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Heel spur?

What is a heel spur? What are the symptoms of it?

Growth, and pain.  (+ info)

heel spur ?

What is a heel spur? What are the symptoms of it?

A heel spur tends to make people think of bone, but it can actually be bone or tissue that forms after some type of trauma.
A heel spur is often related to plantar fasciitis - inflammation of a thick tissue that connects the heel bone to the ball of the foot.

Symptoms are a continuous painful aching, and when you walk on the foot the pain can be tremendous enough to immobilise you.

You can elevate the foot, apply light heat, and use a shoe insert to elevate the heel, taking the pressure off. Anti-inflammatory drugs will help, such as Advil. If none of these help, then surgery is a final option.  (+ info)

What is the best thing for a heel spur other then special insoles?

I like to walk every evening but my foot kills me the next morning & throughout the following day because I have a heel spur thats been with me for several years now. I tried the special insoles & they don't help very much at all. I don't want to go to the doctor except for a last resort. Anyone have any ideas?

This may help:

Hope you take the time to do what it takes to resolve this issue.

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How successful is surgery for a heel spur that has not improved after cortisone injections & orthotics?

I have a severe heel spur (planar fasciitis (?)) that has practically disabled me. Nothing my podiatrist has done worked. Taking ibuprofen and icing it helps a little. Wearing a heel cushion and orthotics doesnt help. Are there stats about the outcome of surgery? Are there different types of surgery? Or other kinds of treatment? I'm getting desperate.

I am really sorry to hear about your feet problem. I am a Certified Pedorthist and I'm trained to help people with feet problems. I work closely with Orthopedics and Podiatrist in helping them get the right shoes, orthotics etc. for their patients. I worked with several patients who had severe heel spurs and really bad plantar fasciitis. I will be happy to offer my assistance to you.

First when you say that you have heel spurs then in ( ) say plantar fasciitis, have you been given a specific diagnosis? A heel spur is easily seen on an xray. Have you had one and if so were you definitely told it was a spur. I have been very fortunate to help people with heel spurs almost as successful with plantar. Plantar is a little trickier because if you've had it for an extended period, say a couple of years, then the sensivity of the plantar facia may be so extreme that surgery may be your last option. If you have plantar I would be happy to give you my opinion as to what I would recommend and you might consider it before making the decision for surgery. If you have a heel spur then this is something that can be worked on that will improve your quality of life possibly without the need for surgery. The fact that you state that orthotics do not work suggests to me that you might have an extended case of plantar. Although we make orthotics, I have OT arch supports that I have had more success with than custom made orthotics. My only caveat to you is to keep in mind that once you have the cut made there is no turning back. In my years of doing this I have seen a very mixed bag of people who ultimately come to me after their surgery. The vast majority say they wish they had not made the decision to do the surgery. I also have a few who swear by theirs. Like most things, it probably turns on the quality of the person doing the cutting.

Let me know if you would like to have more information on this matter. Right now with the information that you've provided I would need to have more info.

good luck  (+ info)

Can anyone offer some advice on relieving heel spur pain?

I am a runner and I have a heel spur in my right foot. I have placed a heel cup in my sneaker and it offer's some relief but I still have a lot of pain. Any other remedies out there? And,, No! I dont want to stop running either!

the best treatment is to go to a Podiatrist and they will be able to fix the problem. They will have you back running as soon as possible.  (+ info)

Heel pain: does it sound like a heel spur or plantar fasciitis?

My left heel has been hurting me for several months now. It progressed very slowly from something annoying to something that is almost crippling. It is the worst in the morning when I get out of bed, I can hardly walk and almost fall down from the pain, but the more I walk the better it feels. Even during the day if I sit for 5 mins then walk the pain the back. The pain has gotten much worse and I am going to the doctor next week. Does this sound like a heel spur or plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fascitis comes 1st then you get a heel spur. I imagine you have fascitis. Before you get out of bed in the morning, do calf stretches for a couple minutes before you get out of bed. It will help.  (+ info)

How to treat a heel spur?

Can anyone advise the best way to treat a heel spur. What product is best and do you know of any stores to buy products? I live in the Arlington Heights, Elk Grove area-chicago. Thanks.

Buy the Dr Scholls shoe inserts. I had litholtripsy treatment from a private hospital here in Australia. $500.00 poorer the spur became so bad that I was crippled for 3 months. I literally could not put my foot on the ground. I moved on crutches only. Any doctor suggests that you try that I recommend you king hit them immediately. Also the cortisone shots are good.  (+ info)

Do/did you have heel spur? Does heel spurs disappear or it will stay forever in your heel bone?

Does heel spurs disappear or it will stay forever in your heel bone? If it can disappear, what are the alternatives other than surgery?

