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Congenital Heart, Atrial Septal Defect. Has anyone had sufficient results from the Amplatzer Occluder?

Atrial Septal Defect is a Congenital Heart Defect. A hole between the two upper chambers. I'm a 47 year old male in good physical condition that was just recently diagnosed. The Amplatzer Occluder is a stent like devise that is inserted into the groin area and delivered to the heart chambers where it opens up like an "umbrella on one side and the the other itself to fill in the hole and close.

ironically i just got this done 2 days ago and i am at home feeling fine. I am eighteen years old and have bounced back well so far.. if you want to keep in touch i can let you know how long it takes for me to start working out again. the hole in my heart was moderately large.. about an inch big, and it is all closed up now. my groin is quite sore but that will go away in about a week. I am so glad they didn't go ahead with open heart.  (+ info)

Are there any medical guidelines for people with congenital heart defects and tattoos?

I have a Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) and want a tattoo. I have been cleared from taking antibiotics for dental work but still need them for surgery. Is it safe to get a tattoo and should I take antibiotics as a prevention?

Yes, so you simply take from antibiotics. That's just the way it is  (+ info)

The most common cyanotic congenital heart defect that is actually a combination of four defects is called?

ventricular septal defect.
patent ductus arteriosus.
tetralogy of Fallot.
none of the above.

Tetralogy of Fallot

From Wikipedia:
"Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) is a congenital heart defect which is classically understood to involve four anatomical abnormalities (although only three of them are always present). It is the most common cyanotic heart defect, representing 55-70%, and the most common cause of blue baby syndrome."  (+ info)

Is Atrial Septal Defect considered as a heart disease? I mean even after it is repaired and completely covered

It is considered a congenital heart disease. A disease by definition is an abnormal condition of an organism that impairs bodily functions. After it is repaired, however, it would no longer be a disease.  (+ info)

How long can children live with Heart defects?

About heart defects i need it ergently to do with my courswok

My daughter was born with a heart defect she survived 8 days.But the doctors told me children that have heart defects can live a full life with lifelong treatment.  (+ info)

Are all heart defects in unborn babies diagnosed before birth? What are risk factors of having those?

heart defects or brain defects
I am 31,hubby 29 we never took any anti depression,drugs nothing.We lead a clean healthy life.
I still worry so much.
The 20 wk u/s showed all was well with the organs...I just want to know if its still possible for the baby to have defects?

Well, yeah. Anything can happen, but that doesn't mean you should worry yourself sick over it. Just keep taking your prenatals, going to your doctor visits, and keeping healthy.  (+ info)

cor triatriatum/atrial septal defect of the heart..Where can I find more information?

I want to find out how many cases worldwide, success rate of surgery, who has performed the surgerys and details of the way it was done, long term health needs, etc etc.
Where can I find this information? Surely a medical book of some sort? I need directions other than the net...thx

I think you got to do a web search on search engine.My advise is do individual countries search or continent.  (+ info)

Can an ultrasound see most heart defects in unborn babies?

I have a friend who just had a baby. The baby appeared to be healthy until a few days after birth, she turned blue and was taken to the hospital where she was found to have a heart defect. Unfortunately she died a few days later. I feel awful for them and am scared to death since I am 29 weeks pregnant (I have two other healthy children already) I always thought that an ultrasound would pick up a heart defect. Do they only see certain things?

at the 20 weeks scan they checked for heart defects, what your friend went through is very rare and of course very very sad, it is normal that you would be scared about your own child after seeing this happen, they also check the babies heart once they are born, your friend should get someone to review what happened to her daughter and if it could have been caught, even if they had seen this before she was born that does not mean that it could have been changed in anyway.

sadly something happen for a reason, and we don't always know the reason.

good luck and prayers with your friend and her family

I am a miscarriage/child loss support leader, so feel free to contact me if you need anymore information and if you or your friend need support.  (+ info)

Are there any Canadians with heart defects here? Or parents with little ones with CHD?

Just looking for where you all went!

I'm Francine, 34 years old now, with complex congenital heart defects, looking for old friends, and hoping to make new ones!

I was born with CHD and had open heart at the UofA in Edmonton when I was 8 months old.I'm 32 now and have pulmonary insufficiency and an enlarged right ventricle.
Feel free to message me if you want.  (+ info)

Does anybody here have any experience with heart defects and feeding problems?

I have a daughter whom was born with a heart defect and she's got a few surgeries. She's had an NG tube since she was 2 days old. She's over a year now and still not taking the bottle and eating limited solids. I have all the medical info I need and she's already going to get speech therapy. But I was wondering if anybody else had any suggestions or new ideas?

well im 16 years old and i was born with 2 heart problems(Aortic Stenosis, Bicuspid Aortic Valve) and i developed two more later in life(Aortic Regurgitation, Enlarged Aorta) i have not had any surgeries yet and i find that i only eat small portions at meals because then i get full. Just try to feed her small portions of food multiple times a day because i may eat little portions, but i eat more then 3 meals a day .So just give her little portions of food, and have her feed more often because that may help, at least it works for me.

Good luck!  (+ info)

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