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Hearing Loss..??

I 'm doing this report on Sensorineural Hearing Loss[[SNHL]] and I'm very confused.
Is SNHL the same thing as conductive hearing loss??
can SNHL start when you're a baby , or is that a different type of hearing loss.?-- if no, when does it usually start showing up.
and can SNHL only be genetic or is it something you can get if you have to much damage to the ear.

SNHL and conductive hearing loss are very different. There are three parts to ear outer ear - what you see on outside (pinna) and includes the ear canal and the ear drum. The middle ear is filled with air and is behind the eardrum and includes the three bones malleus, incus, and stapes. The inner ear is where the hearing nerve is the cochlea.

Conductive hearing loss is caused by disorders of the outer or middle ear which includes otitis media (ear infection), cholesteatoma, otosclerosis etc. These types of problems can often be treated medically by an ear nose and throat physician with medication or surgery.

SNHL is caused by problems with the cochlea or hearing nerve. This type of loss is permanent and cannot be treated medically. Causes of SNHL include genetics, noise exposure, aging, etc.

Some babies are born with SNHL and some are born with Cond. HL. The baby can be born with no outer ear, a closed ear canal, absence of the bones in middle ear etc. SNHL can be progressive and get worse as one gets older sometimes it stays the same for most of a persons life until aging effects start to add on to hearing loss at 60 years old.  (+ info)

Why would you get BILATERAL conductive hearing loss with chronic otitis media (middle ear infection)?

I figured if it affects only ONE middle ear it would cause UNILATERAL hearing loss.

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conductive hearing loss?

ok so i had a hearing test done today and after words he said that he saw no problems with my hearing but when he said this i watched him write down on my paper mild conductive hearing loss.

so if my hearing test was fine why would he right this down, what should i do call him back or ask someone else about this.

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Conductive hearing loss - can medicines help improving hearing power or only surgery or hearing aid?

I am unable to hear low and high freuqency and as per ENT took audiometic test and diagnoised as Bilateral moderate conductive hearing loss . What is permanent remedy for this. Can drugs help cure this?

Local ENT suggest to under go Surgery. If I under go surgery will I get back the hearing power surely?? can anyone suggest whether this can be corrected by in take of medicines?? OR can by corrected by SURGERY?
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I am an audiologist, practicing in bangalore..
conductive loss is a common problem.. moderate degree is quite a lot actually. it means u are having difficulties following conversations of people around you.
If i know ur full medical details and audiogram copy, i can further advise you on treatmetn aspect.
most conductive losses can be helped through surgery or medicines, by ENT.. but u can conisder hearing aids also, they are simple and useful help.. nowadays the hearing aids quality also being good..  (+ info)

My four year old son has Conductive Hearing loss, and negative pressure in both ears.?

He started Pre K this year and his teacher was having trouble with my son listening. He was given three hearing tests at the school, and failed two. I took him to an Audiologist, and she told me he had negative pressure in both ears.

She told me to take him to his regular pediatrician and to follow up with her. After a round of antibiotics and Continued use o Zyrtec his hearing didn't improve. He failed the hearing test with the Audiologist again.

I was referred to an Ear nose and throat Doctor, he was again put in the hearing booth and tested. Same results. Conductive hearing loss and negative pressure, but really no fluid behind the ear drums. My son has had a total of two ear infections in his life and has never really complained of his ears hurting.

The Ent told me he could have tubes placed but that would make his hearing loss worse. Or I could just keep an eye on it and make sure it doesent get worse. Ive been told my son hears like he is under water. Im worried about his school work, and he is always getting into trouble. Most of his problems are due to not hearing so well.

Who else has had their kid experience Conductive hearing loss, negative pressure in both ears, with no real history of ear infections. What are our options? Im getting a second opinion in April. Would love advice on what my options may be.

