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What are some nursing interventions for a newborn with congenital heart defects before & after surgery?

interventions before and after heart surgery? could you elaborate please. What is the actual diagnosis ?  (+ info)

Is there a future for children with heart defects?

Sonia - Wow, you ask a very good question. However, the spectrum of "heart defects" is very broad and can range from defects where children rarely survive beyond infancy to defects where people can live full, productive lives.

The broad answer to your question is "yes". In the 1950s, less than 25% of infants born with complex heart defects would survive beyond their first year of life. Now, over 95% of such infants survive into adulthood. In fact, the number of ADULTS with congenital heart defects has now surpassed the number of children with the disease. By some estimates, 800,000 American adults are now living with congenital heart defects, and 20,000 new patients reach adolescence every year!

Unfortunately, not all of these people are living completely normal lives. Many go on to develop heart failure or heart rhythm problems. Many require more surgeries as new problems arise. The study that Loving_Heart mentions is very old (from 1985) and therefore does not include kids with more severe forms of heart disease who were not considered operable at that time.

If you are wondering about a specific child with a heart defect, the best thing to do is to speak to the cardiologist who can tell you the SPECIFICS of your child's heart defect. Really, you could almost say that no two heart defects are exactly the same. Only a cardiologist who is familiar with all of a child's medical problems can give you a reasonable assessment of their long-term outcome. Hope that helps!

Good luck to you!  (+ info)

Who is the youngest person to die of a heart attack besides babies who have bad birth defects?

There was a 14 year old boy in my home town that died of a heart attack a few years ago. It happened at school. Don't know if that helps you or not. Its just sad. No other medical problems that any dr could find.  (+ info)

Is there a bright future for children born with heart defects?

Could you include statistic information

i dont know statistics, but my on was born a defects in his heart and the answer is yes.
my son is now 14 months old, he was born with a hole between the ventricles in heart, so he was getting deoxygenated blood going round him as well as oxygenated. a double chambered ventricle, which meant his heart had to pump harder and faster to get lood round his body resulting in the heart wall/muscle been thickened.
and finally one of the pulmonary veins comin back from the lungs went to the wrong place.
he had an operation in april this year to fix it all, he recovered well, was given the all clear that all was ok in july.
6 months on he is doing everything he should and its hard to believe there was ever anything wrong with him.   (+ info)

Mummies & Daddies!! Have you heard of any policy for BB with Atrial Septal Defect (hole-heart)?

Can anyone advise me if there is any insurance policy for baby with Atrial Septal Defect? We need some form of coverage for major illnesses, accidents. I understand there may be exclusions on heart-related illnesses, this is of course acceptable. We also need education-saving plan..... My current agent is not helpful on this. I need since sharing & advice. Can someone help??? Thanks alot in advance.

My 4 month old daughter was just diagnosed with ASD. While it has an 80% chance of closing on its own by the time she's 15 months old, she will be monitored by a Cardiac Pediatrician every few months to see if the condition is getting better. This is done by way of an office exam and an ultrasound. The only one who can best answer tyour question is an insurance agent. If your baby has been officially diagnosed, then this will be considered a pre-existing condition. Your agent can apply to different insurance companies and see if there are any who are willing to write a policy and cover for the ASD.

We have our daughter covered under BCBS, but wanted to switch to a different category within BCBS (to save money) and found out that even though the carrier is the same, they may deny coverage for ASD as a pre-existing condition. My agent is applying to BCBS Kids and another company called "Assurant" with disclosure about the ASD to see if they're willing to cover. If not, we will stay with the original BCBS we currently have.

There's no harm is having an agent ask. Good luck. I know the bills can be costly.  (+ info)

what are some common types of fetal heart defects?

that can result of the death or miscarriage of the baby/fetus. for my infant development paper!

  (+ info)

Does anyone here have a baby with the same congenital heart defects like my 1 month old baby?

