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I have chronic, debilitating migraines that my neurologist had me on a daily medication to prevent that worked great for me. I'm a contractor, though, and for about the past year, I haven't been able to afford health insurance anymore so I had to stop with the neurologist and the preventative meds.
The only OTC medication that even comes close to doing anything for my migraines is Excedrin. I've tried them all. They at least allow me to function and just get thru the day but I've ended up in the ER because they cause gastric bleeding. ER physicians just told me to stop taking the Excedrin but I tried and literally cannot function or get out of bed, work, or do anything I need to do anywhere from 10 to 15 days a month so I broke down and started taking the Excedrin again which means that I now have about 10 days a month of hematemesis, probably about once an hour 24 hours a day.. it wakes me up at night. I eat like someone who had gastric bypass surgery since this got so bad.
My question is what exactly am I causing to my stomach? What kind of problems am I looking at? I should have health insurance again by the end of the year but for now, I'm kinda stuck doing what I have to do. Thanks!!

You have to stop the aspirin . ( Excedrin in this case). You probably have an ulcer or a real bad esophagitis. You really need to see a doctor to get the headaches under control, and to treat the ulcer. It will just get more expensive , and worse. I have seen people die of aspirin induced ulcers. Get to one of the local free clinics if money is a real problem. In my area , there are clinics who treat working uninsured. They foot the bill for the meds or get you a good discount, and they get any special tests done . Not as fast as private care, but it is better than what you are doing. See if there is a Shepherd's Hope in your area . That is one of the free clinics.  (+ info)

Hematemesis versus Coffee ground vomitus?

Is coffee ground vomitus a "subtype" of hematemesis? Or are the two terms completely separate?

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how chronic liver disease, esophageal varices and hematemesis are interconnected?

pathophysiology of how chronic liver disease is connected to hematemesis?

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how do you get hematemesis (the vomitting of blood)? is it contagious through contact?

doubtful that it is contagious, although it depends on the underlying problem. most common causes are ulcers (which can be caused by aspirin or other similar products and alcohol abuse) sometimes a cause can't be found...but when you say contact, i have to wonder what kind of contact? not with the blood itself? please be careful.  (+ info)

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