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I'm a bartender with a heel spur, no healthcare, tried almost all over the counter orthotics, I have exc shoes?

Please help. I had an x-ray, I have a heel spur, I just went out and bought good shoes and have tried about 7 dif products and no relief! We do have really good mats which I'm on constantly, when I take off my shoes, I can barely walk. I cannot afford to pay $400.00 for custom orthotics. Has any one experienced this?

I see this everyday. In most cases it is not the heel spur causing the pain but the plantar fascia band that runs the length of the foot. The band usually runs over the spur and it is the spur rubbing on it that creates the pain. This is called plantar fasciitis.

Most people can get relief by stretching the plantar fascia band. This can be done by stretching the calf muscles which are connected to the plantar fascia band. Try sitting with your leg stretched out on a bed or sofa, keep the knee stiff. Flex your ankle pulling the toes back towards your nose until you feel the calf muscle pull, hold for 10 seconds, repeat 10 times. Do this morning and evening.

It may take a few days or weeks but you should notice a difference. Be sure to wear good shoes with good arch support. When you get the relief you seek do not stop with the stretching exercises, the muscles will tighten back up and you will be in pain again. Try not to go barefooted, your feet need the support your shoes offer.

You can also fill a 20 ounce soda bottle half with rubbing alcohol and half with water. Freeze it then put on a heavy sock so the you don't freeze the foot and roll it back and forth under your foot for 10-15 minutes. This will massage and cool the foot. This will help relieve pain and swelling. Refreeze the bottle to use again.

You can buy a brand of over the counter orthotics called Spenco that may also help this condition. They have special made ones for various conditions.

I hope this helps. Good luck to you.  (+ info)

I believe I have a heel spur, will i be able to run again?

I am going to basic law enforcement training and will have to run ALOT. If i cannot get this heel spur healed up will i be able to run or is this worse for it?

You should get a foot x-ray to see if it is actually a heel spur first. There is a small muscle in your foot that is attached to your heel. Heel spurs occur when that muscle is not stretched properly over a long or short period of time, depending on how badly it is inflammed. That is what my doctor told me when I saw her for foot pain. You should take the advice in the first answer (about rolling the can on your foot, also, try placing the can in the freezer for about an hour then rolling your foot on it, the cold reduces inflammation on that muscle). I got some gel heel cups that I wear in all of my tennis shoes and boots (Im in the military) and those seem to help cusion the impact of running and walking. Also, I take some ibuprofen before I go running to help keep the pain down while I work out. If it starts hurting while you run, STOP running and rest your foot. Go home and ice it!! If you keep running and the muscle is not stretched properly, it gets more inflammed and the heel spur will develop. Heel spurs usually require surgery to correct, and it could delay your progress in school a lot. For starters, I would get the x-ray to see if one has already developed, or if you just need to be really cautious and start using a lot of ice and stretching exercises for your foot!

Good luck and I hope you do really well!!  (+ info)

How can i heal my Heel Spur?

I have a heel spur. when i wake up in the morning i cannot properly walk and cannot rest my heel on ground. Gradually after a few minutes it becomes less painful.
I have had a checkup earlier to which the doctor says thats normal and gave me medicine (brufen). he also suggested me some excercise but it doesn't help at all! also gave me a supportive gel to keep in my shoe but all invain!

My doctor told me that alot of people have heel spurs. I have had the same pain since may. My doctor said it is Plantar Facitus. The tendon or muscle on the bottom of your foot tightens up at night, that is why it hurts worse in the morning. Sit in the bed and loop a towel around the bottom of your feet (ball of foot) and pull back as to stretch your toes. Hold it for 20 seconds. Do this 40 times. Stretch it out before bed too. Another exercise that really helps me is to stand facing a wall put your toes and ball of your foot on the wall and your heel should be on the ground. Stretch it out that way. Plastic heel cups from a medical supply store $6.00 each have really helped me. Also, my doctor said no sandles or shoes that have no support. Always buy running shoes because they are better. Take ibprophen 3 pills 3x's a day to keep the swelling down. Good luck!  (+ info)

Ihave a bone spur in my heel and it is really painful. HELP?

I have been to the doctor and he has given me exercises to do but I am still in alot of pain. Any suggestions?

I have a bone spur in both of my heels, you are right, very painful!!I had to get inserts made (with the hot wax fitting), I had to wear them everyday, all day long for about 1 year, the doctor also prescribed an anti-inflammatory (Torodol) only when the pain got worse . All of this worked great!   (+ info)

i had a bone spur removed from heel of rite foot about 6 weeks ago an its still painfull an hurts to walk?

i still cant wear shoes or socks it hurts to have the on that foot. is this normal for it to still be this painful?

Shouldn't be that sore. If the Doctor who removed the spur did not put what they call a band-aid, cover the site where the spur was, it may grow back. You can buy heel inserts, some with a hole in it and they are very soft, may help you when walking in your shoes. If this pain continues much longer, better go back to the Doctor and have it checked out. Best of luck to you.   (+ info)

Can a heel spur be on the top of your foot?

can a heel spur spread to the top of your foot and feel/look like a bruise

Heel spurs are only on the bottom of your foot. You could have inflammation on the top of your foot but from what I don't know. I had it a couple of times now and it hurts real bad to wear my shoes when I have it. You have to go to the Dr to get medication for it or it will just keep getting worse. I'm not saying this is what you have but it is a possibility if you have pain with it as I did.  (+ info)

how can i make heel spur pain go away?

i have pain in both heels. i hate to have them operated on again. are there any suggestions on how to elevate the pain and avoid a painful operation?

Did you receive a specific diagnosis from a physician that you have heel spurs then and now? You have a very common complaint. You may want to visit a new interactive web site www.360footcare.com. They have a staff of pedorthist who can interact with you about your condition. They specialize in internet interaction with their customers. You may also want to email your complaint to them @ [email protected]
I know that they deal with complaints like yours everyday and they should be able to help.,  (+ info)

I have a bone spur on my heel and it causes such pain i cannot walk, are there any tricks to help pain?

i work outside all day and the pain in my foot is making it hard to work or even walk around. any ideas?

Start wearing "Arc Supports", the custom made ones not the off the rack store brought ones and make sure the wear pattern of the heal of your shoes is even, if not get new shoes.

I got my arc supports at 'Good Feet'......www.goodfeet.com

Go see a massage therapist for a 'Reflexology' treatment. Tell the therapist the full history of your spur pain............and your going to have to work with them for a couple of treatments because it's not going to be corrected with just one treatment.

Hope you're feeling better soon (-:  (+ info)

Does anyone know what a heel spur feels like?

I have excruciating pain in my heels after I have sat for a while and then get up to walk. Could this be spurs?

It could be. I had heel spurs 2 summers ago. I bought the shoes Crocs and they went away. Try those shoes. They look dumb but they help. Seriously. My doctor reccominded them, and after wearing them for a month the spurs went away. Go to your doctor though, spend the money, it's worth it to get them feeling better.  (+ info)

How long should I wait to start working out after a chipped off bone spur in my heel?

If you immobilize your ankle and foot with a splint/walking cast, you don't have to wait at all (unless you have a surgical wound, and then it depends on the advice from the surgeon). Otherwise, without immobilization, the usual advice is to use pain as your guide - if it hurts, stop what you are doing. It might be a good idea to get your doc to write up an order for a consult with a physical therapist to get your started.  (+ info)

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