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What are the symptoms of heat exhaustion?

heavy sweating, paleness, muscle cramps, tiredness, weakness, dizziness, headache, nausea or vomiting, fainting.  (+ info)

Heat exhaustion or sick or something?

Today I was really lightheaded. Then I got all jittery and shaky. And when I try to eat something, after a few bites I'll feel like throwing up. Someone suggested heat exhaustion.. I did get sunburnt yesterday when I was outside for 6 hours.

Heat exhaustion probably would have hit you before today. It usually strikes while you are still in the sun.

Drink alot, force yourself to eat, take motrin for the sunburn and take it easy.  (+ info)

why is someone more prone to have heat exhaustion and low potassium?

my boyfriend works in construction and within a month he's went to the emergency room twice because of heat exhaustion. The first time the doctor said be sure to drink plenty of gatorade and foods high in potassium and thats exactly what he's been doing more than ever and just yesterday he had to go back to the emergency room and again his potassium was low, lower than the first time. So why do you think he's the only one out of the rest of the crew that get so bad off? i know heat exhaustion is the main reason his body cramps up severly to where he can't walk or talk and his vision just about goes completely out but could there be something below the surface that makes him and no one else so prone to all this happening?

Maybe, maybe not. He needs to set up with a personal physician to look at his risk factors. Lighter skin people tend to do worse in the intense heat. Some people lack the same amount of sweat glands as others, lowering their ability to cool.  (+ info)

Are these the symptoms of heat exhaustion?

Around two summers ago on a hot, sunny day, I had just finished mowing the enormous lawn, weeded the gardens, and swept the driveway when this happened to me:

Muscle weakness
High fever
The fever would go away, but come back every day for about three days.

I'm curious to know what I actually had. Was it heat exhaustion?

Very well could have been...ever happens again, cool your body slowly by finding a shady area to rest in, drink something cool (preferably decaf) but not ice-cold, and remove any clothing that you can. Staying well hydrated before-hand will help reduce the chances of it happening again. Good Luck to you!!!  (+ info)

Would heat exhaustion be a sign of a person being out of shape?

I'm just wondering because I have had real problems today after football of being dizzy, being real hot, forgetting easy stuff, etc.

No. Even people who are very fit can have heat exhaustion. It is not a good feeling, I have been there before. Maybe you need to see your doctor if these symtoms are still lingering.  (+ info)

What are the symptoms of heat exhaustion? Should I seek medical help if I think I'm suffering from it?

Weakness, dizziness, nausea, and possibly collapse.

Think of it this way, when you get hot, your body responds to try to keep you cool. most often it will sweat to allow heat to escape by evaperation. If the body is not getting replenished with fluids (non-sugar and non-alcoholic) the body continues to use up water internally. leading to the weakness, nausea and dizziness from altered blood pressure and increasing body temperature. The body trying to expell additional heat can cause the body to vomit additional fluid from the stomach (also loosing a liter of two more vital fluid) Without cooling, and replenishment of fliuds, the body will fail to be able to cool itself (exhaust it resources) and more quickly into Heat Stroke.

It is important to understand that people move from being just hot to signs of heat exhaustion at different speeds. Some people's body may respond incorrectly and not sweat in heat creating heat stress and heat exhaustion faster. (Look for people who are not sweating when everyone else is hot.


* If you are big and tough you wouldn't get it.
* Some people or races just can't get it.
* Only young or old get it.
* I you drink beer on a hot day you will be OK (Actually you dehydrate faster)

The best way to fix Heat Exhaustion or Heat Stoke is to avoid it in the first place. Keep drinking fluids (water) use shade, take breaks, eat lite snacks through the day. Keep checking all the members of your group, crew, party and insist on people staying hydrated. The co-founder of safetystore.com Steven Hull says about 80% of all people needing first aid (of any kind) had little to no water and or food before the injury.

Heat Stoke

The body now stops trying to sweat and heat continued to climb as high as 104-108 degrees which kills brain cells can move to death quickly. In heat stroke no body can recover without outside emergency assistance. Immediate cooling and advanced monitoring of all body functions is required.  (+ info)

Heat exhaustion / leg cramps / too much ibuprofen on an empty stomache?

My husband is a construction worker, he came home last night soaked in sweat, pale, disoriented & he had been vomitting throughout the day, followed by dry heavs & he was getting painfull leg cramps all night. He said he drank a lot of water, but had only eaten once earlier in the day. He was also taking about 1600 mg of ibuprofen for pain & swelling in his arm for the last 3 or 4 days. He feels better today, should he still see a doctor? How can he prevent this from happening again, especially since his job requires him to work out in the sun, in very hot temperatures? Is it likely to happen again?

Leg cramps, fatigue, paleness, and disorientation are all symptoms of dehydration. He probably got overheated from working, started puking, then got dehydrated. Drinking alot of water doesn't always help. If it happens again he should go to the ER and get some IV fluids.

To prevent I'd suggest taking about a 10-15 minutes break if he starts feeling dizzy or nauseased, drink water and cool off. Then once he starts feeling better, he can get back to workin'.

Hope this helps! =]  (+ info)

I think I have heat exhaustion but im not sure?

well i have allergies to some level where i do have a prescribed zrytec. I took it and it didn't do anything, and it has always worked before. I have had a consistent headache since about 5 PM yesterday and I still have it right now .. i have vertigo so I cant tell if my dizziness is occurring from that or not. I have muscle cramps in my knees that make it tiring to walk and a fever of 101. Although I have all of this I don't have an increased pulse, its completely normal which is why I don't know what is going on. I know no one is a doctor on here really but if someone might know something on heat exhaustion it would help.

Though I am not a Doctor, I am a Paramedic. If I were to come to your house and see you with these symptoms, I would urge you to go to the hospital. Any time you have unexplained dizziness it needs to be addressed! You said you think you might have heat exhaustion so I must assume that you have been in the heat in some way or other. Dizziness and craps can be from heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and or dehydration. The fever leads me to believe you have been in the heat long enough to be really sick. Your heart rate will return to normal often as you become sedentary. A trick you might use is to see if upon standing, your heart rate increases. If it does, your likely dehydrated. This alone is a reason to go to the ER. Please seek medical attention.  (+ info)

How do you treat Heat Exhaustion and a Heat Stroke?

please provide detail as this is for a project

This may help:

http://www.emedicinehealth.com/heat_exhaustion_and_heat_stroke/article_em.htm  (+ info)

Did I have a heat stroke or heat exhaustion symptom?

Sometimes when I play tennis in the hot sun (90-105) temperatures for a while (2-3 hours) I get the chills, especially in my arms...the hairs on my arms stand up... and the chills come maybe just once or twice and then go away. are the chills a symptom of some sort of heat stroke/heat exhaustion? I don't have any other symptoms besides those that are common when one exercises a lot. Oh and later at night I feel very hot and sweat sometimes i even get hot flashes. I do and drink a lot of fluids while playing of course

No that is not a sign of heat stroke.

Here are the signs:

high body temperature
the absence of sweating, with hot red or flushed dry skin
rapid pulse
difficulty breathing
strange behavior
coma  (+ info)

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