Yes. I too was suffering from heel spur. I asked for help in 'Yahoo Answers' and after doing some simple exercise as suggested, I have got good relief. Now my heel does not pain as often and severely as before. Occasionally it does.
The exercises are as follows:
Both palms flat on the wall, feet away from the wall, say about a a feet and half, painful leg Little back, stretch the leg with foot from on the floor until you fill strain in the calf muscle. repeat.
On the steps (staircase/steps etc) stand on the edge of the step supporting fingers of the feet heel out. Lower your self so as to feel stretch in the calf.
Before getting up from the bed in the morning, stretch the paining leg, cover it with a long cloth/towel from the fingers up to half of the feet, pull the towel towards you, to feel stretch in the calf.

These exercises did work for me and I wish you try these and find relief. Also try the following sites for additional information.

Have a nice day!  (+ info)

When should I see a doctor if I suspect I have a heel spur?

I´ve had this pain in my heel for about three weeks, and it´s not going away. If I don´t go to the doctor, will it only get worse, or can it heal (no pun intended) on its´own?

The pain often results from inflammation of the plantar fascia, which is a thin connective tissue that runs along the bottom of your foot. Micro tearing and stress of this tissue can cause this problem. Standing, walking, and running on hard surfaces can cause plantar fascitis. A heel spur forms when this condition has been untreated for a long period of time. Most of the time the spur is not the main cause of pain.
There are some home remedies that you can do before heading to the doctor. Get a water bottle, freeze it, and then roll it under your foot for about 15 minutes or so, two to three times a day. This allows you to stretch and ice the inflammed tissue all in one sweep. There are some stretching exercises you can do to help. Also, get some supportive shoes; running shoes with a well cushioned heel and some width for your toes to add stability are ideal. Unfortunately, dress codes at work and limited budgets can interfere with wearing good supportive shoes at work.
There are some arch bands that you can buy in the footcare aisle at your pharmacy or supermarket, or you can make your own. Get an oval cotton pad, and get some athletic tape, and put the cotton pad on the inside of your foot, where your arch is. Wrap the tape around your arch, but make sure it is not too tight so that you don't interfere with the circulation in your foot.
If home remedies don't work, or you have pain while you are at rest, then you need to see your doctor.
Feel better; I know how bad this can hurt!  (+ info)

Home remedy for plantar fasciitis and heel spur?

Have you had surgery for a heel spur?
My heel pain has been life changing; in a bad way.
An X-ray revealed a heel spur caused by (or caused?) plantar fasciitis.
The podiatrist gave me shoe inserts to take the pressure off of the heel with high arch support. He also gave me a prescription for NSAIDS.
I want a cure!
Do you have a home treatment that rid you of your heel spur permanently? What was it like? What were the results?
Thanks for answering!

If you have a bone spur you most likely will have to have it shaved off.

but if you do not have a spur and it is scar tissue you can treat it

I have suffered from plantar fascitis for years (recuring)
these are some of the things that have helped me
I went to physio and this is what they told me to do.

you have tendons on the bottom of your feet it is attached to the bottom of your heal bone when it shortens it can start to rip off of your heal bone and this will cause calcium buildup what we call a bone spur.

there are some things that you can do to help.

1) get wedge high heal sandals and shoes you want to make sure that they support your feet. make sure that they are no higher than 2 inches.
if one inch makes your feet feel better ware them.

make sure that you ware them any time you are on your feet even in the house.

this will stop your from tearing that tendon any more.

2) take an anti inflammatory your choice

3) stretching exercises use heat before hand to make sure that the tendons are soft. either use a heating pad or hot water bottle. use the heat for 10 to 15 min's
the stretching you want to do are as follows
A) while sitting on a chair bring your foot back so it is under the chair keeping your toes flat on the ground lift up your heal like you are taking a step make sure that you do not stretch too far (it should not hurt) hold for 15 sec's repeat 4 more times do this with both feet 3 times a day.

B) using a tennis ball or a soup can (on it's side)
put your foot on the can or ball in the arch of your foot again while sitting put some weight on it and roll it back and fourth. this will stretch out the tendon

use ice 15 min's after stretching it will help with the swelling

4) use ice the best way is to get some of those small paper cups fill half full with water and freeze them. when you use them peel back the paper and rub on area make sure to keep it moving so you do not hurt the skin.

5) keep your feet up. and try to stay off them as much as possible.

6) go to the pharmacy and buy arch suports they will help also buy heal spur pads the ones that have a spot in the middle of the heal that you can take out this will help to releave pain.

all of this will take months to make your pain to go away

7) if the above does not help you can go to your family doc and get an injection of cortazone in your heal.

8) if all else fails and the doc's do beleive that you do have a spur you will have to have it filed off.

9) to prevent this from happening in the future you will need to get good walking shoes ones that keep your heal slightly higher than the ball of your foot and have good arch suports.

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