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What gemstone or crystal is best for hearing loss and/or hearing disorders?

I looked at several "healing gemstones and crystals" books about the subject, and each book recommends something different. One book recommends onyx being placed on the each ear for 15 minutes, where a few other books don't even mention onyx but recommend quartz crystal, amethyst, or another gemstone. Where should the gemstone be placed, worn, or should an elixir be made?

Stones or crystals do not have any magic powers. (unless radioactive)  (+ info)

Food for thought. Can IPod earbuds cause hearing damage or brain disorders?

Ipod ear buds can cause hearing loss, just as any other kind of earphones/earbuds. It depends on the volume you listen to. If you have your volume turned up loudly enough that you can't hear other folks speak to you, or you speak to them in a louder voice, then the sound levels are high enough to damage your ears. You will not necessarily notice a problem in the beginning, as the hearing loss begins in the upper frequencies, at about 6000Hz, where hearing is patchy to begin with. The longer you damage the ears through, the more likely you are to notice it- as the damage starts showing up in conversational frequencies. The worst part of the loss is that is involves the receptors for sound themselves, so hearing aids are of no help and the damage can't be repaired. You can detect signs of fatigue yourself. If you ever take off the buds and feel like your ears are full, there is a ringing in your ears or you feel like you are listening to life through a seashell(like at the beach- you know, listening to the ocean roar in a conch shell?)- that's noise fatigue. Some of the receptors are overused and not working, which is what creates the sensations. Repeated fatigue results in their death, and a hearing loss. As far as a brain disorder, no, earbuds don't do anything like that. The whole brain tumor thing is just scare tactics and rumor. Go ahead and use the earbuds, just keep the volume down.  (+ info)

list of hearing disorders?

i need the name of some hearing disorders i can research for a project. or a site that can give me a list.

Try this one.

http://www.medic8.com/ear-disorders/index.htm  (+ info)

has anyone ever went to a hearing with a mental illness and the?

vocational expert said you can do heavy work landscaper, light work luandrykeeper and it was a hypotheticall question from the judge was you nervous about the decision and what was your decision. mental ilnesses being schizophrenia, bipolar ocd, schizoaffective disorders. Any one out would you know and tell me your diagnosis and what the outcome from the judge was , and how long after your hearing was a decision made.

yes,after 3 years in prison I got out only to go to the looney bin for 2 more man that shi t sucked.  (+ info)

I need to know exactly how to make sure I win disability at my ALJ hearing coming soon. Many disorders -?

Some disorders include ddd, 3 herniated discs in neck, 3 bulging in lower back, ss, scoliosis, severe arthritis all over body, lymphedema, depression, bipolar disorder, asthma, fibromyalgia... I have worked with pain and disorders for 20 years. It wasn't until 5 years ago that I could not work any more. 2 years ago I applied for disability. I was denied at first, now I go to appear hearing. I am under the age of 50 so I am told it is so much more difficult. I need any help that is offered. I have a non-attorney representative. Too late to change and I am sure that the organization I am using would not hand over all medical records for me to go elsewhere. Any adivce would be appreciated.

OOOOOOO that suck I have been there I am only in my 20's so it was sooo hard. I ended up hiring a lawyer because they gave me a bit of a runaround. Your best bet would be to hire an attorney, they cant not hand over medical records to you thats illegal. You can always hire an lawyer as additional representation. Make sure you have good documentation of everything, all the paper work is filled out perfectly and that you have done everything they ask. Good Luck!  (+ info)

Can a person with hearing disorder go to ivy league?

not only with hearing disorder but as well as speech, verbal understanding, memory disorder, and short attention disorder. Is it possible for that person with these problems can achieve in going to ivy league?

Absolutely, you can! And they recieve money to accommodate many of the disorders you have listed. You may consider someone to volunteer to type notes for you, or just print out theirs for you. In the meantime, be sure to talk in depth with your counselor and she/he may have lots of ideas for you! Good luck!  (+ info)

Should I get a letter from my therapist to explain my bipolar disorder for my disability hearing?

Hello, I am very nervous about my disability hearing next week and I have been doing tons of research on it. I was wondering if I should have my therapist write a letter to the Judge explaining my situation. Would that be a good idea?

If you are applying for disability based on your psychiatric diagnosis, letters from the people treating you may be helpful but... didn't the people treating you fill-out the disability application forms? That would be a standard, and necessary, practice.

Having a letter confirming that you are being treated for bi-polar is a reasonable request and a good idea to support the existing application.  (+ info)

Could someone help me with hearing aids fitting process?

My mom is beginning to lose her hearing and would like to know what it entails in the selection and fitting process fo hearing aids. She asked me because I am a Communication Disorders student which entails minimul Audiology study, however we have not discussedthis in much detail in my classes, so websites or other reasonable sources are much appreciated.

Thanks much!!!

My favorite website for consumers is listed below. She does not have to see an ENT first she can go to an audiologist. If the audiologist testing shows she may have a medical problem contributing to her hearing loss she will be referred to an ENT before the hearing aid process would be started. Anyways she will get a hearing test to find out if she even qualifies for a hearing aid. Then the audiologist can recommend what style aid is appropriate for her hearing loss. The audiologist should give her choices of several aids in a price range so she can choose how much money she wants to spend and what aid might be appropriate for her needs. Good hearing aids are a minimum of $1500 each and go up to $3500 each. She will get a trial period of 30 days so she can return the aids if she does not like them within 30 days or exchange and try something else. She should expect to be seen for hearing test, a hearing aid evaluation can be done at same time or is she may want to go back after giving it some thought for a second appointment where they decide on what aid to get make earmolds etc, hearing aid fitting appointment, and likely 2 followup appointment within that first 30 days.  (+ info)

What are some diseases/disorders you can say you have for an excuse?

I've heard people yell swear words in class and say they have turrets. What are some disorders that i can say i have to excuse inexcusable behavior, and in what instances could i use them?

inguinal hernia works out nicely. kidney stones works. mental retardation is taking it a bit much.

basically any disease or disorder that causes severe pain.  (+ info)

Why are women more prone to being diagnosed with mental disorders than men?

Why are women more prone to being diagnosed with mental disorders than men? I heard that this is a true statement. If it is, why? Is it because women have more troubles to go through in life than men?

women go through alot more than men do in many ways
in life. We are more sensitive, and more needy but that's
cause were more sensitive. Most men don't think to much
about anything. Women analize everything and as a result
we end up stressed out big time.  (+ info)

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