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What is the best hearing aid for a profound hearing loss?

I want a hearing aid which really works for a profound hearing loss no matter how expensive it is. please help me.

Absolutely the best, if you are evaluated as an appropriate subject, is the cochlear implant. You need to read up on it, and it is a surgical implant, but it is what they use nowadays for even little children with profound hearing loss.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cochlear_implant  (+ info)

How do you discourage fecal smearing in children with hearing loss?

My son is almost 4, we adopted him when he was 1, he started smearing his feces after a nap. He is developmentally delayed and we recently found out he has significant hearing loss. I know since he has been with us he has had no abuse and prior to being adopted was in the hospital due to prematurity and had little nurturing. Is this going to dicipate on its own with patience and training or does he need to see a specialist?

I'm a little puzzled. Whether he has some hearing loss or not and whether or not he is developmentally delayed really shouldn't be an issue as long as he can process instructions. Tell him that what he is doing is nasty, that you are not going to accept or tolerate it, and that it is to stop immediately. Give him a stuffed toy or something so he'll feel more comfortable, but explain to him that this is not allowed. If he does it again, punish him just as you would for any other act of defiance. Don't let him get away with not obeying you.

You're going to have to realize that just because this child has had some problems, that does not exempt him from needing the guidance and discipline of his parents. A hearing loss is not an excuse for not minding. Tell him what you expect of him, be firm about it, and let the consequences teach him if he disregards what you are telling him.  (+ info)

How can doctors determine if your hearing loss is due to listening to loud music?

Nerve damage hearing loss that cannot be restored.

Hi friend, Doctors especially audiologist's have modern equipments to check your ear. There are so many hearing Clinics but you have to choose the best clinic. You can visit http://www.aidright.com to know more about various audiologist and hearing aids.  (+ info)

When do you first begin getting hearing loss after listening to constant loud music?

I've been listening to loud music for about a year straight now, will i be getting hearing loss now? If yes, when?

I've been listening to loud music since I was 8. pretty much every single day in fact. i always loved music & its an addiction to me. & I listen to it loud. I'm 18 now & I do get headaches now but,I haven't noticed hearing loss yet. I'm trying to tone it down now before I do any serious damage  (+ info)

What is the usual cause of asymmetrical hearing loss?

I have just been diagnosed with asymmetrical hearing loss and after reading up on net am alarmed to find out sometimes this can be caused by a tumour. Does anyone have any facts on this as i am a bit concerned!
I am waiting on consultant app. There were no other details on diagnosis letter.

Don't jump to the worst, please. I has a sneezing attack last weekend and it made my hearing different in one ear. I purchased some decongestant pills and took them two or three times and my problem resolved. Often, it can be crude in your ear, allergies or some other mundane cause. Try the least invasive treatments first, but get a test (an MRI?) so you aren't afraid of cancer. Don't waste energy on fear of what doesn't exist.

I know that just having my hearing different for a short time was very disturbing. I hope that you can find a treatment for your problem that cures it. Acupuncture, where needles go into the ear, can make some beneficial changes. I was really surprised by how acupuncture changed my ear canals for the better.  (+ info)

Can temporary deafness that occurs more than once, cause permanant hearing loss?

I've experienced temporary hearing loss when I have flown on commercial airplanes the last couple of times, never before.So this does worry me that I may have eventual hearing loss from this, i'm 31 years old. And it usually lasts about 24 hours.

I often get partial hearing loss when i fly.
Don't think it's anything to worry about.

Rock concerts tho, can be damaging...i've heard.  (+ info)

Can a child have permanent hearing loss due to a fall when they were a baby?

My 5 year old daughter has been told she has hearing loss which will be permanent. They said it can often be genetic or could have been caused by past ear infections. I was wondering whether it could have possibly been caused by her having a fall when she was a baby or toddler?

Possibly, but it would have to be an extreme fall. Severe head trauma can cause rupturing of the cochlea, which would cause irreparable damage. It could also damage the 8th cranial nerve, which would cause a permanent damage as well. This kind of injury would have to come from something like falling down several flights of stairs.

Most hearing loss cannot be explained. The most likely cause is genetics--something that cannot specifically be pinpointed and may not be present in any other family member--it's just a game of gene matchup.

No matter what the cause, though, there are definitely many rehab options. See an audiologist to talk about hearing aids if you haven't already done so. And of course, if you're unsatisfied with the results you get from one AuD, you should definitely go get a second opinion. Good luck.  (+ info)

How loud should you listen to on the earphone to not cause hearing loss?

I listen with my earphone a lot, but it's not loud, only about 1/4 the entire volume, I'm afraid I'll have permanent hearing loss, is that loud enough to cause me hearing loss?

You should keep the headphones down below 85 decibels as anything in this range or above can cause gradual hearing loss you can tel if the headphones are too loud if a friend is standing next to you and can hear the music also.  (+ info)

How do you deal with hearing loss?

I am 32 years old and have been told last week that I have hearing loss in both ears and that the one is much worse. There is a good chance I wont get any improvement on this in fact its probably going to only get worse. How do I deal with loosing my hearing at such an early age? Its driving me nuts already to keep making people repeat themselves. Im depressed and hurt and just dont know how to deal with the thought I might loose my hearing alltogether.

Be upfront with your problem and have people face you when they talk
You will cope and adapt
Get in touch with office of vocational rehab for help in getting hearing evaluated and aids...they also help for the work environment adaptation so you can continue working
Let your supervisor know
Take classes on sign language (it is a beautiful language to learn) and help young parents whose children are having speech problems practice signing. You will gain friends
There are many people with this problem and dont do anything to help themselves  (+ info)

How long does it take for an ear infection to cause permanent hearing loss in my 6 month old?

It has been over a month that my 6 month old baby has had an ear infection. The doctor gave her antibotics for 5 days which did not work. She was then given Moxifloxacin and it did not help. My baby picks, and pulls at her ears and does not sleep like she used to before the infection. How long does it take for an ear infection to cause permanent hearing loss? Thank you for anyone that can help. I am worried about her losing her hearing.

It is common for children to have ear infection. Usually 2-3 ear infections before the age of five is usual. Ear infections in childhood does not cause any permanent ear problems in most cases. In most cases it resolves and the damage to the tympanic membrane is healed with a minor scar sometimes which does not cause any problem. But change the ENT surgeon if the one treating you is not solving the problem. Keep the child under observation of the ENT till he says it is OK. Recheck after 1 month to make sure the tympanic membrane is fine. But don't worry about hearing loss at present. Even in worse cases only a partial hearing loss will occur.  (+ info)

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