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my 6 months daughter has a capillary hemangioma in her cheek.I want to find the best hospital in Singapore?

what is the best hospital to treat it

Any hospitals in Singapore is trustworthy. You'll just need to find one that does the surgeries procedures for this however.

You can refer to the Singapore Ministry of Health website for more info.

http://www.moh.gov.sg/  (+ info)

can you get rid of capillary hemangioma completely?

  (+ info)

any one know any thing about capillary hemangioma?

all I know is its tiny veins that i have that bleed in the linning of my stomach and doctors do not know much about it. has anyone else heard of this?

I do. think about your blood vessels being in an orderly pattern and they go from large to small to tiny to small to large. the tiny ones are the capillaries. they usually are in some type of predictable order, throughout the body and the organs, some of them are smaller than a hair. occasionally they grow into a kind of Knot, like loose threads in the sewing basket. there are extras and they are kind of tangled up. they can be anywhere. sometimes you see them on peoples skin, they might be called a strawberry stain or port wine stain. babies have them a lot, and they usually go away on a baby. so you have one in the lining of your stomach. probably if you took pepcid or zantac, or some such you would have less bleeding eat a good diet. If it is really big and fragile and it bleeds a lot, they (drs. ) may want to cauterize it . Usually they are just benign. Hope this helps.  (+ info)

what is capillary hemangioma?

I(ts a benign tumour (non cancerous) caused by an overgrowth of the fine blood vessels near the skin. See link for more info  (+ info)

What are the risks of hemangioma of the liver during pregnancy?

Just recently I was told I may have hemangioma of the liver. I had an ultrasound which showed a leison a 2cm. The doctor recomended I have a CT, but I am currently 4months prenant. Well the doctor didn't give me much info about what I have He just said to come back after I have the baby. Well I've done my own research and I'm a little worried because I've read the it can grow when you pregnant and there is risks of rupture. Well I've had pain in my stomache since before I was pregant, and I guess my question is: Should I be concerned or trust the doctor and not worry till after I have the baby? Should I find another doctor? Is there any more information I should know or that any one else can tell me? Thanks

A lesion this small should present no problem to you or your little one....particularly if you never knew you had it because you had no symptoms.

The CT scan will just give the doctor a definite diagnosis. Your doctor is right, you really have nothing to worry about. However, if you don't trust or doctor or would just feel safer getting a second opinion, by all means do so.

In the meantime, here is a site that will back up what I have just told you.
http://www.greenjournal.org/cgi/content/abstract/66/3/10s  (+ info)

How do you treat a hemangioma?

My ten month old niece has a mushroom capped shaped hemangioma under her right eye. She was treated with steroids so it wouldn't grow anymore, but it has not improved. What other options are there?

Its unlikely that anything further will be done.

Haemangiomas (also known as strawberry naevi) are entirely benign, and reasonably common. They typically fade away as the affected children grow, and usually by the age of four, or so, are completely gone.  (+ info)

How can I get charitable contributions for the Hemangioma Foundation?

My niece has a Hemangioma, (Vascular Birth Defect), on her nose the size of a walnut and it's growing larger towards her eye. I need tax deductible charitable contributions sent to the Hemangioma Foundation Chaeleston, South Carolina in my niece's name

Fundraisers, go to the town meetings and see if they will sponser a fundraiser for you. Write your local media. Good luck.  (+ info)

how is a hemangioma removed from the tip of the nose?

my daughter is 11 with a hemangioma on the tip of her nose and is scheduled to have it removed. I am curious as to how they will do this and if any scars will be present.

We do Pulsed dye laser for that case ( not surgical because there will be much bleeding ). Hemangiomas are capillary malformation. PDL (the laser) will just target the veins.This will help control the growth of the lesion (if not resolved over time ) and will eventually decrease the size.No scarring if laser is done coz there will be no breaking of the skin. hope this helps. ;0 God bless!!  (+ info)

How long does it take for a capillary in a eye to heal?

3 days ago I was hit with the knob of a hockey stick in the closed eye. I looked in the mirror and found a red spot on the white part of my eye. The next day I asked my science teacher and he said that it's probably a burst capillary and should heal in a few days. I was wondering how long until and I can put my contacts in again.

You do need to wait until the eye looks normal again. It could take up to 2 weeks  (+ info)

Did anyone treat your childs hemangioma with steroid injections?

Did it stop the growth? How many did it require? Did it make it look better?

My baby girl is 10 weeks old with a scalp hemangioma (its small) and got the injection. I'm hoping it will stop the growth. Anyone have experience with this?

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