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How do you get rid of a headache without taking pills?

I have a headache to where every time i move my head suddenly, it hurts. How do i get rid of this headache without taking pills?

Ouch. I just got over mine! XD

Here's what I do to get rid of my headache! It's never failed me.

First, take a few peices of paper towl and fold it until it's thick enough. Make sure it's wide and long enough to fit over your whole forehead and over atleast part of your eyes. If you don't have paper towl, kleenex or toilet paper work too.

Than, run the paper towl under cold water from your sink until it's full of water.

When your done with that, place the wet paper towel in your freezer and leave it in there for about 30-60 minutes, depending on how long it takes it to freeze up. While you wait, wash your face with cold water and sit down in a dark room with your eyes closed.

When the paper towers frozen solid, go to your room or any dark room with a bed, turn the lights off and make sure there isn't much light. Cover your windows if you have to or close your blinds. Lay on your bed.

Than, put the frozen paper towel on your forehead and a bit over your eyes. press the sides down a little so it takes up the shape of your forehead. Don't press it too much though, because it'll start to melt away on it's own. Close your eyes.

This always works for me and like I said, it NEVER fails. You may also be thinking, "why not just use an icepack?". Well, ice packs don't take up the shape of your forehead like a frozen peice of paper towel does. The paper towl gets into every little curve there is.

I also suggest being ready for the headaches. Keep a couple frozen paper towels in your freezer, so you're ready to go when the headaches do happen.

Good luck!  (+ info)

What causes a headache accompanied by ear pain?

A few days ago I took a nap and woke up with a severe headache. The headache has not yet gone away. It has been 3 days. First comes the headache, then comes the ear pain in one year. I also get pain behind my eyes. I had an ear infection a few months ago and the ear pain I have now doesn't seem bad enough to be an ear infection. Any ideas on what caused all this? Excedrin and Advil don't seem to help at all.

  (+ info)

How can I get rid of a headache without taking medicine?

I have a headache but I hate swallowing pills and have no other alternatives at this moment (like chewable pills, etc).

Is there any way that I can get rid of my headache without taking medicine?

My doctor said that headaches happen when we are dehydrated, so go to the kitchen and run a tumbler of water, a big one and drink it down, and 8 glasses of water a day is good for your health.  (+ info)

What is the fastest way to cure a headache?

I was off work yesterday with sickness and a banging headache. Today Im back at work and still feel really rough. Ive tried to take some pain killers but I can't swallow them! What else can cure a headache.
Please don't suggest going home as I am unable to go home (Only person in the office)

It might be due to dehydration, especially if you were vomiting yesterday, so make sure you drink plenty. Also you can buy either dissolvable pain killers or ones that melt on your tongue if you are unable to swallow tablets. If you can't get out the office to buy any you could always consider chewing the tablets you've got - tastes awful though, so make sure you've got something nice to eat/drink straight after to take the nasty taste away!  (+ info)

How long after consuming alcohol can I take headache pill?

So I drank about 2 small glasses of wine, and a bit later I got (and still have) a rather large pounding headache - one that's almost got me in tears.

Does anyone know how much time I should wait to take a pain pill so I won't be in danger?

Also, any advice on how to lessen the headache without having to take a pill would be appreciated. I've already tried a warm bath and it didn't work. It's late and I can't even get to sleep because the pain gets worse when I lie down.

A couple glasses of wine isn't enough to be concerned about. You would be fine to take the pill rightnow.  (+ info)

How do you get rid of a tension headache?

I have this horrible tension headache but there are few meds I can take. I had a reaction to Excedrin tension headache and there are many cold medicines that don't react well. Unfortunately, I don't know until my ears swell up and turn numb while my body itches with hives and I have to go the er once again.

Try Head-On. I bought it as a fluke & was amazed at how well it works. You can also try Active-On. Rub it on the back of your neck & your shoulder blades. Amazing!

Don't dwell on the tension. Worrying and/or getting upset about the fact that tension affects you only makes it worse. When you notice it smear on the Head/Active-On, shut your eyes & go away for a few minutes. Imagine you're on a beach or walking your dog or buying a new purse -- whatever makes you happy.  (+ info)

Why do I get a headache after drinking just one alcoholic beverage?

I enjoy drinking the occasional beer, amaretto sour, margarita, or glass of riesling wine but within a few hours I develop a headache that can only be slept off.

Otherwise I am a very healthy individual who eats a good diet, does not drink caffeine (I am sensitive), and drinks water constantly.

I am curious as to the cause as well as any possible solutions. It would be nice to enjoy a beverage from time to time.

