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Are all heart defects in unborn babies diagnosed before birth? What are risk factors of having those?

heart defects or brain defects
I am 31,hubby 29 we never took any anti depression,drugs nothing.We lead a clean healthy life.
I still worry so much.
The 20 wk u/s showed all was well with the organs...I just want to know if its still possible for the baby to have defects?

Well, yeah. Anything can happen, but that doesn't mean you should worry yourself sick over it. Just keep taking your prenatals, going to your doctor visits, and keeping healthy.  (+ info)

Can an ultrasound see most heart defects in unborn babies?

I have a friend who just had a baby. The baby appeared to be healthy until a few days after birth, she turned blue and was taken to the hospital where she was found to have a heart defect. Unfortunately she died a few days later. I feel awful for them and am scared to death since I am 29 weeks pregnant (I have two other healthy children already) I always thought that an ultrasound would pick up a heart defect. Do they only see certain things?

at the 20 weeks scan they checked for heart defects, what your friend went through is very rare and of course very very sad, it is normal that you would be scared about your own child after seeing this happen, they also check the babies heart once they are born, your friend should get someone to review what happened to her daughter and if it could have been caught, even if they had seen this before she was born that does not mean that it could have been changed in anyway.

sadly something happen for a reason, and we don't always know the reason.

good luck and prayers with your friend and her family

I am a miscarriage/child loss support leader, so feel free to contact me if you need anymore information and if you or your friend need support.  (+ info)

Are there any Canadians with heart defects here? Or parents with little ones with CHD?

Just looking for where you all went!

I'm Francine, 34 years old now, with complex congenital heart defects, looking for old friends, and hoping to make new ones!

I was born with CHD and had open heart at the UofA in Edmonton when I was 8 months old.I'm 32 now and have pulmonary insufficiency and an enlarged right ventricle.
Feel free to message me if you want.  (+ info)

Does anybody here have any experience with heart defects and feeding problems?

I have a daughter whom was born with a heart defect and she's got a few surgeries. She's had an NG tube since she was 2 days old. She's over a year now and still not taking the bottle and eating limited solids. I have all the medical info I need and she's already going to get speech therapy. But I was wondering if anybody else had any suggestions or new ideas?

well im 16 years old and i was born with 2 heart problems(Aortic Stenosis, Bicuspid Aortic Valve) and i developed two more later in life(Aortic Regurgitation, Enlarged Aorta) i have not had any surgeries yet and i find that i only eat small portions at meals because then i get full. Just try to feed her small portions of food multiple times a day because i may eat little portions, but i eat more then 3 meals a day .So just give her little portions of food, and have her feed more often because that may help, at least it works for me.

Good luck!  (+ info)

Where can I get information on Fetal Heart Defects?

My sister is 21 weeks pregnant and she found out at her ultrasound today that the baby has an enlarged muscle NEXT to her heart. Nobody really explained this to her beyond 'you may have a stillbirth" and "when baby is born she may be rushed to CHEO' Im trying to get some background info but don't even know what this 'defect' is called in medical speak. If anyone can help me find answers I would greatly appreciate it!

Theres not much information you can get unless you know what the heart problem is, the doctors should have explained what was going on. Maybe you should get a second oppinion. Also, if you would like to know about heart defects, look up Congenital heart defects, thats what its called when your born with a heart problem. Good luck, i hope yor sisters child is ok! Oh, defintley ask what the defect is called, that way you what your looking for. feel free to email me (through my profile) if you have questions.  (+ info)

Is there any link between heart conditions (angina and/or atrial fibrillation) and the following substances?

FrontLine Plus (flea control for cats and dogs)
Xylitol (artificial sweetener in some chewing gums)

A friend of mine recently had an angina attack, and coincidentally they had skin contact with FrontLine Plus once prior and this time, and also had chewed some xylitol-containing chewing gum.

Just wondering whether these are known to aggravate existing heart conditions, or interact with any heart-related or blood pressure medications?

FrontLine Plus has two main chemical ingredients:

Fipronil, a broad spectrum insecticide (broad spectrum meaning it can kill any insect it comes in contact with, not just flees). It works by binding to GluCl channels (glutamate - chloride channels) in the muscles and nerves - mammals don't have GluCl channels, which is why it's safe for use on pet mammals.

Methoprene is the second chemical. It's non-toxic in humans, and is even used in some water supplies to control mosquito populations. It's also used to protect other foods, like prepared meat, mushrooms, grains, etc.

So, FrontLine Plus has no action at all in the human body.

Xylitol is another common compound used in tons of things. It's been shown to have a number of positive effects in the human body actually, from improving oral health (it's mildly antibacterial and can help prevent cavities and oral yeast infections), to improving diabetes and respiratory infections. It has no known toxicity in humans.

So, Xylitol only has beneficial actions :P

Hope this helps.  (+ info)

What does your heart feel like when in Atrial fibrillation mode? Or any other arrhythmia's?

Do you feel palpitations? Does the heart feel like it is beating out of sync? Many thanks

  (+ info)

Why cant you walk after a heart operation?

I had a heart operation 15 years ago, when I was three years old, it was for an atrial septal defect, and I could'nt walk afterwards, but I was wondering why that is, that people cant walk after a heart operation, just out of curiosity, so please let me know.
I also forgot to mention that I sometime get sharp pains in my chest, if I breathe in, they get worse, so I have to breathe very lightly, I asked my doctor, and he said its fine, but is that normal?

Do you mean not walk forever? Or just not walk for a certain period of time? You cant walk after you have a heart operation because as you know your heart pumps blood around your body so after you have a heart operation, your heart has already been put under allot of stress and it wouldnt be good for it to go under even more stress by having to pump harder to get the blood from one end of you to another while you are standing up, Its harder for your heart to pump blood from your chest to your feet because of gravity whereas if you were sitting or lying down it is easier to pump that flow of blood right through your body. Hope that helps! :)  (+ info)

Anyone with a child that was born with Heart defects that is going to Preschool or already has? Pleas answer?

My now 3 year old son was born with transposition of the great vessels and 3 other heart defects. He is doing great now and plays just like any other three year old with the exception he needs a few more breaks. My son will be starting preschool soon and I am worried about bullying and if he would get hit in his chest. I know there are very few bully's in preschool but I am still worried. What precautions did you take keep them safe?

I personally played the concerned parent and told his teacher as well as the principal and school nurse about my sons heart defects that way they knew that he needed a few more breaks then the other kids and that way they knew that if anything were to happen then they knew exactly what could be the problem. Then with giving them all of the emergency contact information in case something did happen I felt safe sending my kid to school knowing that he would be okay.   (+ info)

Is there a bright future for children born with heart defects such as congenital heart disease?

Any graphs or statisics with sources would be helpful so that I can get a wider view to my research.

My child has a heart called AV canal defect and has had 4 open heart surgeries (two of which has been mitral valve replacements) He also has severe pulmonary hypertension related to the heart defect. By looking at him you would think he is a healthy child (except he wears oxygen 24 7). He is very happy and does not let this get him down. Its been a long road because they are more prone getting sick so you cannot take them many places.
This is just my experience but my child has followed his own path.
They can have bright futures but sometimes it takes a while to get there .  (+ info)

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