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Does anyone know if there is a vitamin or herb to take for hearing loss?

Someone told me once that there is a pill or vitamin/herb that can be taken to prevent further hearing loss. Does anyone know the name of it? Thanks.

Not vitamin or herb, but mineral. Make sure that you are getting sufficient Zinc and Magnesium into your diet.  (+ info)

anyone experienced hearing loss from lamictal or zoloft? I think one of those did it 2 me?

I recently discontinued both and I have tinitus and hearing loss. My doctor says it is not related to the drugs, but I think it is.

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Can frequent bacterial/viral ear infection somehow lead to loss of hearing?

I get ear, nose and throat infections once every 3 months. Is this something that could lead to something serious in the long run and could this lead to hearing loss?

yes it could. you should see and ear, nose and throat doctor.  (+ info)

How long until hearing loss sets in?

Lets say someone listened to their ipod at 90% volume, two hours a day, five days a week for a few years, how long until hearing loss would be noticed? Soon or not until old age? How does one make sure that they will not after using the ipod or is that impossible to determine?

I think that it will vary from person to person, however, when I first became aware of my own hearing loss I found it difficult to hold conversations where there was any background noise (bars, restaurants, in traffic etc). But my friends all were saying long before that that they were have to repeat what they'd said more than once when talking to me.

If anybody is concerned about their hearing in the scenario you describe, then do what I did and go for hearing tests.  (+ info)

Is it normal to have tinnitus without hearing loss?

The doctors can't find any medical cause for it and there is no hearing loss. How common is that? Why did it happen? What can I do to make it go away if anything?

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Are you a working musician with some hearing loss or tinnitus? What do you do to protect your ears now?

I have mild hearing loss in one ear, extremely (to the point of insanity) protective over my ears and what's left of them.

I worry about mixing down a track, but then often think of Brian Wilson who was deaf in one ear. I think there's somebody who I can look up to.

I'm wondering what other musicians are doing to cope.

...not only Brian Wilson but Ted Nugent and Phil Collins ( and of course, Beethoven) all have experience deafness though Beethoven lost most his hearing due lead toxicity from drinking water that were plumbed through lead pipes.

I lost some of my hearing myself. I missed the party bands I used to be on. Had things been different, I would have gotten inner ear monitors that would have protected my ears better from the amps.

If I was mixing a track, I would start with the softest track first then layer it after that turning down my ear phones as I would go along. Its a hazard of the profession...thats show biz.  (+ info)

Can having something stuck in your ear cause PERMANENT hearing loss?

I don't mean ear wax, I mean an ear injury. Like falling out of a tree and getting a stick stuck in your ear or something. Would that sort of thing heal so you get your hearing back, or would that sort of injury causing hearing loss be permanent?

It depends on how bad the injury is. A mild injury could cause a temporary hearing loss, but a more severe injury could cause a permanent hearing loss. It is best to have a doctor look at the injury. The doctor would be able to tell how bad it is and whether the hearing loss is permanent or temporary.  (+ info)

What are the causes of Sensorineural hearing loss?

A couple years ago i went and got this test done that checked for nerve damage in my ears. They found nerve damage in my left ear. My mom notice something was wrong when i was a baby. But they didn't know all of this. I have deafness. It is mild to moderate hearing loss, 40 to 50 db loss. db=decibels.

stress tends to affect your hearing!  (+ info)

Could Exploding head syndrome and hearing loss be connected?

If someone has been hearing impaired since about 5, and has had EHS for as long as they can remember is it possible that hearing can be corrected by correcting the Eustachian tube (if needed) or otherwise? Or if hearing was damaged by EHS? Or any theory regarding hearing loss and EHS? Thanks!

Oh I saw that on house too!  (+ info)

Can sensorineural hearing loss lead to complete deafness?

I am only 15 and i just found i have Sensorineural hearing loss - they are not sure if it will get worse or not...but if it does could it lead to complete deafness down the road?

It depends on what caused the sensorineural hearing loss. Unless you post more information, you shouldn't believe any yes/no answers people post :)  (+ info)

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