Hangovers are multi-causal. Ethanol has a dehydrating effect by causing increased urine production (such substances are known as diuretics), which causes headaches, dry mouth, and lethargy. Dehydration causes the brain to shrink away from the skull slightly.[3] This can be mitigated by drinking water or an oral electrolyte solution after consumption of alcohol. Alcohol's effect on the stomach lining can account for nausea. Because of the increased NADH production during metabolism of ethanol by the enzymes alcohol dehydrogenase and aldehyde dehydrogenase, excess NADH can build up and slow down gluconeogenesis in the liver, thus causing hypoglycemia.

Another factor contributing to a hangover are the products from the breakdown of ethanol via liver enzymes. Ethanol is converted to acetaldehyde by the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase, and then from acetaldehyde to acetic acid by the enzyme acetaldehyde dehydrogenase. Acetaldehyde (ethanal) is mildly toxic, contributing to hangover. These two reactions also require the conversion of NAD+ to NADH. With an excess of NADH, the lactate dehydrogenase reaction is driven to produce lactate from pyruvate (the end product of glycolysis) in order to regenerate NAD+ and sustain life. This diverts pyruvate from other pathways such as gluconeogenesis, thereby impairing the ability of the liver to supply glucose to tissues, especially the brain. Because glucose is the primary energy source of the brain, this lack of glucose contributes to hangover symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, mood disturbances, and decreased attention and concentration.

There are various nervous system effects: the removal of the depressive effects of alcohol in the brain probably account for the light and noise sensitivity.

In addition, it is thought that the presence of other alcohols (such as fusel oils), by-products of the alcoholic fermentation also called congeners, exaggerate many of the symptoms (cogeners may also be zinc or other metals added primarily to sweet liqueurs to enhance their flavor); this probably accounts for the mitigation of the effects when distilled alcohol, particularly vodka, is consumed instead.

The amount of congeners in the drink may also have an effect. Red wines have more congeners than white wines, and some people note less of a hangover with white wine. Some individuals have a strong negative reaction to red wine called red wine headache that can affect them within 15 minutes after drinking a single glass of red wine. The headache is usually accompanied by nausea and flushing.

In alcohol metabolism, one molecule of ethanol (the primary active ingredient in alcoholic beverages) produces 2 molecules of NADH, utilizing Vitamin B12 as a coenzyme. Over-consumption of ethanol may cause vitamin B12 deficiency as well.  (+ info)

How to know am having a normal Headache or Migraine? What is the different? How to cure it?

I always have problem in knowing whether I have a Migraine or just an ordinary Headache. Obviously, I always have a bad headache that can last for about 2 to 5 days. Ordinary medicine such as Paracetamol (500mg x 2) is not really effective for me. It makes me taking another strong medicine such as Ponstan (500mg) to reduce my headache. However, the painkiller could not last long, sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. I just think that my headache become worst in some way that sometimes Ponstan no more effective for me and force me to take another medicine such as Sonap (275mg) which is usually used for Migraine. It is mean that am having a Migraine or we have some level of Headaches?

Migraines are usually worse than normal headaches, and include other symptoms than an aching head. Usually sensitivity to light and sound are a good indicator that you're having a migraine, sometimes nausea is too.

If you're concerned that your headaches last a few days, talk to your doctor. You may need a stronger painkiller than can be safely taken over-the-counter.  (+ info)

Why do I get a headache from drinking red wine and not from white wine?

Whenever I have red wine I get a headache, my body gets hot, and I usually get a bad hangover. This does not happen when I drink white wine. Why is that?

it is more than likely the tannins. My fiance gets bad headaches from red wine and it is the tannins.

Tannins-Any of various compounds, including tannic acid, that occur naturally in the bark and fruit of various plants, especially the nutgalls, certain oaks, and sumac. Tannins are polyphenols, and form yellowish to light brown amorphous masses that can be powdery, flaky, or spongy. They are used in photography, dyeing, in tanning leather, in clarifying wine and beer, and as an astringent in medicine. Tannins are also an important ingredient in tea.  (+ info)

Do your headaches feel different depending on the reason for your headache?

Do you notice if your headache feels different depending on if it's from lack of sleep, alcohol, crying, or any other reason? Is it the severity or where it hurts that changes to you? What medicines do you take for each?

The only headache I suffer the most is the lack of caffeine, specially when I do not drink coffee in the morning. A pounding right above my forehead.
A quick Red Bull will fix that in a minute or two Tylenol.  (+ info)

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