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hearing loss?


I had a examination of my both ears. The doctor told me i had slightly hearing loss in the left hear. Other than my hears are fine. I was wondering what can be done? Please help me.

Hi Sara!
Protect your hearing at all cost. Like all things, you don't know what it's worth until it's gone.
If you are not sure, or comfortable, with your Doctor's initial diagnosis, seek another opinion.
Also, do you feel that the level of hearing loss you have is effecting your life in any way? Does it effect your ability to go about your life normally?
As to what can be done, that depends very much on what has/is causing the hearing loss.
I can say with intimate knowledge, once your hearing has gone, there is very little that can be done to return it to "normal".
I lost my hearing extremely suddenly and unexpectedly after getting a cold. The infection was that devastating, it just about completely destroyed the delicate hair folicles in my cochlear. I was given rapid steroid treatment, to try to stimulate some healing and growth, with very limited results.
I was fitted with 2 hearing aids, which gave me little benefit. I have since received a cochlear implant, and responding very well to my new way of hearing. All this has happened in the past 18 months.
But...it is not as good as natural hearing.
Most adults, in Australia it is about 1 in 6, have some level of hearing loss, and most know nothing about it.
My advise to you is simple.
If you aren't happy or sure, ask another professional, and keep asking until you understand, and accept, the diagnosis.
Protect and treasure what you have, and be aware of any change, no matter how small. If anything does change, see a specialist. Quick treatment can mean the world of difference.
Please value the fact that you CAN still hear, there are so many others out there who cannot.
All the best...  (+ info)

Hearing Loss?

I am aware that, as we get older things get harder to hear. How and why hearing loss develops with age?

Today, one in ten or more than 28 million Americans suffers from hearing loss. By the year 2030, this number is expected to nearly double. The main cause of hearing loss for most people middle-aged or older is wear and tear. We are living longer, and advancing age is a big factor. As we age damage to the ear increases slowly. Over time, there is partial destruction of the hair cells in the ear from a combination of ordinary exposure to noise and noise bombardment.

That bombardment is a particular risk factor for baby boomers and younger people. Loud concerts and headphones are causing problems. And let's face it, the world is just a noisier place than it was 20 or even 10 years ago. And the noisier it gets, the louder people turn up their earphones to drown out the noise.

If you suspect hearing loss, you should be evaluated. If hearing loss is diagnosed, the most common solution is a hearing aid, but sometimes medical or surgical intervention is needed to improve hearing.  (+ info)

Hearing loss?

Guys today I was in my friend's infinity i30, and some girls in there too. I was in back seat and they turned up the music to full volume. It was really loud but it wasnt like hurting my ears. Although we had to talk louder to hear each other. I was in there for about 10 min, did I get hearing loss?
lol thanks guys but the reason I was worred is that I DID hear some VERY faint tinnitus in my right ear but only for like 7 seconds after I got out of the car.

Also, I couldn't hear what my friends were saying for a little while, this is why I'm worried :(
I know but I told them to turn it down but they wouldn't. It's not like I had control of the situation...

No! do not worry just temporary hearing impairment.it should recover. you would get hearing loss if you do this on a regular bases.  (+ info)

What causes sudden hearing loss with periods and abdominal pain?

I experience sudden hearing loss and vision loss when I have sudden menstrual cramps (Dysmenorrhea). This also happens when I experience abdominal pain related to diarrhea or constipation, which sometimes happens right before my period starts. Sometimes the GI system and the uterus are both affected at the same time.

When I lose my hearing, all I hear is ringing, and everything turns bright, unless Im in a dark hallway. Indoors, I cant see. I think my pupils dilate and the blood flow to my ears constricts. What causes this?

There could be a number of possibilities going on such as endometriosis (just using endometriosis as an example only) but the only way to know for sure what is going on is to see your doctor for further evaluation of the situation to see what they think could be going on.  (+ info)

How do I improve my severe/profound sensorineural hearing loss naturally without hearing aids?

