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When you tighten the muscles in your neck and your head shakes somewhat, what muscles are becoming taut?

I have always wondered what muscles are affected when you basically tighten up your neck muscles and it causes your head to shake subtly. In addition, are there any consequences to doing that?

Go here to look at a picture of the muscles:


You can figure it out from there.:)  (+ info)

I have a stiff neck located at the base of my neck. I can not move my head at all. How can fix this quick?

The pain seems to be located at the base of my neck, and its making moving my head around impossible. I can't move it side to side, or up and down. Is there anything I can do besides heat to make the pain go away faster?

Doans (Medication - otc) works well for this. I sometimes wake up like this and It works pretty well.

Heat does help relieve the muscles, so does a hand held massager.  (+ info)

Why is my neck popping before I turn my head?

What would make my neck pop as I move my head from a tilted position but it pops before I move my head? And if I push on my head my neck make a strange sound with popping and grinding?

That happened to me a few months ago. The muscles in my neck were so tight that they were popping when I moved them. The best advice I can give is to relax more and get a good massage.  (+ info)

Why does the left side of my moms neck and head hurt?

My mom has recently been having pains in her chest. She said that the left side of her head and neck are hurting. Why?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get her to a doctor. Chest pains and any pain anywhere on the left side from the jaw to the fingertips are classic signs that something could be terribly wrong. She can go and find out what's wrong and at the very least she can go and find out that nothing is wrong. Either way it is better to be safe than sorry. If you can't get her to go, you can always call 911. You just might save her life.  (+ info)

Why do i feel alot of pressure in my head and my neck hurt?

For the past few weeks i have felt a lot of pressure in my head and my neck and shoulders have hurt. The muscles in my neck are just painful. I dont mean just the lower part of my neck i mean my entire neck. Does anybody know why?

My dad had the same problem. It could be posture. But the main reason is that there is a lot of pressure on your neck muscles and it goes up to your head and down to your shoulders and are causing this pain.  (+ info)

tin foil against filling feeling in the side of head and sometimes neck. What is it?

sometimes I get a pain in the side of my neck or head that feels like when you put tinfoil on a metal filling. It seems to happen randomly for 1-3 seconds and is rare.

ive had it for quite a few years but never got around to mentioning it to my doctor.because I forget considering its so rare.

I thought I'd quickly ask you guys before I ask my doctor.

You could be having issues with your jaw such as related to TMJ Syndrome (an example only). I would recommend checking with your dentist as well to see what they say.  (+ info)

Who has heard of new cancer in head and neck?

I read internet article from england.
It said doctors have found new cancer in head and neck.
Guess what its related to oral sex.
Everyone should know this.
New cases are rising in alarming rates.
I personally believe its God's judgment on human race b/c of sexual immorality and laws condoning it.
The whole USA will be infected with it and other perverse diseases.
There is no cure for it. People lungs fill with blood and they suffocate to death.
I" m moving to France. USA getting to gross for me.

Nothing surprising, these are the end time diseases foretold in Luke 21:11 "There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven."

However, where can you run to? Immorality is now widespread and God's judgement is surely coming, nay is already here upon the whole world.
Most importantly is that we live our lives in obedience to God's laws and guidance.  (+ info)

My neck cracks often when i nod & turn my head & I get chronic headaches that are relieved briefly afterwards?

My neck cracks maybe 20 times a day with a turn or a nod, I usually have a head ache all day as well. My headaches become briefly released when my neck cracks but starts back up within minutes or seconds. I have gone to my doctor and he said my neck seemed fine and to see a masseuse, which i cant afford and i don't have insurance coverage for massages at the moment.

I have had the same problem on and off for many years.
Mine also were relieved briefly after a 'crack'.

There was nothing wrong with my neck.

Just a few months ago it started doing it again. With stiffness at the base of my head and sickening headaches that I could not get rid of. They stayed all day.

Finally I went to the dreaded Chiropractor.
BUT no crunching or cracking was done at all.
All he did was test my responses to places he pushed on different areas of my back and neck and thens massaged thins area for about 30 seconds. He did about 7 different spots.
I walked away for the first time in many, now months, without any pain, cracking or headache.
That was a few weeks ago and still no problem.

It turned out my pelvis NOT neck was out.

If you can get some cash together and get an appointment with a Chiropractor they could help you.
I am scared of Chiropractor's because of their reputation but have now changed my mind.
It could be your pelvis or lower back out.

I hope you can get some help soon.  (+ info)

What can cause bad headaches/painful pulling at the back of the head/neck?

I'm 20 years old and I get very bad headaches/pain at the back of my head every so often. Sometimes I'll just be doing something when I feel this great painful pulling sensation at the back of my headache, near my neck. It stays for a couple of minutes before dulling and disappearing. But it keeps happening and I don't know what causes them or why. Should I see a doctor? Or is this just me being too stressed/tired?

A back-of-the-head and near-neck pain can be called a "cluster headache", especially if it expandes and is in several radiating areas. I had them for 3 years straight, and it was living hell, for real.
One doctor diagnosed it as "Cervical spinal migraines" and I think he was making it up and was wrong. We tried 2 diff. types of pain-killing minimally-invasive surgeries (one facet injection and one radio-frequency proceedure, which microwaves the nerves in that area, but it didn't work, and was about $8k!). Anyhow, you're very lucky if they're short-duration.
I'd see a doctor and DISCUSS (maybe not tell them ,because doctors, some, are too proud and believe they will know much more and much better than any patient, ever) with the doc the "possibility" of having these mentioned types of head/neck pains.
Get a set of x-rays perhaps, or an MRI if ya have insurance.
But, if these have longer durations, then you may have what I had, and BTW, I think mine were caused by a series of several bad car wrecks.
The natural ways to help are anti-inflammatory fruits- namely MonaVie or Freelife's GoChi or TaiSlim beverages. They're not cheap, but neather is Maxalt nor Imitrex. Migraines and such are VERY expensive to treat...so maybe just drink lots of smoothies or eat exotic fruits, or ones rich in anti-inflammatory properties.
Good luck,  (+ info)

Why does the hair in your neck curl sooner than the hair elsewhere on your head?

Maybe it's just me, but the hair in my neck starts curling when it is still quite short, while I have hair elsewhere on my head that is much longer but doesn't curl. Why?

Because there is a curve on our shoulders so the hair at the ends tend to dangle freely and stick to the curve :D

if not then it's probably due to your hairstyle, like layered or stepped ones which have a high tendency of curling. MINE DOES! :D  (+ info)

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