relieve these symptoms you will need a therapy involving heat, rest, anti-inflammatory medicines and muscle relaxants.  (+ info)

How can I heal and help my sore head, neck, and back?

Okay yeah so today at the park my friends and I were goofing around, and I got push backwards in to one of those metal poles that holds the swing sets into the ground. The bottom of my head, my neck and back hit it hard and now I am soar. What can I do to help myself heal from that? I am a guy and 15 as if that makes a difference anyways. Thanks for your answers in advance.

Get in tub of hot water and soak these areas and then if still hurt put a heating pad on areas and try to relax some this will cause more pain if run around and be silly  (+ info)

Is it serious to get hit hard in the back of the head near the neck?

While I was playing with my friend, he accidently hit me in the back of my head close to the neck and I have a big headache. It's been a day and night already since the incident by I am worried if anything serious could happen. I have a real bad headache. Any docs out there could give me a heads up. Appreciated!

Any blow to the head can be serious.
Go get checked out by a doctor to make sure everythings ok.
You may be concust although you don't have any other symptoms at all.
Dont replace medical advice with yahoo answers please!!!

Good luck!  (+ info)

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