My baby was born Dec.10,07 and was diagnosed on Dec.11,07 with congenital heart defects.Ventrical Septal Defect (VSD) ,he's got more than a couple of holes in his heart. Hypoplastic Aortic Arch,and Patent Ductus Artereosus. He was transferred to the children's hospital a day after he was born and had his open chest surgery on Dec. 19. They made his aortic arch wider,closed his PDA and put a band to help prevent mixing of blood in his heart from the left and right ventricles.They closed his chest after 3 days and we are just waiting for him to get better.We were hoping to be able to take him home a couple of weeks after surgery but his progress has been very slow. My son also have club feet,and short neck (webbing) and he can't move his middle fingers on both hands.The dr's are thinking that he might have noonan syndrome but are not sure until my baby gets seen by a genetics dr. Yesterday the dr's found out he also have Hypoplastic Left Heart. Any1 here who's got same problems as mine?

Not entirely, no. But I did/do have single ventricle. I have no wall between the ventricles and I have a hole in artial septum. I also have a pulmonary artery band. I had what is called the 'Fontan procedure' in the 1980's. Im 23 now, and Im totally healthy. If there's anything I can do to help you out please let me know. I can direct you to some support groups/forums online too if you wish  (+ info)

children with heart defects in the atlanta area?

No so much of a ? as just some info, when i was at my cardiologist he told me about this wonderful camp called Camp braveheart which is for children who have heart defects or heart transplants and it's a camp which kids can be kids with other kids who are just like them. I really wish I knew about this camp when I was growing up cause it's hard to go to school and be treated as an outcast cause you can't run or you can't do things fast as other kids. So to have a place where everyone is equal is awesome. Just thought I would pass this info along

Good to know.

Thanks for the heads up :)  (+ info)

Has anyone else had a similar experience with atrial septal defects and misdiagnosed bipolar / depression?

I was diagnosed about five years ago when I was 20 as being a depressive bipolar with generalized anxiety and panic disorder, OCD and depression. I was put on all the usual bipolar meds. Seroquel, Lithium, Lamictal, Zyprexa, SSRIs, Klonopin and a few other medications were tried. I was not helped by any of these medications ( with the exception of Klonopin) and I remained highly suicidal for several years. (I had had previous bouts of severe depression since I was about 8.) I did lots of research and found something on the net called non-epileptic siezures on the American Epiliptic website. It sounded like me so I then sent myself to a Cardiologist who discovered a 16 mm hole in my atrial wall. Hence the Atrial Septal Defect. This 'hole in the heart' was repaired last June and the final results are in from the Cardiologist's office - the hole has now healed over. Since the process of healing the hole in the heart began I began to feel better - less depressed. I can now say that I no longer have any depression and have been this way for 6 months. I am also no longer panicky, obsessive or compulsive. The best part is I am not on medication! My cousin's wife (who suffered from a PFO heart condition) also had sugery and is no longer depressed. I am just wondering if anyone else has had similar heart procedures and what the effect was on them. Has anyone else been misdiagnosed as bipolar or depressed when it really was a heart condition? I have also a friend whose child was on the autism spectrum and actually had cardiac issues. I would be interested in your experiences.

I'm not aware that there has been any documented link between cardiac wall abnormalities (ASD, PFO, VSD, etc.) and any sort of psychiatric issues. I can also think of no pathophysiologic mechanism that would link the two other than psychosomatic. Oftentimes repair of this type of defect does cause more 'efficient' transport of the blood through the heart and lungs, resulting in the person being less tired, which could be interpreted by the person as being less depressed. This wouldn't do anything about OCD, mania, or GAD though. It's still an interesting observation, and I'm glad you're feeling better. Six months does not confirm or rule out any diagnosis however, neither does anecdotal evidence of friends and family members who seem to fit the same situation. I would encourage you not to jump to the conclusion that you were misdiagnosed or have been cured by the surgery. Sometimes people in their twenties find they've simply grown out of their teenage depression and anxiety simply as a result of developing confidence or becoming more mature and comfortable in their bodies.  (+ info)

Can scan clearly and accurately show any heart defects in babies in mother's womb?

From 8 weeks you can hear a babies heartbeat on a scan and see how the heart is functioning, however you will not be able to tell if your child has a heart defect or what type of defect until the baby is born unless you have an amniosac blood test about 6 months into the pregnancy, which then can only give you limited information and is extremely risky. It can cause miscarriages, still births and defects with the baby aswell as infection.  (+ info)

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