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How can you get rid/fix/cure a hematoma?

This is not a sundural or epidural...it's just in my quadricept.

A hematoma is a bruise. It is the result of small blood vessles ruptured under the skin. There is no cure. The blood has to reabsorb back into the tissues. It will go through a variety of color changes in the process and may take up to a couple of weeks.  (+ info)

How long does a hematoma last after having heart catheterization?

I developed a very large hematoma on my upper thigh following a heart catheterization. It has been over three weeks, I have had one blood transfusion and am now on iron supplements. Nothing seems to be helping this thing go away. The doctors checked it and it is not an aneurysm, but I am still worried that it isn't healing quickly enough. Any thoughts?

A hematoma is a collection of blood under the skin. Initially there is no bruising or color. Instead it first appears as a hard lump under the skin. Although the bleeding typically stops with the application of pressure, the bruise (the medical term is echymosis) will last a long time while the blood is resorbed by the body. In fact over time the area of echymosis will increase in size as the blood spreads out under the skin. Typically it will track down the thigh due to the effects of gravity. As the echymosis resolves the color will chnage from black and blue to yellow and green as it slowly fades away. Depending on the size of the original hematoma this can take up to 6 or 8 weeks.  (+ info)

After wisdom teeth extration a week ago, I deveopled a hematoma, any suggestions on how to get rid of it?

My hematoma is located in my right cheeck, and happened 3 days post op. My DDS put me on antibiotics, and told me to follow up with him. It looks horrible and feels even worse. Any suggestions on how to get rid of it and/or make it feel better?

I assume it's a hematoma on the outer cheek, visible to others.

If so, cover it up with some heavy make-up (like Dermablend, it's called corrective make-up) and follow the dentist for the rest.  (+ info)

What is the difference between a toe Hematoma and a toe Melanoma?

I have a black spot on my left toe, inside, and outside the nail itself. I think it's from putting on shoes that are too tight,but I don't know if it's a hematoma or a melanoma (or if it's something else.) Thanks in advance.

Hematoma is a contained collection of blood commonly caused by some trauma. If you have it beneath your toenail, you would likely remember then injury that caused it. They usually get absorbed and disappear in a couple of weeks. A melanoma is a form of skin cancer. On the foot, when it occurs, it can and is often found beneath the toe nail. They continue to grow and can eventually spread if not surgically completely removed. A third possibility, more likely if your over 50 years old, is that it's not blood but rather a fungus under the nail - very common in later years, and it can be treated. If you're below 30, it's likely;y not a melanoma and you could wait a month. If your worries grow, then see a dermatologist (skin physician specialist.)  (+ info)

How to get rid of a LARGE hematoma after Cardiac Catheterization?

My mother had a Cardiac Catherization done due to blood clots. Three days after the Catherization she felt a bump, the size of a grape, on her upper thigh. Two days later the bump grew to the size of a large melon. Any ideas on how to make the hematoma go away? Do you know if it's possible to drain even though she is on blood thinners?

This size of haematoma absolutely needs surgical drainage with possible closure of any possible leak.

You should not delay any more and you should take her straight back to the unit . With the size you described she may very well need a blood transfusion as well.

Best of Luck.  (+ info)

Where can I find an illustration on retroperitoneal hematoma on the web?

I am trying to make a power point presentation on retroperitoneal hematoma. I need an illustration on the same topic for a one time use.

How about this link:
http://lpig.doereport.com/enlargeexhibit.php?ID=9484  (+ info)

Is there different Birthing Positions available with an Epidural?

I would like to have an epidural or a walking epidural (haven't decided yet) And I heard that with an epidural, since you can't feel anything, you have to be on your back. I have also heard that being on your back is the worst position to give birth in. Are there any other positions to facilitate the birth?

it would be interesting to watch someone stand up with no feelings at all to their legs.... without assistance....... if ur having an Ep - being on ur back wouldnt be the worst thing ever - u wouldnt feel a thing anyway. i had an Ep, but it was given to me late so i still felt the pain until AFTER the birth and there was NO way i could get up till about 8hours later ...  (+ info)

How many women normally get an epidural for labor?

Is it safe to get an epidural or is it better to go on and have a natural birth? I am only 11 weeks pregnant, but I am struggling with the safety issues of using an epidural. What are your opinions of them?

I believe that all women have it in them to give birth with no medication. I also believe that it is the only completely safe way to give birth to a baby.
I do not believe that it is wrong to give birth with an epidural, so don't get me wrong.
I do not believe that it depends on a persons pain tolerance level I believe that it depends on whether or not they truly want a medicine free birth.
I think that women have forgotten how incredibly strong they are. The pain of childbirth cannot kill you but it will make you stronger and it will show you just how strong you can be. It will also allow you to feel how you should position your body during the labor and birthing process. It is not easy, but it is well worth it. It will also lesson the chances of needing other medication to counter act the ones you have already received (potocin for example).
It is very recommended that you be well prepared with an unmedicated birth, learn about your body and how labor works. Research and find ways to calm yourself, have a strong support system who will be a rock for you.
I recommend reading "spiritual midwifery" and " Ina may's guide to childbirth" by Ina May Gaskin. They both have wonderful information and amazing birth stories to get you ready to give birth the way nature intended.
I wish you a beautiful bonding and strengthening birth!!! Your body was made for this!!  (+ info)

What are good pain medications during labor besides an epidural?

I am 33 1/2 weeks pregnant with my second child and I had an epidural with the first child and I can't remember alot after I got my epidural, so besides natural child birth and getting an epidural what are some good medications to help ease contractions without making you so disoriented? Personal experience would be very appreciated!! I also received pitocin so the contractions were very strong!!

You can have Nubaine, Stadol, there are actually quite a few of them that they can give you. They ease the sharpness of a contraction but do not actually kill all the pain. Just make it a bit more bearable. And to spite what some belive, they do not affect your childs apgar scores anymore than an epidural will.  (+ info)

What would overlapping of the cranial vault mean on a sonogram of a fetus?

I had a sonogram done last year when I was 18 weeks pregnant. It stated that there was overlapping of the cranial vault. What does that mean? The baby ended up not making it but they gave no hint as to if that had anything to do with it.

The skull in a bay is divided, and then grows together. By the sounds of it, yours was overlapped. Google Overlapping Cranail Vault, there's some informative information  (+ info)

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