Has anyone been able to improve their sensorineural hearing loss naturally? I want to hear better without(and with) hearing aids, especially in the high frequencies. What kinds of herbs or medicines can do this? Also what kind of hearing exercises should I do?


once the hair cells are damaged they are damaged. there is no magical-medicinal cure for a sensory/ neural hearing loss.

buck up and get your self some hearing aids. if you have a high frequency loss. make sure they have directional microphones and at the very least 8 channels so the audiologist has greater programming ease.  (+ info)

Can hearing loss develop at a later point in your life from a previous experience?

Let's suppose you're a veteran coming back from combat and your hearing seems normal, but later in life you begin to lose your hearing. Is your hearing loss due to the combat?

No it would not be due to the combat - noise exposure causes hearing loss immediately as above person stated. That is why usually when you exit the service you get a hearing test to rule out the possibility of hearing loss from combat. The only way to be sure your hearing was normal when you exited the service is with a hearing test. I see people in my office everyday who think there hearing loss is normal and they sometimes end up having a huge hearing loss.

I used to work at the VA. In order to get service connected for hearing loss you have to file a claim. Your service medical records will be reviewed. If you did not get a hearing test when you exited the service and you now have hearing loss you may get a service connection. However if you had normal hearing at exit your claim will be denied and no service connection disability will be awarded. The only way to know for sure is to file the claim. Also I don't know when you served in the military, but mostly back for WWII vets and some Korea vets they were using the whisper test for hearing test. They would stand you in a room and whisper numbers and have you repeat them. If you passed you were considered normal. This test has been proven to be invalid. The standard test involves you wearing earphones and listening for beeps at different frequencies.  (+ info)

How many decibels of hearing loss would make it so you need a hearing aid?

How many decibels of hearing loss would make it so you need a hearing aid?

This will depend on your life style. Perfect hearing is -10 to 10, Normal hearing is 0 to -10 and Average is -10 to -20 dBs. Some people that are involved in Music will want a hearing aid if they are at -20 because they will be needing to hear some frequiencies more clearly.

GENERALY speaking, if you are at -30 and below in frequencies 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1200, 2000 ---- You will want a digital hearing aid.

There is an American Guy in South America that I bought My Aids from. He works in Peru helping the Poor and the 3rd world people hear. He has a company called AccuToneUSA and he told me to send my Ear Impressions to Him. He build me 2 VERY nice 32 channel 64 band hearing aids for about $1200 total. These hearing aids retail in the USA for $4000 each. So you should contact him if you have any questions. his name is Doug at accutone, and his email is [email protected]

Hope I answered your question!!  (+ info)

What would cause sudden but temporary hearing loss?

I'm writing a book in which a character needs to have instant, complete hearing loss which does not go away on its own, but remains until treated.

Preferably caused by trauma or infection, but it needs to to happen very quickly and be reversible.

Anyone have any ideas?

a blow to the head, my f brother used to do that and now i got like tinitues  (+ info)

How common is hearing loss? Is it less common than vision loss?

It seems like a lot of people have vision loss and need glasses but I don't see that many people with hearing loss.
How come vision loss is a lot more common?

Glasses are almost always given for near or far vision, and reading glasses. Eye sight does decrease somewhat with age.

Hearing loss, especially, high tones invariably decreases with age - males more than females (So the man who can't hear his wife calling him might actually be telling the truth!!)

Congenital and childhood hearing impairments relatively common due to ear infections, meningitis, etc, etc.

Hearing aids are almost invisible these days too.  (+ info)

Whats the difference between High frequency and Low frequency hearing loss?

I have hearing loss in my right ear (60%) and my army recruiter told me, if its High frequency hearing loss its a good chance that it would get Waived. I will have to go through MEPS and get cleared, But I would like to know before hand. So please be specific.

Sound occurs over a wide spectrum of frequencies. The human ear is sensitive to a frequency band withing that spectrum. Since sounds occur at different frequencies, you will not be able to hear the sounds at the high end. The frequency that dogs can hear covers a different range. That is why a dog can respond to a human voice, but also to a silent dog whistle which is too high of a frequency for humans. The most common frequency hearing loss for men is the same frequency that their wives speak.  (+ info)

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