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Can anybody help me with heavy metal poisoning. Do they know a specialist in this area?

I have suffered neurological, digestion, and fatigue problems for the past 5 years and am getting worse. My MRI's show I have intensity in the T2 section of my brain - one of the symptoms of copper poisoning. Can anybody tell me where to get tested for this. I have been seeing specialists for a long time, and am not getting any answers.

have you tried holistic medicine or naturopaths? They might have answers where no-one else does.  (+ info)

Can you get heavy metal poisoning from scrubbing pans?

I have a job as a dishwasher and sometimes I have to scrub these metal pans with scratchy pads to get the grease and foods stains off.

It seems like when I scrub I smell a metalic smell and I wanted to make sure I'm not poisoning myself.

Weird question, sorry

Any information would be appreciated!

Thanks :)


i highly doubt youre at risk for lead poisoning

how often have you heard of any dishwasher getting ill from what they do?

chances are youre washing things made of iron or copper which react to the oils on human skin and create the smell youre describing

i believe you should be fine

to porgins: where the HELL did you hear that canaries absorb lead from people? that doesnt even make sense...  (+ info)

What are ways to cleanse your body from possible heavy metal poisoning?

i am currently going to an acupuncturist who is chelating me of mercury. however most acup. aren't this advanced and knowledgeable. if you live in NJ though i would be glad to share information. besides that chlorella, zeolite is a product to search, cilantro are some different methods ive heard of  (+ info)

Is the such a thing as heavy metal poisoning and if so whats the symptoms?

Is it deadly as the name suggests "poisoning"


The heavy metals they are referring to include things like cadmium, mercury, arsenic, zinc and lead (children consuming flakes of lead-containing paint is a common cause of heavy metal poisoning).

Yes it is deadly if you consume enough.

Symptoms depend on the cause but may include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, headache, sweating, metallic taste in the mouth  (+ info)

Can I get heavy metal poisoning from gold crowns?

How serious of a concern is this? I have 7 crowns and a bridge.

Gold is very nonreactive. It will not dissolve once in your mouth (unlike the mercury compounds used in other dental work). If it does not dissolve, it cannot poison you.  (+ info)

I think my fiance has heavy metal poisoning?

How do we ask his doctor for him to be tested.

Just go to the doctors and they'll give him a blood test.  (+ info)

why egg white and milk can be an antidote to heavy metal poisoning?

Heavy metal salts act to denature proteins in much the same manner as acids and bases. Heavy metal salts usually contain Hg+2, Pb+2, Ag+1 Tl+1, Cd+2 and other metals with high atomic weights. Since salts are ionic they disrupt salt bridges in proteins. The reaction of a heavy metal salt with a protein usually leads to an insoluble metal protein salt.
This same reaction is used in reverse in cases of acute heavy metal poisoning. In such a situation, a person may have swallowed a significant quantity of a heavy metal salt. As an antidote, a protein such as milk or egg whites may be administered to precipitate the poisonous salt. Then an emetic is given to induce vomiting so that the precipitated metal protein is discharged from the body.  (+ info)

Is there a support group in Boulder CO for people suffering from chemical poisoning/heavy metal poisoning?

  (+ info)

Can you get heavy metal poisoning from Selenium pills?

Selenium is a trace mineral with antioxidant and anticancer properties.Vitamin C may interfere with absorption of some forms of Selenium, so take them separately. Where as Vitamin E and Selenium facilitate each other's absorption, and should be taken together. 100-200 micrograms a day is a very safe dose.If you do not like to take pills, you can get 120 mcg. of Selenium in just 1 Brazil nut. Other sources are tuna fish, seafood, bran, and wheatgerm.  (+ info)

Can anything be done for heavy metal poisoning?

Avoid contact with that material then doctor can give EDTA or dimercaprol as antidote  (+ info)

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