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I got heat exhaustion last Saturday but I am still dizzy, any advice?

I got heat exhaustion last Saturday and threw up a bunch. I'm still dizzy today. Any advice on how to get better?

jst dnt go out in d sun 4 a couple of days... hav glucose so dat yur energy is revived... wash yur eyes wid ice-cold water... n lastly, hav a proper sleep!
jst see if these work... GET WELL SOON!!!  (+ info)

How much water do you need to drink to prevent heat exhaustion?

I'm talking about physical labor or activity on a hot summer day in Florida. How much water is enough? I always feel like I'm drinking TOO much water but sometimes still feel a headache coming on. Is there a "rule" for how much water the body needs?

If you are doing hard manual labor, then you should drink about a pint every hour. If you sweat a lot, then you should probably drink more.  (+ info)

How long does it take to recover from heat exhaustion?

I had an episode Friday afternoon. Saturday morning, I was too weak, nauseous and headachy and had to call in to work. Today I was able to return to work, but my stomach still feels a little queasy.

Heat exhaustion means that you are almost short on liquids in your body, and it takes a minimum about four days to recover, at least this is what I was taught in the navy.
The best way for you to recover from this is for you to drink plenty of water for the next couple of days and DO NOT drink soda, tea or coffee or anything too sweet, because these will increase your body's craving for water. Eat plenty of fruits that contains water and eat something salty, because salt helps your body retain water.  (+ info)

How do you tell the difference between the flu and heat exhaustion?

Flu symptoms can range from anything like coughing and running noses and chronic headaches to backbreaking temperatures and vomiting, this is because there are thousands of different strands of flu, which is why there is no solid medication for it, only vaccines.

But the main difference is heat exhaustion you just feel tired and a tad bit nauseated. But with the flu you sweat, your stomach hurts crazy and you usually feel like vomiting.

Go rest a few hours and drink some water, if it doesn't go away in about 30 minutes or so, call your doctor.  (+ info)

Will one episode of heat exhaustion/stroke kill my brain cells?

I realized that I just suffered from some form of heat exhaustion, because my symptoms included:

-shortness of breath
-vision started blacking out
-wanted to vomit
-fatigued, extremely tired

I was wondering if this one episode of heat exhaustion would have a detrimental effect on my mental capabilities....I know it seems like a weird question, but I *really* can't afford any drop in intelligence right now. (that was a strangely worded sentence, but don't try to infer anything from it)


  (+ info)

What is the difference between heat stroke and heat exhaustion?

Severity and the persons body temperature.  (+ info)

How do I prevent Heat Exhaustion?

I tried out for volleyball yesterday and about 30 minutes into the practice I started feeling awful so when I got home I looked up my symptoms and it turned out that I had heat exhaustion. I have tryouts again today and I don't want it to happen again today because I couldn't perform my best yesterday because of it. I didn't say anything because I wanted to impress the coach but I couldn't seem to do my best. These were my symptoms
excessive thirst
I also didn't have any water except the water fountain water which made me feel worse because it was warm
so what can I do.
I was also really sweaty and I have a sunburn which made it worse

continue to hydrate yourself ahead of time. Drink plenty of water, and also re-hydrate using gatorade to replace those electrolites that water cannot replace. Remember, when you feel thirsty that means you are already dehydrated, but that doesn't mean that you won't feel thirsty while working out. Don't eat too much, but have some carbs for energy. If you drink too much water you can experience nausea also. Stay in the shade on breaks or when possible, and when needed rest. Just because it is the first day of practice doesn't mean it is okay to push yourself to the point of heat exhaustion or even worse a heat stroke. Be honest with yourself and your coach when you need a break. Good luck.  (+ info)

Do you think that I could have heat exhaustion?

So, I went to a pool today, and it was 30 C/ 86 F and I was not wearing sunscreen... I didn't swim, and I sat in a little shack that cut off the sun. I drank a bit of water, but not too much. Then I had to walk a kilometer to get home. Could I have Heat Exhaustion? The only thing I feel is really tired.

well heat exhaustion usually is accompanied by moodiness, nausea, dehydration and extreme fatigue.

sounds like you just got a little to much heat, drink a lot of water and stay inside out of the sun and heat for a few hours, try not to fall asleep just incase, but you could also put a cool cloth on the back of your neck to help cool down.  (+ info)

What should you do if someone is suffering from heat exhaustion?

get them cooled off as fast as possible and give lots of fluids IE water or Gatorade nothing with alcohol caffeine and get medical attn.  (+ info)

Are there in permanent effects after suffering heat exhaustion? If so, are they treatable or abe to be cured?

I suffered heat exhaustion almost two years ago. Since then, I have developed an extreme sensitivity to heat. Even in the winter I find I have to turn the heat down to keep from getting too hot. This especially happens at night while I sleep, and I wake up with night sweats frequently. I do take a daily mulitivitamin which seems to help some and I work hard to stay hydrated, but even if I get a little dehydrated, I begin to get uncomfortably warm.

I can't seem to find any documentation but It seems that I heard if you had heat exhaustion once, it would be easier to get it again especially during the first few months following the initial problem

This is from eMedicineHealth
Your prognosis is related to the severity of your heat exposure and your general medical condition. The very young and the very old have the worst outcomes. In general, the prognosis with heat exhaustion is excellent, with full recovery expected. However, with heat stroke, permanent nerve, heart, liver, or kidney problems can occur.
http://www.emedicinehealth.com/heat_exhaustion_and_heat_stroke/page11_em.htm  (+ info)

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