Dear wagon Burner
Negative pressure means probably his eustachean tube is blocked that is also causing conductive hearing loss. what about Tonsils and adenoids? are the enlarged? any history of allergy (frequet running nose/ sneezes ets)? Thogh now his middle ear is clear but if negative pressure continues then surely fluid will get collected there. I think you should consult your ENT specialist once more and just ask about Tonsils/ adenoid and if possible ask about eustachean tube patency.
best wishes  (+ info)

Bilateral moderate conductive hearing loss?

hv taken audiometic test and the results are Central audiometic weber - pure tone average in dB Rt 53 Left 53
Speech Reception in THS in dB Rt65 and left 65 and Speech Discrimination Scores is 85% on both ears. I am diagonised Bilateral moderate conductive hearing loss. What is permanent remedy for this. Can drugs help cure this/?

Local ENT suggest to under go Surgery which will correct the hearing problem as hearing aids are mess and need maintenance often. can anyone suggest whether this can be corrected by in take of medicines?? OR can by corrected by SURGERY?? pl. help me to have a second opnion

Conductive hearing loss occurs when sound is not conducted efficiently through the outer ear canal to the eardrum and the tiny bones, or ossicles, of the middle ear. Conductive hearing loss usually involves a reduction in sound level, or the ability to hear faint sounds. This type of hearing loss can often be medically or surgically corrected.
Examples of conditions that may cause a conductive hearing loss include:
Conditions associated with middle ear pathology such as fluid in the middle ear from colds, allergies (serous otitis media), poor eustachian tube function, ear infection (otitis media), perforated eardrum, benign tumors
Impacted earwax (cerumen)
Infection in the ear canal (external otitis)
Presence of a foreign body
Absence or malformation of the outer ear, ear canal, or middle ear  (+ info)

If a person having conductive hearing loss. Will it be corrected by operation ?

It depends on the cause and extent of the conductive hearing loss. An ENT Surgeon (Ear, Nose & Throat) will assess you and discuss the advantages and disadvantages with performing surgery. Sometimes their advice is to not to operate, and use hearing aids instead. Also, be aware that some surgeries e.g. a stapedectomy to treat otosclerosis may reverse over a number of years, and the hearing loss return. However, if your ENT surgeon is confident that surgery is the best option, go for it.  (+ info)

please help me i have a sinus disease and conductive hearing loss in my left ear.?

i have had recurring sinus infections so i got refereed to an ENT, he sent me for a sinus CT. that can back and showed that i had a sinus disease. so i got a nasal spray after my FIRST visit. it is called fluticasone. he said to use the nasal spray For 5 weeks and than if it doesn't help than we might have to do surgery. after doing a hearing test adn putting a tuning fork to my forehead and behind my ear, he said that i have conductive hearing loss in my left ear. he told me that he didn't' know which bone was causing the problem, but that if and when she did surgery he would find out and by pass it. he said that a hearing aid was a option but since i am young he didn't want to do that. some people r telling me have the surgery on my ears, and some r telling me to avoid both surgeries. what should i do? i go back to the ENT in 5 weeks. should i get the surgeries or not. i have had many surgeries on my ears as a child and don't' want any more. i had 3 sets of ear tubes as a child.

First off you need to complete the treatment plan. Even if the symptoms appear to go away finish the dose. You were vague in describing the sinus disease, but if the Dr thinks you need surgery then you probably do. Surgery is typically done as a last resort when other treatment options fail and there are no other options. It's ultimately your choice but you have to consider the quality of life you will experience with and without the surgery in the years to come. I would do it.  (+ info)

what is severe conductive hearing loss?

specifically one of the tests for hearing is a "conductive" test done to see if the ear will hear the same through air as it will conducting the sound. conductive tests are done by placing a tuning fork (while ringing) on the bone behind and below the ear (the mastoid) to see if the patient may hear the sound better or worse than the same tone from the fork held in the air next to the ear, hope that helps  (+ info)

conductive hearing loss alternatives for kids?

I am looking for any viable alternitives to surgery to help my child hear better

well, they make a kind of head band that works for conductive hearing loss, Im surprised your Dr hasnt told you about it

its a little expensive, but not near as bad as surgery and a lot less painful...guaranteed to work too  (+ info)

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