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How risky in a heart surgery that involves replacing a heart valve, and fixing two aneurysm?

We found out that some one I know needs to have an open heart surgery because she was born with only two heart valves. On top of that they discovered two aneurysm in her heart and need to operate on her within a week. I know that all surgery is risky, but if any one can shed some light on this situation and possibly show me some statistics, it would be much appreciated.

Any surgery which involves multiple procedures to be done simultaneously will certainly be more risky, but with an experienced surgeon this type of surgery has a very high success rate. Some things to consider, though, are any other health issues of the person who is to have surgery. Age is a big factor, as is a persons activity level prior to surgery (more active people tend to "bounce back" more quickly). Also, smokers tend to have much longer recoveries due to lung issues (such as difficulty being weaned off the vent). Diabetics tend to heal more slowly, esp those with poorly controlled diabetes. Obesity also plays a large role, due to complications with infection, incisions re-opening, and greater difficulty with increasing activity after surgery.
There are many other factors that play a role - this is just a short list - and the surgeon will surely go over potential complications with the patient. Please let your friend know that you are there to help, but the first month or two after surgery is often hard on these patients as they struggle to recover. She may be reluctant to ask for help, but just doing simple things will be greatly appreciated. Make sure she has plenty of time to rest, and encourage her to eat, even if it is only a little - open heart patients tend to have very poor appetites after surgery!!  (+ info)

Doctor said,yesterday, I have an Aneurysm on a heart valve,he is getting me an appointment with a cardiologist

This is Sunday .I should get appointment to heart doctor tomorrow,Mon. I am scheaduled for cosmetic surgery Wed. Can I have surgery and be put to sleepwith an Aneurysm on heart valve? How dangerous is that? Any one have that? If so tell me about it.I am terrified now. My life is ruined, isn't it? I will die maybe from it, right? I want that surgery,can they give something to shrink an Aneurysm?

Let's start out with what an aneurysm is. Its a billiowing out, a bulge, or a weakening, typically of a vessel. It is possible to have such a thing in the wall of the heart usually being something you are born with. It is possible to attain an aneurysm after suffering a serious heart attack. (The kind of heart attack I am talking about would not be subtle - you would definitely have known it)

I can not envision such a thing having to do with a heart valve per se - unless you are talking about mitral valve prolapse (MVP). It is possible your doctor used those words to help you understand in essence the nature of MVP. If you ARE talking about MVP, this is no big deal at all. Your life expectancy is that of any other person. Get it evaluated, but relax. This is a relative non-issue.

It is also possible that your doctor was talking about the aorta that was dilated - thus adversely affecting your heart valve.

Given that no one really knows what all of this is, it is impossible to give you much information until it is better defined. I've read all of the the "dooms dayers" responses and I can say they simply can not know - I do this every day. I know a lot about the subject and based on what you said - I do not know. So its silly to estimate how good or bad this issue is or is not.

It is correct, however, that your cardiologist should sign off on your impending surgery after he/she has fully evaluated you. I would plan on having the surgery post-poned until the cardiologist has had a chance to order and interpret whatever testing he/she wants to do.

I'd try to relax until I know a lot more information. There are plenty of things that could be completely or nearly benign.
Good luck to you.  (+ info)

My uncle is almost 80 years old and has been diagnosed with an aneurysm on a heart value. how serious is it?

He has been told he should have surgery. I have never heard of an aneurysm on the heart valve--do you think he has his facts right?

Yes, it does happen and it is serious.
An aneurysm is a weakend spot on an artery that can literally "blow out". The result is internal bleeding.
One located within close proximity to the heart, left unchecked, would definitely not have good prognosis for the patient.

If the surgeons feel confident that he can survive the operation then he should consider having it done.  (+ info)

I have a heart aneurysm, can i scuba dive in my schools pool (12ft)?

Theres a scuba diving class at my school that takes part in the 12 foot deep end of the pool, with my heart aneurysm, can i dived that deep. I dont think pressure will affect me, but idk. please answer if yoiu have medical experience.

While I don't think there would be an issue with pressure differentials, I would be concerned about the strain placed on you physically. Putting on 50 pounds of gear and jumping in the water is still alot of work and anything that "strains" pulmonary function should be avoided. I also remember hearing something about clearing the ears via the Valsalva maneuver to be a big no-no for people with your condition.
Sorry man, I wouldn't recommend it. It's just not worth the risk.

Hope this helps,
ADCE/IMCA Saturation Diver
Diving Medical Technician (DMT)  (+ info)

What is a treatment for Aneurysm thats near the heart?

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I was diagnosed with a asending aortic aneurysm by my general physician, should I see a heart doctor?

I was diagnosed last month,by my GP,and I have one that is 4cm. My doc told me to wait 6 mos. and have another CT. I have only had this one CT so far , so there isn't another to compare to, to see how fast it may be growing. What kind of doctor should I get a second opinion from, if any???

I'm an Ultrasound Technician. You should get a second opinion immediately! This is very serious. I would not wait 6 months. Alot can change in 6 months. Good Luck.  (+ info)

can a pfo, heart aneurysm and faulty valves cause excess fatigue?

Yes, because the blood volume that such a defective heart pumps during one minute is not enough to fully cover the energetic and oxygen needs of the brain during that minute. That causes fatigue. Medicaments can help to an extent, later open-heart surgery is needed to correct the defect (if possible).  (+ info)

Is there a scan that can look for an aneurysm without iv dye?

I have a family history of Strokes and Heart Problems and Aneurysms. I need to have a scan done. Is there a scan that can look for an aneurysm without having an iv dye?

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Is there a heart valve disease that causes elevated systolic and diastolic blood pressure?

I have an echo next week, and have had chest pains, left arm tightness and heart palpitations(including palpitations in my abdominal region) and I have been tested and have no abdominal aortic aneurysm. My ECGs have come back normal and no doctor has heard a murmur. Anyone have any ideas?

Aortic Stenosis, but you dont really sound like you have Aortic Stenosis, but dont worry and just wait until your echo.

Good luck  (+ info)

non-invasive aneurysm surgery, or open heart operation?

i have found out that I have a heart aneurysm. I am trying to decide between non-invasive surgery and open heart surgery. I am 27 so I (hopefully!!!) have a long time ahead of me. I dont want to be in and out of surgery. does anyone know the chances of having to repeat surgery with the non-invasive methods, coil and stent and the risks of open heart surgery on someone my age. i think there is obviously less risk for me than for a 60 year old man.

you really should be talking to your doctor rather than letting people on yahoo answers influence your decision... i wouldnt even read any of the answers if it were me so they dont influence my judgement  (+ info)

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