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Is it true that medicines prescribed by psychiatrists(for mental disorders) takes times to appear the result?

I have anxiety and phobia. Once I consuledt a psychiatrist because the next day I had an examination.The doctor told me that for that day's examination he couldn't do anything because the medicine take minimum one month to appear the result.
But If we take medicine for fever or headache it will take only hours to show the result.
What is the reason behind this?Is this true?

Okay, here's your answer. The antidepressants and stuff they give you to treat anxiety work slowly to change the biology of your brain. If it just changed your brain at once, the results wouldn't be pretty. It has to take place slowly or else it would seriously screw up your body, it would all go haywire from the shock. The medications DO have effects, but it takes time for it to appear and help. I have severe OCD, last year it was ruining my life, I was really depressed...It took a while for it to work, but antidepressants have really helped me, now about six months later, I am very much happy, content although my situation with a separate condition has actually gotten much worse, the medication has changed the biology of my brain in a way that helps my OCD, I'm no longer depressed, I can tell myself it's okay and believe that, I'm no longer miserable. I just take things as they come, it can be very difficult, but that's all I can do. I deal with severe Tourette's in addition to mood problems, Tourette's is physical, it makes my body do weird, scary and painful things, it makes my mouth say things I don't want to say. The reason the medications for a headache or whatever only change the biology of our bodily systems, that's very different than the biology of our brains. The body can take a lot of different things, but the brain is so delicate, so intricate, if you made a sudden change, it would start sending gobbled signals to your body and really screw you up.  (+ info)

What disorders and diseases are associated with migraine headaches?

Also if applicable can you list the other symptoms. I am looking for things to ask my doctor about next time I go in, because I found things to explain my other symptoms but not the migraines. The disease/disorder can be immune, autoimmune, deficiency, etc etc etc. Thank you!

I have an auto immune disease that can be a big cause of Migraines. It is Antiphospholipid syndrome.
You might also check out a site www.wrongdiagnosis.com.
There is an extensive symptom checker there and lots of info.
Good luck.  (+ info)

What type of headache is this and should i worry?

About 10 minutes ago i got this real bad headache and it feels like its on top of my head kind of pressure. Ive never gotten this type of headache (from what i can remember). I am 16 years old and a female who suffers from panic disorder, so please help me? is this something to worry about?

It's not a lot to worry about right now, you can release it and be pain free in less than a minute. Your neck muscles go all the way to the top of your head, they allow it to move. When one of those muscles gets tight you can feel that pain like that in your head. Once you release your neck muscles this pain will be gone. Here's how to release them:
Put your hands alongside your head so your thumbs are on the front of the muscle under your ear and your fingers are on the back of the muscle behind your head. Squeeze your thumb and fingers together and hold. Relax your body. After 45 seconds, slowly lower your head as far as you can, release the pressure but hold your neck lowered for another 30 seconds.
For best results relax your body first by taking a deep breath and exhaling then remain this relaxed.  (+ info)

Advice for caring for someone with gastrointestinal disorders?

My wife has several diagnosed gastrointestinal disorders that, while treated, frequently cause her severe abdominal cramping/pain and nausea, and often tension headaches.

While we are still trying to get her effective medical treatment, is there any advice anyone has on home treatment/care I could provide to make things easier?

Thanks in advance!

Keep some ibuprofen on hand, it's an anti-inflammatory which will help. Make sure she takes it with food however, even if it's just a dry cracker. She can safely take 600 mg every 6-8 hours. Check with her doctor first in case her gastrointestinal issues won't allow her to take ibuprofen, he might prefer she use Tylenol. If these are ineffective talk to your local doctor about a mild muscle relaxer which will help to ease the cramps.

Make sure she drinks PLENTY of fluids, that's essential, and also get her a hot water bottle that she can hold across her abdomen. A fiber drink might help, but it depends upon the medical issue that she has. Peppermint tea is also good for nausea if she can tolerate it.

Hopefully you'll get some effective help soon. I wish you both the best.  (+ info)

What is the most effective headache medicine?

I've always just used Ibuprofen, but now it seems like it doesn't help with my headaches.

What brands do you find most effective?

Oh, and I have a blood disorder so aspirin is definitely out.

  (+ info)

What could be the cause of my chronic headache?

For a few weeks now I have had an excessive headache that will not go away. During the day, it aches dully and during the night it gets worse. I have taken every pain reliever in the book but it still wont go away. I have an appt with a specialist soon but I was wondered if anyone has any ideas? heres some more detail:
- i am in a very deep depression right now, which i already struggle with
- aniexty disorder
- lack of sleep due to depression
- constant stress

any advice would help.thanks

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If you have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) can writing in cursive give you a headache?

Hi guys, I am diagnosed with ADHD and whenever I try to write in cursive, I get a horrible hed ache. Eventually i would quit and go back to manuscript. When I do that, my head ache suddenly goes away. Dose this happen to anything with my diagnosis?

I have ADHD and writing in cursive doesn't give me a headache. It's possible that you are just not very good at writing in cursive, it takes a lot more effort for you to make those letters. The harder you concentrate, the more you tend to tense up the muscles in your neck and forehead, hence the tension headache. Try making a conscious effort to relax your forehead, neck, and shoulders while you're writing in cursive and see if that helps.  (+ info)

When I Get Mad I Get A Really Bad Headache?

Everytime I get mad or pissed off I get these really bad headaches. Possibly even considered low level migraines.
I have bipolar disorder but I dont think that has anything to do with it
Why is it I get these headaches?

You need to get a blood pressure check. If your pressure is already high, getting mad will make it even higher. If it gets high enough you can have a stroke. Go see a doctor just to be safe. Be sure to tell him that the headaches are related to when you get mad.  (+ info)

I have been studying stress related disorders for my research.?

The list is so wide and complex. Chronic Fatigue syndrome , Fibromyalgia , Somatoform disorders , headache , migraine , skin disorders like itching , scaling of skin , psoriasis , heart trouble , blood pressure , diabetes , elevated cholesterol , acidity , Irritable bowel syndrome , sexual dysfunction , joint pains , reduced immunity system and associated disorders and the list can go on where the stress contributes substantially in case of these disorders. Problem is that there is no quick solution and the worst part is most of the doctors do not take cognizance of the psychological factor in treating these disorders and just treat symptoms.

i agree with you, but i am unsure what you are asking.
my mom has Fibromyalgia and could hardly even get any information from her doctor. many support groups and doctors later (and 13+ years) she has learned enough about it and how to manage it. she couldn't get a doctor to prescribe more than something for pain. which is actually not advisable for obvious reasons.
diet is important. when she changed her diet -not sure of everything she has done but i know fish oil is in there *gag*- she noticed a huge difference in how often she was down and out. and she even had high energy levels.
in her research she found that this disease can not only be a product of stress but lacking the proper type of sleep. -where i think sleeping pills that are specific to the need might actually help prevent this disease by treating sleep disorders early. and who knows, maybe it would even take care of symptoms by giving the body something it is lacking after the condition has already set in.

i imagine a lot of other conditions and diseases could be handled more appropriately if the underlying issue was dealt with and not just the symptoms.

so that's my 2 cents, not too sure what you were asking though :)  (+ info)

How to tell if you just have a headache or a neurological disorder?

If you are otherwise healthy, or at least don't have other neurological problems then it is likely to be a pure headache disorder. However, you really should have a physician examine you to evaluate for those "other neurological problems". Plus they can get you to the right medications for headaches.

They may or may not order a CT scan - not needed routinely.  (+ info)

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